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How to change your Florida registered agent?

If you are thinking of starting a new company in Florida or have an existing business in another state and want to relocate or expand in Florida then you will be required to file different applications in compliance with the Florida Statutes. The requirement of documentation will depend on the type of business you want to form. This is because the documentation of an LLC is different from that of a corporation. Since you are new to Florida, the compliance requirements and documentation may sound complex and this is where IncParadise, one of the best Florida registered agent services, can assist you with your business related documentation. This is a guide that will provide you with an insight into how to change a Florida registered agent, their duties, and the qualifications or the requirements of a registered agent.

Registered Agent in Florida

A registered agent is also known as a statutory agent, resident agent, or an agent for the service of process. A Florida registered agent can be a firm, business, or an individual, who is hired or designated by a business entity (LLC, Corp.) for receiving the service of process documents, notices, different types of compliance-related documents, as well as government correspondence on behalf of the said entity. Some of the best Florida registered agents provide numerous additional services that cater to different forms of businesses and their state-based requirements. Some of the most common services offered by a Florida resident agent include:

These are some of the services that you or your business can benefit from. If you feel that your existing agent is unable to provide you with specific services or assistance as required then you can always have the option to change your Florida registered agent.

What is a registered agent in Florida?

Whether you are planning to register a new business (a corporation or a limited liability company) in Florida; you will be required to designate and continuously maintain a registered agent in the state governed by Florida Statutes, Title XXXVI – Business Organizations. According to Florida Statutes, you will have to provide information pertaining to your RA when filing formation documents and this includes name and physical address. If you already have a resident agent then you can maintain the same in Florida if they have a physical address or you can change your Florida registered agent to IncParadise. If you change your Florida registered agent, then depending on the type of business, you will be required to notify the Division of Corporation by filing a “Statement of Change of Registered Office”.

The cost of change of Florida registered agent will vary according to the type of business and are governed by FL Stat § 605.0114 (2019) for a Limited Liability Company and FL Stat § 607.0502 (2019) for a business corporation. You can choose a firm, agency or even an individual who has the necessary qualifications and experience and is compliant with all Florida state laws as your new agent.

Who can be a Florida registered agent?

A “registered agent” (RA) in Florida is a company or a person who has agreed to accept any legal mail on behalf of a company in case the company gets sued. Florida registered agent requirements are different in different states and their responsibility can vary from receiving official legal documents to assisting businesses in maintaining annual compliances with the state. It is important to note that a registered agent has to maintain a physical office or address. It should not be a PO Box number.

There are several other Florida registered agent requirements. For instance, you would be required to keep regular business hours and this is governed by state law. It is necessary to maintain regular business hours so that they can accept service of process or legal correspondence on behalf of the clients they are representing. If you want to choose the best Florida registered agent then there are specific criteria you must meet? Basically, you have two options:

  • You can choose an individual as a Registered Agent or you can also be your own registered agent if you fulfill the Florida registered agent requirements. You must make sure that the business address is identical to the address of your registered office pursuant to FL Stat § 605.0113 (2019).
  • You can choose the best Florida registered agent services also known as a “Commercial Registered Agent” who can hire a commercial resident agent for new and existing businesses! A new business has to hire a statutory agent while an existing business need not as they already have an agent. In certain cases, where the business thinks it is necessary to change Florida registered agents they can do so by notifying the Division of Corporations of the same.

What does a registered agent in Florida do?

The Florida registered agent requirements vary from one state to another but the primary responsibilities remain the same. A registered agent in Florida is someone who acts as the bridge between a business entity and the Secretary of State or the Division of Corporations and thus receives any and all notices sent by the state to the said business.

For Example: If you hire IncParadise as your best Florida registered agent then any notification by the Division of Corporations like due date notice for an annual report will be received by us on behalf of your company. Thus, as your registered agent, you will not only be receiving your notices and mail but we will also ensure you are able to file your documents like annual report on time thus helping you avoid any penalty.

When you hire a new RA or change a Florida registered agent it is important to first understand what their purpose or objectives are. The responsibility and objectives remain almost the same over all the 50 states in the US and they are:

  • Service of Process – Service of process in Florida is directed through the use of subpoenas, summons, and other processes within civil actions throughout the state and is governed by 2019 Florida Statutes, Title VI – Civil Practice and Procedure. The Chapter 48. Service of process is the primary purpose and responsibility of the best Florida registered agent services as they accept and receive any process or service of process against any private corporation, Limited Liability Company, and any domestic or foreign entity maintaining such agent services. For example: If a legal notice is served against a domestic or foreign limited partnership pursuant to FL Stat § 48.061 (2019) then receiving such a notice on behalf of any partner is one of the important Florida registered agent requirements.
  • Secondary Services – The services offered by a registered agent can vary from one firm to another and hence when a company bears the cost of change of Florida registered agent; they are basically looking at the secondary services being offered. There are a variety of secondary services like:

    • Being available during business hours
    • Receiving your mail as well as government notices
    • Providing a Florida business address
    • Providing compliance alerts like notifying a business of a due date
    • Helping file Florida annual reports
    • Assisting with EIN services
    • Answering any questions pertaining to business formation and maintenance
    • Helping with licensing and permits in Florida

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How Do I Change My Florida Registered Agent?

Whether you are forming a new business in Florida or have an existing business, the reasons to change a Florida registered agent may vary from one business to another. Once you have decided that you want to look for the best Florida registered agent service, you would want to know the process. The process is simple although there are three different aspects, which include choosing an agent, notifying a former agent, and filing the change of agent. Let us take a look at the process through which you can successfully change your agent in Florida.

1. Select a new registered agent

The first step towards changing your Florida registered agent starts with selecting a company or agency that is highly reliable and has experience working with the state laws. If you are wondering how much the cost will be then the cost of change of Florida registered agent is not expensive at all. More than the cost, the importance lies in the fact that the chosen statutory agent meets all Florida registered agent requirements of the state. Here are some tips that will help you make an informed decision:

  • Maintaining Regular office hours – This is one of the top Florida registered agent requirements as according to Florida statutes. A commercial or statutory agent has to be available during regular hours to accept or receive service of process on behalf of their clients.
  • Physical Address – According to Florida statutes, FL Stat § 605.0113 (2019) and FL Stat § 607.0501 (2019), a Florida registered agent can be an individual or company whose business address should be the same as the registered office address. This is especially helpful to foreign entities and business owners residing outside Florida.
  • State Compliance – This is an integral aspect of Florida registered agent requirements. If you are looking for the best Florida registered agent services then ensure the chosen firm is in compliance with all Florida state requirements and laws. IncParadise, one of the leading registered agent service providers in Florida is not only state compliant but also meets requirements as outlined in Florida Statutes.
  • Services Offered – It is important to note that the cost of change of Florida registered agent will remain the same irrespective of the services offered by different resident agents across the state. Hence, it is important to evaluate the services based on the requirements of a business. IncParadise, one of the top registered agents in Florida offers several additional services like annual report and EIN and this is apart from new business formation services.

For example: If your company needs an Employer Identification Number (EIN) as well as business licenses but your current agent is not offering either or both, then you can opt to change your Florida registered agent and choose someone who offers these services and more.

2. Notify your previous registered agent

If you are planning to change a Florida registered agent then it is necessary to inform your existing registered agent so that they may not end up billing you. You may think that changing your existing agent may lead to credibility loss but that will not happen. It is important to inform your existing agent immediately after you have filed the change of agent application and paid the cost of change of Florida registered agent. This is because once the application is processed by the Division of Corporation; the new chosen agent will be reflected on the state records.

3. File Florida Statement of Change of Registered Agent to the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations

If you have finally decided to go ahead with the process to change a Florida registered agent, then you will have to think about what application you need to file and whom to file with. Depending on the type of business entity, you will be required to file the “statement of change of registered office or registered agent or both” for the said type of business; whether an LLC or a corporation. The forms will be different for different entities and the cost of change of Florida registered agents will also be different. The form has to be filed with the Amendment Section, Division of Corporations along with a cover letter.

Want to Change your registered agent in Florida?

Cost of Changing Florida Registered Agent

There is no additional cost of change of Florida registered agent except for the filing fee for “statement of change of registered office or registered agent or both” and the fee would be different for different forms of business.

IncParadise meets all Florida registered agent requirements and if you hire us as your registered agent in this state then you can avail all of special deals. The Registered Agent service in Florida for one year is $89 and the fee for change of agent is:

  • Registered Agent change for an LLC – $25
  • Registered Agent change for a Corporation – $35

IncParadise has a special price for companies that will order RA service for more than one year. The special price for registered agent service for 2 years is $129 while that of 3 years is $169 only.

Choose IncParadise as Your Florida Registered Agent

Whether you are planning to form a new business or have an existing business, you can choose to change a Florida registered agent or hire a new agent depending on your business requirements. IncParadise is one of the best Florida registered agent service providers and we can help you with the process of changing your registered agent in this state.

We are also in compliance with all Florida state regulations and have experience in providing several different and additional services to cater to a wide variety of business requirements like obtaining an EIN Tax ID and filing Annual reports in Florida.

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