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Annual Reports for Maryland Corporations & LLCs

In Maryland, annual reports are part of the Personal Property Return [PPR] for an entity. They are due April 15th for corporations and LLC’s. The annual report fee itself is $300 for either a LLC or a corporation. This does not include any taxes due as part of your personal property return.

A business which files an annual return after the due date of April 15 (June 15 for those with approved extensions), will receive an initial penalty of 1/10 of one percent of the county assessment, plus interest at the rate of 2% of the initial penalty amount for each thirty (30) days or part thereof that the return is late. The minimum initial late fee penalty is $30 with the maximum being $500. Businesses which do not file a return are subject to an estimated assessment of up to twice the estimated value of the personal property owned.

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