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Possible Business Structures

When To Use an S Corporation:
a. When the owners live in a state with no personal state income tax.
b. When one or two individuals own the company (can be as many as 100).
c. When you have sales less than $250,000.

When To Use a C Corporation:
a. When the owners live outside the country.
b. When the owners live in a state with a state income tax.
c. When several individuals are involved in the ownership.
d. When other entities are involved in the ownership.
e. When you have sales greater than $60,000.

When To Use a Limited Liability Company – LLC
a. When you have any partnership.
b. When you own real estate for investment purposes.
c. When you have several entities that own the business.
d. When you are looking for complete protection of the owners’ personal liability.

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