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Ohio Incorporation Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to reserve a corporate name?

No, but it is recommended to reserve a name prior to filing to ensure that it remains available during the incorporation process.

How do I reserve a corporate name?

The reservation of your corporate name will be handled by IncParadise and is included in the price of our service.

Do I have to renew my name registration?


How do I incorporate in Ohio?

When using our service, IncParadise will file, on your behalf, the required administrative forms and articles of incorporation with the appropriate Ohio agency.

Is a registered agent required?

Yes. In Ohio, they are called statutory agents. The statutory agent must be either: (1) a natural person residing in Ohio, or (2) an Ohio-licensed corporation with authority to transact business in the state, having a business address in the state. As part of our ongoing service, IncParadise does provide a registered agent service option that you can select during the online registration process.

How many Incorporators are required to form a corporation in Ohio?

One or more are required.

How many Directors are required to start a corporation in Ohio?

One or more as specified in the bylaws.

Are corporations in Ohio required to file an Annual Report?

Yes. A report must be filed each year between January 1 and March 31

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