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How to choose a Registered Agent in Pennsylvania?

Whether you’ve already created a company or are planning to expand your business to Pennsylvania, most state statutes would require you to designate and maintain a registered agent in each state of registration. Registered agents in Pennsylvania play several key roles including helping you with your business formation and providing service of process. This guide was created to provide you with insight into the Pennsylvania agent for service of process, how to choose an agent for your corporation or LLC, the various services offered by RAs, and the steps for changing your registered agent.

Pennsylvania Registered Agent

A Pennsylvania LLC registered agent can be an individual or a company, and you can even be your own registered agent in certain states. This type of agent is also known as a resident agent, statutory agent, or simply an agent for service of process. A resident agent is also considered to be the primary official point of contact for a corporation, a limited liability company, or any other legal entity operating in this state. To identify a reliable or reputable agent, you may be required to conduct a Pennsylvania registered agent search because the services offered can vary from one agent to another.

What is a Registered Agent in Pennsylvania?

A designated registered agent in Pennsylvania must remain in compliance with the 2020 Pennsylvania Consolidated & Unconsolidated Statutes for receiving service of process (SOP) on behalf of an individual, firm, or multiple businesses. Similarly, each state in the USA has business laws and statutes relevant to maintaining a resident agent in the state. A Pennsylvania agent for service of process not only handles SOP but also provides a wide variety of services that could be categorized as general business services such as filing an EIN or customized services like filing an S-Corporation.

Why do Pennsylvania Businesses Need a Registered Agent?

When you form a new LLC or incorporate in the state of Pennsylvania, you will need to designate and maintain a registered agent in the state. It’s important to understand that the state has defined laws that identify and segregate the roles and responsibilities of RA services in the state. These laws apply to both new and existing entities that are currently active and operational in the state. Each business also has a different reason and requirement for hiring a Pennsylvania Corporation registered agent. Some of the reasons why a company may need such services include:

  • Ensure service of process – This is normally the primary objective for all registered agents in Pennsylvania, as well as a basic business requirement. Service of process is usually required when a company is sued. If an entity is sued, then the court will obtain jurisdiction over the entity by delivering service of process to the designated registered agent. Generally speaking, service of process is considered to be the shorthand for any legal documents initiating a lawsuit like a complaint or summons.
  • Avoiding the risk of non-compliance – Once you register a new company in the state, your business needs to be compliant with state requirements as specified in the 2020 Pennsylvania Consolidated & Unconsolidated Statutes. A Pennsylvania LLC registered agent who is well-versed in the state laws and requirements can ensure that your company is always compliant with the state and business requirements.
  • Receiving business-related documents – If you incorporate in Pennsylvania then the state will send you legal and business documents concerning the formation and operation of your company. If you have to travel a lot or are unable to maintain business hours then a resident agent can ensure that you will receive all your important documents. You’ll need to conduct a Pennsylvania registered agent search to find services that fulfill this requirement.

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Can I Be My Own Registered Agent in Pennsylvania?

Yes, you can be your own registered agent in Pennsylvania. Although, it’s important to ensure that you meet all state requirements as directed by the law. As an individual, there are certain criteria that you must to meet including:

  • To be a Pennsylvania agent for service of process, you should have a physical street address in the state. A P.O. box will not be accepted.
  • You should be over 18 years of age.
  • You need to be available during working hours throughout the week.

Why Do Businesses Choose a Registered Agent Service in PA?

The 2020 Pennsylvania Consolidated & Unconsolidated Statutes have made it mandatory for specific business entities like corporations, S Corps, and limited liability companies (LLCs), to maintain a registered agent to receive legal communication and other documents on behalf of the business. Hence, you need to hire a highly professional and reputable service. For this reason, you will need to conduct a Pennsylvania registered agent search. It’s important to identify an RA service that will be available during the working hours of every business day. Although this may be a difficult proposition for business owners, IncParadise provides all this and more. Some of the top reasons for choosing a Pennsylvania Corporation Registered Agent service include:

  • A Pennsylvania Agent for Service of Process will not only receive official and legal documents, but will also forward them to the business owners, members, or directors of the company.
  • A PA resident agent service will maintain regular business hours to guarantee that you don’t miss any important and legal documents.
  • A reputable PA registered agent will handle business related requirements and help you organize and maintain these documents properly.
  • Some services provide offsite storage facilities for sensitive and legal documents.
  • Top PA services include automated reminders that are sent promptly to help prevent you from missing any filing deadlines like filing the PA Annual Reports.
  • When you conduct a Pennsylvania Registered Agent Search, try to look for a service provider who promises to protect your private information.

IncParadise can be your Registered Agent in Pennsylvania. We offer a highly professional service, recognized by our many happy clients. We are also well-versed with the state laws and requirements for all entity types. IncParadise also fulfills the requirement of maintaining consistent business hours.

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How to Elect a Registered Agent in Pennsylvania?

If you’ve registered your startup in Pennsylvania, or are planning to incorporate, then appointing a registered agent is important and mandatory. This is because the 2020 Pennsylvania Consolidated & Unconsolidated Statutes, 15 PA Cons Stat § 8825 (2020) states that each domestic, foreign, and nonprofit entity will need to appoint and continuously maintain a registered agent in the state. You may need to conduct a Pennsylvania Registered Agent Search to find the right resident agent as the state has hundreds of qualified RAs offering their services. The type of services offered by a statutory agent can vary from one agent to another and so will their pros and cons. However, here are some tips that will help you to choose the right Pennsylvania LLC Registered Agent:

  • You need to look for a professional service focused on ensuring that all filings and services are taken care of promptly.
  • You should consider the overall value of the service rather than the price point because choosing a cheap service can involve risks or lead to expensive mistakes.
  • When searching for a Pennsylvania Corporation Registered Agent, consider the option for customizable electronic notification services.
  • Top resident agents in the state will provide you with additional compliance tools to help you meet annual state requirements.
  • It’s important to choose an agent that specializes in handling sensitive documents and also provides a forwarding service.
  • A nationwide registered agent service like IncParadise can offer long-term benefits, especially when it comes to helping to move your business to other states or with foreign qualification.
  • RA services should provide you with a reliable software system that helps you manage renewal dates and keep up with your company’s operations like the Entity Management Software by IncParadise.

How to Change a Registered Agent in Pennsylvania?

If you’ve registered a C or S Corp, an LLC, or any other entity type and designated a registered agent initially, but need to change the agent now, what would be the process? It’s important to first understand that each business has its own requirements and reasons for wanting to change their existing Registered Agent in Pennsylvania. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • If you’re looking for a professional service.
  • Moving your business from another state to Pennsylvania.
  • Your existing RA doesn’t provide services in Pennsylvania.
  • Your designated resident agent has moved away from this state.
  • The current registered agent is unable to meet the Pennsylvania RA state requirements.

There could be several official and personal reasons that may require you to change your Pennsylvania LLC Registered Agent. The process to change a resident agent may vary from one state to another although some laws and requirements remain the same like notifying your existing agent of certain changes and filing the relevant documentation. Let’s take a look at the process for changing your Registered Agent in Pennsylvania with ease.

Fill out a Change of Registered Office Form and Submit it to the Pennsylvania Department of State Along with the Necessary Filing Fee

If you’re thinking of changing your Pennsylvania Agent For Service of Process then the first step is to submit the Statement of Change of Registered Office by Agent (form DSCB:15-108). The form has to be submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of State, Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations. There is a filing fee of $5.00 for domestic entities and a fee of $250.00 for foreign businesses. You can submit the change of agent form online or send it through the mail.

The application for changing a Registered Agent in Pennsylvania should be submitted pursuant to 15 Pa.C.S. § 108. You will need to provide specific information like:

  • The name of the association
  • The current name of the previous authorized person or agent
  • The name of the new agent
  • The address of the present registered office
  • The new registered agent’s office address
  • The termination of status
  • The new registered agent’s name and signature

It’s important to note that you will need to notify your former Pennsylvania Corporation Registered Agent regarding the decision to change services before filing the Statement of Change.

Hire us and we will complete the change of agent form for you

If you’re thinking of changing Registered Agents in Pennsylvania then IncParadise is one of the most reputable agents in the state. We offer a plethora of general business and customized services in addition to service of process (SOP). If you hire us, we’ll help you complete the change of agent form. We will also provide information concerning the entire process for changing your RA, from informing your previous resident agent, to submitting the change of agent form.

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Why Choose IncParadise as Your Pennsylvania Registered Agent?

If you register or incorporate a new business in Pennsylvania then it is mandatory to maintain a registered agent in the state. It’s important to conduct a proper Pennsylvania Registered Agent Search to help you find a reputable and professional service. IncParadise is one of the most reputed and top registered agents in this state who adheres to the Pennsylvania RA requirements as established by PA statutes.

As a top Pennsylvania Agent for Service of Process, we have the necessary experience and expertise in all aspects of new business formation. We will not only accept the service of process but also other important legal, state, and business communications on your behalf. We also provide Entity Management Software to all our clients, providing access to email notifications and reminders for the renewal of agents and other business services in Pennsylvania.

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