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When should you reinstate Wyoming Corporation? A Wyoming Corporation will require reinstatement only if it has been administratively dissolved by the secretary of state. A business corporation can be administratively dissolved on the grounds that it has failed to submit its annual reports or has not paid their annual license taxes.

Why do I reinstate my company?

Once your company is administratively dissolved, you have to reinstate Wyoming Corporation but it is important to know why or what are the reasons that can lead to such a situation. According to WY Stat § 17-16-1420 (2014), the grounds for administrative dissolution are:

  • If a business corporation is unable to submit its annual report also known as “Annual Report License Tax” pursuant to W.S. 17-16-1630 with the office of the secretary of state when it is due.
  • If a business corporation does not maintain a registered agent or a registered office in this state pursuant to 2015 Wyoming Code, WY Stat § 17-16-501 (1997 through Reg Sess)
  • If a business corporation fails to notify the secretary of state within a period of 30 days that their registered agent or registered office has changed or if their registered agent has resigned.
  • If the business has provided fraudulent or incorrect information to the secretary of state during business registration
  • The corporation has failed to pay any penalties imposed under W.S. 17-28-109 or provide records to their registered agent pursuant to W.S. 17-28-107

The big question – is there a process to reinstate Wyoming Corporation after it has been administratively dissolved?

How to reinstate my Wyoming Corporation?

Is there a process for Wyoming Reinstatement for a profit corporation? Yes, there is a procedure by which you can apply for reinstatement and that is:

  • An officer or any person that held authority when the profit corporation was administratively dissolved pursuant to W.S. 17-16-1421 like a registered agent will be able to apply to the secretary of state for reinstatement within a period of two (2) years from the effective date of the dissolution.
  • If a profit corporation in the state of Wyoming was administratively dissolved as it failed to deliver the annual report or pay the annual report license tax when due pursuant to W.S. 17-16-1630, will have to initiate payment of all fees and taxes applicable along with the reinstatement certificate fee as prescribed in W.S. 17-16-122.
  • If the corporation was administratively dissolved by the Secretary of the State for failing to maintain a registered agent in the state then it will have to apply for Wyoming secretary of state reinstatement certificate along with the payment of $250.00 as reinstatement fee.

Note: It is important to understand that Wyoming reinstatement will not be possible after a period of 2 years since the effective date of administrative dissolution.

IncParadise can assist with the Reinstatement process within the stipulated time of 2 years

Can I change my Registered Agent at the time of reinstatement?

You will not be able to change your registered agent at the time of the reinstatement but you can change your registered agent prior to Wyoming reinstatement by filing the “Change of an Entity’s Registered Agent and Office” application pursuant to W.S. 17-28-101 through W.S. 17-28-111.

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Tax Clearance or Tax Good Standing before reinstating

There are several states in the USA that require a tax clearance or tax good standing certificate while filing for company reinstatement. If you are planning to reinstate Wyoming Corporation, you have to ensure that you have already filed the “Tax Status Compliance Certificate” also known as Tax Compliance Certificate with the Wyoming Department of Revenue.

If you have already filed the Wyoming Tax Status Compliance Certificate, then after filing the annual report or pending fees, Wyoming reinstatement will be processed in one week’s time.

How IncParadise help you?

The dissolution or revocation of a profit corporation by the Secretary of State will lose its rights to operate in Wyoming or will be unable to defend itself against any lawsuit. This is where IncParadise can help you to reinstate Wyoming Corporation and regain your “good standing status”.

IncParadise will provide assistance towards Wyoming reinstatement in the following ways:

  • Pending Annual Report License Tax: Professional team of experts at IncParadise will identify any pending Wyoming annual report license tax and also provide guidance towards filing of taxes i.e., If the Annual Report License Tax amounts to more than $500, then it will have to be filed through mail or physically and any amount below $500 can be E-Filed.
  • Reinstatement Forms: Different types of business entities require different Wyoming secretary of state reinstatement forms. We will ensure you get the right form like a business corporation in the state would have to submit the Profit Corporation Application for Certificate of Reinstatement.
  • Examine and Submit: We will ensure that the Reinstatement Form filled by you is well examined and ready for submission. We will also submit the form with the Wyoming Secretary of State.
  • Reinstatement: We will notify you or provide you with a file stamped copy of the Certificate of Reinstatement.

Reinstatement of Wyoming Corporation at just $89.00

+ State fees/Annual Fees!