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Running a business is not the easiest thing in the world. For a business to turn into a viable, stable company with income and success, it demands all your effort, time, and in most cases, money.

Having to worry about your business mail and packages is just not a problem small business owners can afford having when they start up. Do you think these successful businesses had to worry about their mail? No, they opt for Mail Forwarding Services that help them in managing their mails.

So, What is Mail Forwarding?

Mail forwarding services receive your mail at a physical location and forward it to you. This is a permanent mail solution. We open and scan your mail the same day we receive it or re-package and forward it to you the same day. You will have a real physical address office lease and a real business address number. Companies that provide a mail forward services play the role of the middleman between a business and the customers. You are provided with a physical, commercial address to use as your business office address instead of your home address. You can give this address to your customers, investors, or business partners and receive packages and mail regularly at this address. Your mail arrives at secure and spacious facilities then the company notifies you and at your request will have your mail forwarded to you. You can even set filters and avoid getting junk mail so the mail company will only forward you important mail.

What are the Benefits of Mail Forwarding Services?

  • Mail Security: Leaving your mail unattended in your mailbox can lead to chances of missing out on some important information. With the mail forwarding service, you will receive the mail immediately, so no mail will be unattended. Mail forwarding services are well-protected with passwords and even more advanced encryption for your safety. Your mail will be handled with care and confidence at all times.
  • Fewer Expenses, More Time: In case, if anything goes wrong and you were not able to check the mail, there may be many penalties that you would suffer. Your business can be better served with this money! Also, let’s not forget the equipment you need if you have a mailroom, for example, a shredder, scanner, printer and so on. Plus, think about all that extra space saved? Overall, it’s a virtual solution for your mailroom!
    With a digital mailbox, you can get instant mail scanning and forwarding services, shredding, recycling and archiving just by sending in a request. Now, you have better cash flow, more valuable time, and more space!
  • Maintain a Professional Appearance: With a high percentage of small businesses being home-based, this only leads to building an unprofessional reputation for them.
    Customers would more likely buy from a reliable business with an office than a home-based business, even if you’re offering better prices. So how do you fix this? Don’t go hurrying to rent an office or even a virtual office; the solution is actually much more simple, and realistic. With a virtual mailbox, you get a real street address for your business.
  • Protect your Home Privacy: Your customers, investors, or partners can now send all business mail to your corporate address and you can keep your home address private. Your home should never be cluttered with work nor should you be surprised by a customer visit assuming the address was your office. Also, a corporate office in a capital city can draw in bigger business leads which is always a good thing.
  • A Paperless Environment: Remember all those times you didn’t properly shred or recycle and felt guilty afterward? Now with just one click, all your paper mail can be taken care of in an environment-friendly way. Having messy piles of mail thrown around means something important is bound to get lost. If it was a legal document or contract, your customer won’t be happy. A messy environment that causes delays and misplacements reflects badly on your business.
    By having all mail correspondence done electronically between you and your customers, this problem is gone for good. A paperless environment enhances productivity and gives you a clutter-free, paperless workspace.
  • Faster Customer Response Times: Now that your physical mail is digitalized, you can access it anytime from your phone or laptop. This means you will always be available to handle all of the important mails from customers or partners and can handle it instantly. Faster customer response times leads to better customer service, meaning more customers and a spotless reputation!
  • No Change of Address: When signing up for a mail forwarding service, you only need to apply for a change of address once, and then the address is yours for good.
    Your business mail shouldn’t be tied to you moving at any time or changing offices, that’ll just confuse customers. With renting your virtual mailbox, you’ll have a secure and stable mailing address without needing to go through multiple changes of addresses. Also, once we receive your packages, they can be forwarded to you wherever you are (domestic and international shipping) not just to your home address.

IncParadise Mail Forwarding Application

At IncParadise, we take care of all of your needs wherever you are in the world. In fact, we are a step ahead! We have launched a Mail Forwarding Application for both iOS and Android that can assist you and make your load less.

So, get the mail forwarding address in the best state, and by being in the US makes a big difference by saving money and time.

What does our app offer?

Mail forwarding app enables you to access your account in an all-new way. You need not get into trouble for getting mails. All you need to get is our application! Download our application, get all the important notifications and simply see what you have in your box. The best thing is that you will never run out of postage as you can simply click and add postage.

The app will provide you everything that you can do on the desktop version for mail forwarding. You can click to request for a scan or to trash a letter. You can simply select to ask for a special request. We are delighted for you and hope you enjoy the app.

This application is especially beneficial for businessmen who maintain various address for their business (or perhaps gave different addresses to different clients) as it allows them to get all the mails in one server.

How does our mail forwarding services work?

At IncParadise, we are committed to providing you with the best Mail Forwarding services. When you sign up for our mail forwarding services, you will be given an ordinary street address in our office building. We provide you with the highest level of privacy and professionality for our mail services. Over 1000 clients have found that our mail forwarding services are excellent for their business’s needs. The mailout fee is a one-time charge for all the mail we received on your behalf in a given time period and forwarded to you in that given time period.

Available Features of our Mail Forwarding Online Account:

  • You can access your account and see all mails that you have received.
  • You can select certain mail and mark it with special instructions on what protocols you would like us to follow regarding your mail.
  • You can choose the date at which the mail is sent to you, and the frequency at which this mailout occurs.
  • You can place all mail received on hold.
  • You can change the address to which your mail is routed.
  • You can have your mail digitally scanned and sent to a designated email address
  • You can sync up your online account with a cloud-based web storage systems such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Our approach:

  • We will notify you by email as soon as we receive your mail.
  • Depending on your preferred received schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) your mail will be forwarded to you per such schedule.
  • You will also receive a notification when your mail is sent out to you. You can go online and change your received schedule preferences.
  • We can also digitally upload your mail to a cloud-based storage service such as Google Drive.

The Most Basic Plan costs $99 per year and includes

  • $5.50 per mailout plus postage fees
  • This plan has higher mailout fee, but a low yearly fee.

Moderate Use Plan costs $150 per year

  • $2.50 per mailout plus postage fees.
  • Pay more per year and have lower mailout fee.

High-Use Plan costs $250 per year

  • No mailout and handling fees
  • Actual postage only for mail-out once a week.

Scanning Mail for Mail Forwarding

At IncParadise, you can have us scan each mail that we receive and then add it to your email as a PDF file. There will be no need to pay postage or mailout fees any longer.

We have two digital options available for you regarding our online scanning feature. Check them:

Automatic Scanning

Every letter received by us on your behalf will be automatically scanned and sent directly to your email address and digitally upload to your client account.

Scanning of Select Letters

Once you access your client account, you can pick individual pieces of mail that you wish to be scanned and digitally uploaded to your client account. This option is the default setting for any new client account. Our Prices are stated below:

  • $1 to scan a 1-10 page piece of mail
  • $2 to scan an 11-20 page piece of mail
  • $3 to scan a 21-30 page piece of mail


Different mail forwarding services provide different benefits. Benefiting individuals and businesses, quality services can enhance your functionality. Other benefits may include protecting your privacy, 24/7 access and creating a much more professional image in the business society.

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