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New York Business License

Do you require a business license or a permit to form and operate an LLC or a Corporation in the State of New York? Yes, you do. Every state in the U.S., has different a set of requirements when it comes to issuing business license or permit. This license is also known as an operational license in several states and will ensure you are able to operate your business with ease.

How do you get a New York company license? What are the requirements? What type of business licenses exist in the state? These are some of the questions that you will be confronted with. So, let’s get an insight into how business licensing works in the state of New York.

Obtaining a New York State Business License

One of the primary and important aspects is that the issuing authority for a business license in New York will vary according to the industry, and at the same time, all types of businesses don’t require a license. Some business establishments require a license while others require a permit. How and from where can you get your New York company license? Do you require a license or a permit? What is the fee? Who issues the licenses or permit? These are some of the questions that can be answered through the following examples.

Catering Establishment License

If you are planning to start a catering company or business then you will require a business license in New York. A catering establishment license is required primarily for a catering hall or a restaurant. Any place, room, or even space where food and beverages are being served and entertainment is permitted for an event will require this license. Such an establishment could be an LLC, corporation, general partnership, limited liability partnership, non-profit, S Corporation among others.

In such a scenario, you will be required to submit a “New York State Sales Tax Identification Number”, and a copy of “Certificate of Occupancy” along with the form for catering establishment license. The fee for this type of business license can vary from $100 to $1,070. You can file it in person or online. This license is currently being issued by NYC Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), Licensing Center, NY.

Food Service Establishment Permit

This is a permit that is applicable to establishments that are serving food for business or not for profit. The list can include restaurants, pizzerias, takeouts, bakeries, cabarets, emergency food relief organizations, night clubs, senior centers, employee cafeterias, bars, charitable and fraternal organizations, and public and non-public schools. This type of establishment is required to obtain a special permit from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH). This type of permit is also known as a “Restaurant Permit”.

Although this is not a New York company license, you can submit your permit application online or in person at NYC Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), Licensing Center, NY. The fee for the permit is $280. You will be required to pay an additional $25 if you are manufacturing frozen dessert.

Once you have submitted the application for a permit or New York company license, it will be reviewed by NYC Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA). They will send notification regarding the status of your license application within 2 weeks of receipt of application. The status can be any of the following:

  • If your business license application has been approved by DCA then they will issue a license document.
  • If your application requires any additional information then they will notify you through mail providing proper instructions on how to submit the additional information. If you are unable to submit the requested information to DCA within 10 days of receiving the notification mail then your application will be denied.

Once application for business license in New York is denied, you will be required to make a fresh application.

You will be required to renew your New York company license or permit through the “NYC Online Licensing system”. Business licenses are normally valid for a period of 2 years and expire on September 30 for years, which end in an even number.

Note: If you have any outstanding fines then you will not be permitted to renew your license or permit until you pay the fine. Operating without a valid license would lead to heavy penalties.

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