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There is a new norm in the world of business that is looking at options related to remote working or work space. Some of the top businesses are looking at remote work policies while a new breed of entrepreneurs and startups are opting for a virtual office. In fact, working from home and working while traveling like digital nomads is what the contemporary business scenario looks like. It is indeed a paradigm shift and the online marketplace has a key role to play in this shift.

An Introduction to Virtual Office

The internet is home to a variety of businesses including affiliate marketing, blogging, career coaching, online education, graphic design, photography, consultancy, virtual assistantship, and e-commerce among others. This shift of work space from a brick and mortar office to an online space has created the need for a virtual office. Entrepreneurs, especially those who have to move around or travel a lot are finding virtual offices quite beneficial. So, what are virtual offices and how do they work?

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a type of service focusing on specific requirements of modern day entrepreneurs and start-ups. Virtual offices enable business owners and employees to deliver a wide variety of business solutions and functions while working remotely. One of the key aspects of working through virtual offices is accessibility to the internet. These offices also enable start-ups and small businesses to create as well as maintain a professional image and presence at a prominent location within a state or the country. This is made possible by opting for virtual offices in Nevada without having to pay any rent for a brick and mortar work space.

Why use Virtual Office?

The essence of a virtual office lies in its ability to offer businesses and entrepreneurs to enjoy several benefits of a brick and mortar office without being in the physical office space. You are probably wondering how virtual offices can actually benefit you or your business. Let’s look at some of the reasons why entrepreneurs and start-ups are favoring these offices over the traditional physical office.

  • A physical address at a prominent location will help your business maintain a professional image and help increase your brand value
  • A virtual office with a street address means you can work from anywhere in the country without having to worry about receiving mail and mail forwarding
  • Virtual offices help in reducing large overhead costs especially those associated with maintenance, upkeep of equipment, utility bills, and lease cost among others.
  • These type of offices provide high flexibility to business owners and employees in terms of traveling/commuting
  • A virtual office ensures your home office enjoys privacy and anonymity where your customers, lawyer and business partners are concerned.
  • A virtual office helps in lowering overall payroll especially for hiring front office, administrative, receptionist, and other related staff. It is important to know that reputable providers like IncParadise provide virtual office mail forwarding services as well as basic services required by a physical office.

Virtual Office Service for Start-ups

If you are an entrepreneur or a start-up who is thinking of working from home or are currently working while traveling then the virtual office setup is just what you need. This type of office allows you to work from anywhere and yet at the same time reassures your clients about the high level of professionalism your business stands for.

Common Virtual Office Services

There are a wide range of services that you can benefit from when you opt for virtual offices. Although the services offered vary from one provider to another, there are some common services that most of the virtual office plans include. It is also important to understand that all these services have been created to ensure the basic functions of a business does not come to a halt. The most common services include:

Physical/Business Address

One of the greatest benefits to entrepreneurs and businesses is that virtual offices provide a physical or street address. This is very useful for postal purposes. It will help you take advantage of virtual office mail forwarding services and other related postal services. A business address will help you gain the respect and trust of your customers and business clients.

Mail Forwarding

A virtual office mail forwarding service is the second most important reason why businesses are opting for this type of work space. As a part of the services, all your important business and personal mail will be delivered to a centralized location or the physical address as chosen by you. Virtual offices can receive mail from all couriers and have the required staff to receive, sort, manage, and even scan mail. The mails received at the business address will be forwarded to you in accordance with a pre-agreed schedule of delivery.

Full Range Business Services

A start-up or new business has to fulfill a variety of functions in order to achieve sustainability. A business is not just about marketing and profitability but has to also focus on other key administrative areas. When you opt for a virtual office, you can benefit from the following:

  • Mail scanning service: One of the integral components of a virtual office mail forwarding service is mail scanning. Depending on the requirements of a business, their mail can be scanned and then forwarded. Once a mail is forwarded, it can then be shredded.
  • Conference room service: If your business requires following up with clients through business meetings then the conference room service will be beneficial.

Business Address and Mail Forwarding

Whether you are planning to establish a start-up or a small business, the brand image is as important as the business itself. Marketing plays a key role in building brand image but something as simple as a business address in a prominent location also plays an equally important role. A business address helps create trust and thus attracts clients. A virtual office does exactly that and much more!

In the last decade or so, virtual offices have gradually become popular amongst start-ups, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs. This is because a virtual office provides a business address, one that is an actual street address and not a P.O. Box. It is a known fact that a business address does speak a lot about any business and so your business should not be any different.

One important aspect of the virtual office mail forwarding service is mail scanning. This helps in scanning letters, so that the scan can be uploaded and sent to you. This will also help you to identify which mail is important and which needs to be shredded.

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Virtual Office Address and Mail Forwarding

The modern day offices are evolving constantly and there are more and more people opting for running their small businesses from home. A 2017 report by Fundera revealed that 3.7 million employees are working from home, which is 2.8% of the U.S. workforce. The same report also stated that the number of employers or businesses offering the work from home option to their employees has also grown by almost 40% since 2012. The 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report revealed that almost 69% of entrepreneurs in the USA start their business from home and a larger percentage of them continue to operate it after their business has been established successfully. A large number of such businesses and entrepreneurs are able to sustain their business because they have opted for a virtual office, which also handles all their mail forwarding requirements.

Why use a Virtual Office Address and Mail Forwarding

The virtual office is now being considered as an integral part of flexible workspaces. Entrepreneurs prefer virtual offices as it helps in reducing the overall cost of giving a business the required kickstart. These days, it is all about doing business “on the go” and hence there are many entrepreneurs who are either working from a remote location or working while traveling. This type of office set up creates a win-win situation for an entrepreneur because when you are traveling quite frequently, a virtual business address receives all your important mail.

Every business gets mail and this could be a highly crucial mail related to a project deadline or an agreement pertaining to a possible joint venture with a new client. You should receive your business mail as soon as it arrives irrespective of where you are based. This is where the virtual office mail forwarding service plays a key role. The virtual business address receives all your mail while the forwarding service takes care of sorting and managing your mail, scanning it, and forwarding.

IncParadise Virtual Office & Mail Forwarding Services in Nevada and Wyoming

We at IncParadise understand that the requirements of virtual offices are not just for a business address but it should be able to provide you with relevant business services like mail receipt and forwarding and specific administrative service. IncParadise provides a reliable and highly secure virtual office mail forwarding service in Nevada and Wyoming. Some of the top services you can benefit from include:

  • An actual street business address in Nevada and Wyoming
  • A signed office lease
  • A full service office that comprises of experienced staff who can handle virtual office mail forwarding service requirements
  • Our virtual office provides you with access to conference room or shared work area where you can arrange meetings with prospective clients
  • You can take advantage of our in-house mail forwarding app, which is available for Android and iOS devices. This mail forwarding app is highly useful for accessing a number of services including changing schedule of mail delivery and request for mail scanning.

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