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How to Choose a Registered Agent in Alabama?

When you are starting a new business there are several areas to focus on like registration of the company, business name, licenses and permits among others. One of the important aspects that businesses often overlook is that of a registered agent also known as a resident agent. So, if you want to organize a corporation or form an LLC in Alabama, the state business law requires you to designate as well as maintain a registered agent. There are several key roles that a registered agent in Alabama will play right from helping you with business formation to providing service of process. This guide has been created to provide you with an insight into an Alabama agent for service of process, various services offered by a resident agent, changing your existing registered agent, and choosing an agent for your corporation or LLC.

Alabama Registered Agent

Most states in the USA have similar requirements where business laws are concerned and one such requirement is that of an Alabama LLC registered agent (RA) or a corporation registered agent. The requirement of a RA is mandatory in several states including Alabama although business laws do allow a business owner to act as the resident agent of his or her company. If you are a new business then it becomes extremely important to conduct an Alabama registered agent search before settling on someone. There are several factors that will drive your decision, which you will get to know in this article although, the standard recommendation is to search for a reliable or reputable agent.

What is a registered agent in Alabama?

A registered agent in Alabama can be a company or an individual and is often known as a statutory agent or an agent for service of process. They are primarily designated for receiving legal correspondence on behalf of the entity such as a corporation in accordance with the 2022 Code of Alabama, Title 10A – Alabama Business and Nonprofit Entities Code, Chapter 1 – General Provisions, Article 5 – Names of Entities; Registered Agents and Registered Officers.

Apart from legal correspondence like government notices, an Alabama corporation registered agent may also receive other business related correspondence on your behalf including tax notices, annual report notifications, and other business documents and certificates. Depending on the RA service chosen, they will also provide a wide range of services in Alabama like company formation or incorporation and filing of EIN.

Why do Alabama businesses need a registered agent?

When you incorporate a new business in the state of Alabama, according to the state laws you will have to designate and maintain a registered agent in this state. It is important to note that roles and responsibilities of RA services in every state are almost the same although some of the services offered can vary from one RA service to another. Conducting an Alabama registered agent search can be beneficial as this will help in narrowing down a specific service based on the critical needs of new as well as existing entities. Apart from hiring Alabama agent for service of process, some of the other reasons for hiring an agent include:

  • Service of process is Primary – This may sound like a complicated legal terminology but is in fact quite simple to understand. An Alabama agent for service of process is a person whose primary job is to receive all types of lawsuits as well as other important legal and official documents on behalf of your company. Such a person will be referred to as a registered agent in Alabama or statutory agent. The term ‘service of process’ reflects the fact that if an individual or company were to sue your business then they have to notify the company regarding the filing of a lawsuit. The delivery of this type of lawsuit is known as the service of process.
  • Compliant with Annual Requirements – Once you form a new business in this state, your company will be required to maintain compliance with all state requirements as prescribed in 2022 Code of Alabama for the specific entity structure. A reputable Alabama LLC registered agent will always be well versed with the state laws and business requirements, which will ensure avoidance of any non compliant action or behavior by your company.
  • Receiving business related documents – Whether you form an LLC or incorporate in the state of Alabama, each type of entity will have to submit and receive different types of documents. These documents could be related to business formation, specific business codes like bylaws, annual tax returns or annual reports, and other documents sent by the state, like license certificates. A top registered agent in Alabama can help a business by receiving such documents and also assist with document submissions in the state.

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Can I be my own Registered Agent in Alabama?

Yes, you can be your own registered agent in Alabama. In fact, some of the small businesses in the state, especially sole proprietorships, single-member LLC’s, and partnership firms act as their own registered agents. When a business owner becomes the resident agent for his or her company, there are several advantages as well as disadvantages. The advantage is cutting down cost and time while the disadvantage is of making your home address the point of contact for any documentation shared between the state and business. In order to become an Alabama agent for service of process, you need to meet certain criteria, which are:

  • You should have a physical street address in the state as a P.O box is not considered a valid address
  • You should be over 18 years of age
  • You need to be available during regular working hours through the week

Why do businesses choose a Registered Agent Service in Alabama?

The 2022 Code of Alabama has made it mandatory for specific business entities or structures like limited-liability companies, corporations (C-Corp), and S Corps to maintain a registered agent in the state. This is primarily for receiving legal communication if any on behalf of the company. This is where it is important to ensure that you hire a highly reputable and professional service, which is possible through conducting an Alabama registered agent search. The chosen RA can be an individual or a third party (company). Businesses in Alabama choose a registered agent service for specific reasons and they are:

  • An Alabama LLC registered agent will receive all your legal documents and official or business documents. They will also forward them to the owners, directors or members of the said company.
  • A resident agent service in AL will maintain regular business hours and will hence be available to receive these documents
  • A statutory agent will provide a variety of basic business services like assisting with new formation documents, amendments, and conversions if any
  • Some services even provide offsite storage facilities for legal and sensitive business documents.
  • Top Alabama RA services may provide additional services like sending automated reminders for filing specific documents, getting EIN id, and even help elect S Corporation status
  • A resident agent will help protect your private information

IncParadise can be your registered agent in Alabama as we not only provide service of process but also several other services depending on the requirement of each business. We are a highly professional service and have several happy clients. We have knowledge of Alabama state and business laws and possess expertise in new business formation.

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How to elect a Registered Agent in Alabama?

Whether you are moving your business from another state or simply forming a new company in Alabama, one of the key requirements of this state is appointing a registered agent. There are two situations in which you can elect an Alabama corporation registered agent and they are:

  • You are starting a company in the state and want to elect an agent as a part of the state requirement
  • You are operating a business and want to change your registered agent

Either ways, you will need to furnish details of your chosen registered agent in Alabama in important documents like Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization. The designation and maintenance of a registered agent in the state is governed by 2022 Code of Alabama, AL Code § 10A-1-5.31 (2022).

In order to elect the right resident agent in this state, one of the first steps is to conduct a proper Alabama registered agent search. There are several factors to consider when searching for a statutory agent. Here are some tips that will aid you in your search:

  • It is always recommended to look for a professional service that focuses on providing assistance towards all types of state filings within their due dates
  • When choosing a registered agent service, price vs value offered should be taken into consideration as this will minimize the risk
  • Some of the reputed agents offer a customizable electronic notification service and this can be beneficial during annual submissions
  • An Alabama LLC registered agent should provide additional compliance tools that will help you to meet any or all annual state requirements
  • It often pays in the long run to choose a nationwide registered agent service like IncParadise especially if you plan to relocate your business to other states
  • Try to choose a statutory agent who provides a forwarding service and specializes in handling of sensitive business documents
  • Conduct an Alabama registered agent search to identify a service that provides reliable software system like the Entity Management Software by IncParadise

How to change a Registered Agent in Alabama?

Although a registered agent in Alabama serves a very important role from the formation and operational aspect of every business, they are never directly involved in the actual operations of the said company. However, there may be reasons why a company would want to change their agent, like if they are planning to move their business to Alabama. If you are thinking of changing your existing Alabama LLC registered agent then it is important to first identify the reasons for such a change. Each business is different and hence has its own set of requirements, which may be responsible for driving this change. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Your existing RA doesn’t provide services in Alabama
  • If you are moving your business from another state to this state
  • The current resident agent service is not professional enough
  • Your designated statutory agent has moved out of this state
  • The chosen Alabama agent for service of process is unable to meet the state requirements

There could be several other personal and business related reasons that may prompt you to look at the option to change a registered agent in Alabama but it is important to always notify your existing agent of this decision at the earliest to avoid any inconvenience.

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File the Change of Registered Agent form with the Business Services Division of the Alabama Secretary of State

You have taken a decision to change your Alabama corporation registered agent or LLC agent, how do you proceed? The first step would be to provide relevant information in the Change of Registered Agent or Registered Office by Entity form and submit it with the office of the Secretary of State, Business Services. There is a filing fee of $100 for both domestic and foreign entities. You can email the form or submit the paper form by mail or in person. The change of registered agent in Alabama is governed by AL Code § 10A-1-5.32 (2022) and requires you to furnish specific information like:

  • Alabama Entity ID Number
  • The name of the entity
  • Name and registered office of the current Registered Agent
  • Name and registered office address of the new agent
  • New registered agent’s name and signature

It is important to note that the new registered agent will be required to sign the ‘consent to appointment’ prior to filing of this form.

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Changing your registered agent in Alabama can have long-term benefits for the business especially if your chosen service is one of the most reputed resident agent services in the state. You will be happy to know that IncParadise is one of the most well respected agents in this state. We offer a diversified portfolio of services that fulfill general business requirements as well as specific needs apart from service of process (SOP). If you hire us then we will help you in completing the change of agent form. We will also provide information pertaining to the entire process of changing your Alabama LLC registered agent.

Why choose IncParadise as your Alabama Registered Agent?

If you are planning to incorporate or form a new business in Alabama then by law, it is mandatory to maintain a registered agent in this state. If your company is a foreign entity or if you plan to relocate to this state, having a registered agent in Alabama is important to initiate service of process. IncParadise is one of the most respectable and top registered agents in this state and we are in compliance with Alabama state requirements and AL statutes.

As a top Alabama agent for service of process, we possess the high expertise and necessary experience in various aspects of incorporation or formation of a new business as well. We can accept the service of process on your behalf and also ensure receipt of other important state, and business communications. We provide Entity Management Software to all our clients so that you can have access to email notification for renewal of agent services and other business services in Alabama.

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