Tax ID - Employment Identification Number (EIN)

  • What is Tax ID (EIN)? TAX ID is Tax Identification number also known as an EIN (Employer Identification Number) and is issued by the IRS. Usually after a new business is started you have to apply for a new EIN.
  • Who needs EIN?If you are starting a new business for example Corporation, LLC or Partnership or plan to have employees you will need an EIN.

Getting Tax ID doesn’t cost any if you do it yourself. You can apply over the Internet on the IRS website. When you apply on you will receive your EIN instantly. You must have a US social security number to apply online. If you do not have a US social you will need to download the instructions and EIN form. You can then submit the application via fax or by mail.  If you apply by fax, it takes about 4-5 business days. You may also apply by fax with an IRS representative on the phone with you and receive the EIN during the call (phone 267-941-1099).

We can obtain your TAX ID hassle free

We started offering Full service because many of our clients didn’t want to spent their time trying to figure out what to put in the order form. It cost is only $45. We apply on your behalf and get you an EIN. The Internal Revenue Service estimates for completion and filing the SS-4 form is 94 minutes (roughly one and a half hours). If you value one and a half hours of your time at more than $45 then use our service! This service is only for US residents with US social security number.

Order online EIN (Tax ID) here for only $45

Tax ID (EIN) for international customers

You can select the EIN assistance filing. We will complete the SS-4 form and email to you. You will need to sign and fax direct to the IRS (fax 859-669-5760). That way if IRS has any follow up questions they can contact you directly.

Additional information regarding EIN and taxation

If you have Corporation your default tax ID is for C-Corp. If you need your corporation to be taxed as  S-Corp you can order additional S-filing.
If you have LLC your default EIN option is Partnership. Depending how many owners IRS will either set the status DISREGARDED ENTITY (one owner) or PARTNERSHIP (multiple owners).

Some clients with LLC might wish to have different status than Partnership. They can choose to be taxed as C-Corp or S-Corp. For both there is requirement for an additional form. We will offer assistance to fill out the form and client can mail it directly to IRS.

Form 8832 – for C corp election (for LLC only)
Form 2553 – for S corp election (for LLC only)

Federal Tax ID

A nine-digit Federal Tax ID number or Employer Identification Number (EIN) is recommended to all new business owners for establishing IRS tax filing status, and all the other legal obligations. If you are looking for some help in order to perform a federal tax ID lookup, and registering or incorporating your business in the competitive business world of the US, then look no further. Feel free to contact us for more information.