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About, Inc., Inc. company, was established by John Vanhara in April 1999. started as a software company during the popularity of the com boom. In 2001 John decided to use his experience in the corporation business and transformed into a corporation service company. His goal was to focus on one jurisdiction and make the entire process as efficient as possible. The company has grown over the years and expanded its services in over 50 states. Besides the geographic expansion, also broadened its portfolio and now offers additional services such as mail forwarding along with mail scanning. You can find as at Inc. and Bloomberg.

It is always important to move forward, therefore, right after Incparadise acquisition, we have opened another office in Wyoming, Casper. Here in Incparadise, we believe that having a physical presence in another state will help us in improving our services.

In 2018, Tomas founded Eqvista, which is a sophisticated equity management software that allows companies, investors and company shareholders to track, manage, and make intelligent decisions about their companies’ equity. You can now incorporate your company and manage your equity in one place without all the extra work. You can take advantage of the Eqvista platform to issue stock and stay connected to your shareholders.

Our path and goals

For nearly twenty years, we’ve helped launch more than 15,000 companies. Our knowledge and experience-based efficiency is the foundation on which our clients successfully build their business and because we never stop improving, our software innovations continue providing the advantages. Isn’t this the time-tested, dependable Registered Agent service your company deserves?

We are here for you and would like to give you a perfect conformation. We are aware that it’s very important to have a reliable partner you can rely on.

If you are unhappy with our services please do not hesitate to contact our office manager Ashley Canez (ashley[at] or me (tom[at]

About Tomas LinkedIn profile

I’ve helped entrepreneurs in acquisition and structure. I have also run businesses all over the world. I’m passionate about incorporation and business structuring, constantly searching for new solutions and more effective approaches. Our biggest achievement has been when we had a chance to be part of the IPO preparation. We have overlooked an audited report, prepared all documents and run compliance requirements.

I have been involved in development of compliance software; supervising client’s companies over the yearly requirements. Each company must follow its local regulation therefore a notification is sent if your payment or any filing is due. This is great for any businessman who might be looking for a fast and unique solution. Our team has developed a unique compliance software to help us in keeping your company in good standing. You’re free to set up your company and monitor all your yearly requirements online. We will keep working on our unique software and provide you with the best user experiences.

My extensive knowledge of the nature of startups and the corporate structure has led me to found Eqvista, to help others in managing their company equity efficiently. I believe that our technology will ease the current system for share management, cap tables and company filings to a great degree. Eqvista is working to help transform how modern businesses are built and run.

After successfully establishing company incorporation businesses in Hong Kong and acquiring IncParadise – one of the largest Registered Agents in Nevada, I am 100% devoted to building a Neobank for SMEs. We are starting in the US and Hong Kong offices that already exist and are planning on expanding to the UK, Europe, Canada & Singapore. The neobank name is Cheqly and can be found at

If you have any questions you are free to email me. Otherwise, you can contact our office manager Ashley Canez or directly our support at for more information.