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Alaska Business License

In the U.S.A, most states have made it mandatory for businesses to hold either a Business License or a Permit in order to operate within that state. That said different states have different requirements and laws when it comes to applying for a Permit or a License to carry out business. The question is: do you require such a License in Alaska? Yes, you do.

Is there a process for acquiring a Business License in Alaska? How can you identify what type of license is appropriate for your business? Do you require any other form of documentation or Permit to conduct business in the state? These are some of the questions that you will be confronted with.

Here’s an insight into how business licensing works in the state of Alaska.

Know about Alaska Business License

In the state of Alaska, in accordance to Alaska Statutes, AS 43.70.020(a) a Business License is mandatory for all businesses. It also specifies that once a license is issued to a business entity for a specific line of work or business, the license will cover all types of business operations in that state.

An Alaska company license is required by a business entity that can be Non-Profit or for a Profit entity that engages or offers to engage in delivery of a service, a trade, an activity or a profession, where the primary goal is to receive a financial benefit in exchange for the provision of goods, services, or other property.

Business License in Alaska may cover several types and lines of business. One of the salient aspects of Alaska state license for business is that effective 10/29/2014 the license statutes allows the issuance of a single license for different (multiple) lines of business activity. For example: If you have an advertising firm, a travel resort, and tour operations then you will require a single business license to cover business activity for all the businesses. The condition is that all type of business advertising as well as operation should take place under the same business name and should have the same business owner.

The Exemption

According to the Alaska Statutes AS 43.70.105, there are few exemptions applicable to Business License in Alaska. Although, an exemption exists under business licensing statutes; it may not exist under agency statutes or other programs like professional licensing requirements, and Procurement statutory requirements among others.

The exemptions are not applicable to the following lines of business:

  • Fisheries business
  • Mining business;
  • Insurance business;
  • The sale of liquor under a license issued under AS 04.11;
  • Furnishing services or goods by an individual who is not regularly engaged in furnishing services or goods;
  • Supplying services as an employee;
  • The activities of an investment club;

Professional License

In accordance to Alaska Statute Title 8 (AS 08), one of the requirements for businesses prior to engaging in a business practice is to obtain a Professional License. It is important to note that a Professional License is not applicable for all lines of businesses.

If applicable, Corporations, LLPs, LLCs, and LPs, can apply to the State of Alaska Professional License Section. The Professional License application form is different for different occupations or businesses, like Athletic Trainer license but has different fees and forms as compared to Real Estate Appraisers license.

How to Apply for a Business License

In order to apply for Business License in Alaska, you will need to download the required forms. You can apply online or download the form, fill and send the hard copy to Alaska Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing.

If you are applying for a new Business License then you have to download Form 08-4181 and mail it to 333 Willoughby Avenue, 9th Floor, Juneau, AK 99801, PO Box 110806, Juneau, AK 99811-0806. You can also apply online.

The standard processing time for Alaska company license is 10-15 business days in the period from March-September. If you apply outside this period that is from October – February and then there can be delays.

One of the salient aspects is that you can benefit from “Senior Citizen Discount” as well as “Disabled Veteran Discount” on applicable business license fee.

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