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A registered agent in California is also known as an “agent for service of process” and they are appointed by a business entity planning to register or transact in the state. A registered agent in this state plays a key role by communicating with the California Secretary of State in all matters related to the formation or incorporation of domestic or foreign business entities.

Safeguard your business and maintain anonymity by hiring a reliable business compliance partner, Registered agent in California – $89 for one year!.

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Do I need a Registered Agent for my California Business?

California has a high state competitiveness in areas of Business Incubation, Government and Fiscal Policy, Technology, Infrastructure, and Environmental Policy. The registered agent services in California ensure that new businesses are able to register in the state and communicate with the Secretary of the State and thus benefit from the overall business climate the state offers.

Why Do I need a Registered Agent in California?

The California corporate and LLC laws requires each and every business entity formed or incorporated in the state, to designate as well as maintain a “registered agent” in the state. The California Code, Corporations Code – CORP § 17701.13 for a business corporation and 2016 California Code – CA Corp Code § 1702 (2016) for a limited liability company enables a California registered agent to facilitate the service of process for business entities planning to register in the state.

The California Corporations Code and the Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act also indicate that business entities should have a principal office or a place of business in the state so that they can transact in California. When you hire a registered agent California, the clause for maintaining a principal office is fulfilled.

Note: If a business corporation or limited liability company fails to maintain a registered agent in California state then they will be given a “not good standing” status by the Secretary of State. It is also important to know that if a company loses its good standing for a long period then this can lead to administrative dissolution, which means an LLC or Corporation will lose its benefits.

IncParadise is one of the most reliable California registered agents in the nation. We provide a wide variety of services to new and existing business entities in the state. The services include business formation or incorporation, communicating with the Secretary of State, receiving notices and documents, and also offer additional services that include California, corporate kits, EDGAR filing, amendments of articles, and S Corporation status election among others.

What Does My California Registered Agent Do?

The registered agent services in California include a variety of services to domestic as well as foreign business entities. Some of the top services include:

Receiving Legal Notices

An important aspect of the 2007 California Corporations Code Chapter 17 and Chapter 4 of Title 5 of Part 2 of the Code of Civil Procedure is the “service of process” that every registered agent is required to provide business entities with once they are hired. An integral part of the service of process is receiving legal notices. This simply means that a registered agent in California will receive any notices on behalf of the business entity they are representing and pertaining to a lawsuit filed by an individual or another company against the business entity.

Receiving Business Related Notices

There are several documents that domestic and foreign corporations and limited liability companies have to file with the California Secretary of the State. One such notice is for filing of annual reports or statement of Information and it is important to know that the California Secretary of State – Business Programs Division will directly notify your registered agent in California. Since the dates for filing of annual reports or statement of information are different for different types of business entities, businesses are notified in advance. Check our California Statement of Information Services.

Receiving Business Related Mails

A business entity whether a corporation or an LLC in the state of California may receive business related mails from the office of the secretary of state. It is not always that business entities can revert to the mails immediately and hence a registered agent plays the important role of checking mails, and reverting as these mails could really be important from a business perspective.

If you are planning to register domestic or foreign corporation, domestic or foreign partnership, a domestic or foreign limited liability company, or a domestic or foreign professional corporation in the state of California, IncParadise can provide you with the highest standards of registered agent services in California that will help your business gain a strong foothold in the state. Check some of our additional services.

Can I be my own Registered Agent or Choose a Professional Registered Agent for my California Business?

Are you wondering if you can act as your own registered agent? There is a possibility, so let us check what options are available to businesses in the state of California.

Individuals as Registered Agent

According to 2016 California Code and California Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act, an individual can be a registered agent for their own domestic or foreign corporation as well as a domestic or foreign LLC. There are certain criteria that needs to be fulfilled like being over 18 years of age and being a resident in California.
An individual acting as a California registered agent will have to maintain regular business hours and accept any and all services of process that are hand-delivered by a state official. You will be required to have a proper mailing or physical address.

Note: An LLC is not allowed to be a registered agent in the state.

Hiring a Commercial Registered Agent

If you are not a resident of California or do not have a physical address in the state then there is another option – hire a reliable registered agent service in California. There are a number of reasons to hire a commercial registered agent. Some businesses choose an agent for service of process only (accepting legal mail) while some businesses desire privacy or anonymity and hence don’t want to list their business or residential address on public record.

IncParadise satisfies and adheres to the regulations that has been established by the Secretary of State and is in compliance with 2007 California Corporations Code Chapter 17-Service Of Process (corp:1700-1702), California Financial Code section 14101.6 and California Corporations Code section 202 , 1502 , 2105 , or 2117.

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It is important to know that in the state of California, a registered agent serving 10 or more domestic or foreign business entities is classified as a commercial registered agent. We have represented more than 10,000 business entities across the US are in compliance with the commercial agent requirement of the state.

Appointing a Registered Agent for California?

How do you appoint a California registered agent? Is there a process? We have created a step by step approach that will enable you appoint a registered agent with ease.

1. Agent Requirement

You can appoint a registered agent in California for a variety of services and different types of business entities. You can also hire specific registered agent services in California like getting a physical address so that mails and notices pertaining to the business can be received by the agent. So, the first step is to identify, which of the following options will be most suitable for your business:

  • Hire a new California registered agent
  • Changing your existing commercial agent in the state

The first step is to identify whether you are planning to hire an agent for the first time in Nevada or you are planning to change your agent.

2. Choose the Order Form

Once you have identified whether to hire a new agent or change your existing agent, it is time to choose an order form. Your options are:

New Agent

If you are a foreign corporation setting up a business in the state or are a start-up business in California then how do you hire a registered agent in California like IncParadise? IncParadise offers you Registered Agent services – $89.00 for one year.

New Agent

Change Agent

If you already have a registered agent but are planning to change your agent then you have to fill and file the “Change Order Form”. At IncParadise, you can avail of a special offer for Registered Agent Change – $40.00 for one year.


3. Order process

The third and final step towards appointing a California registered agent is the order process. Once you have completed all the paperwork for a change of agent or a new agent, your chosen agent will prepare the necessary paperwork for filing of “Registered Agent Acceptance” using the Resident Agent acceptance form. This will be submitted using our online system called Entity Management Software, where you will be able to see information pertaining to your Registered Agent and the Number of days till renewal.

Why Choose IncParadise as your California Registered Agent?

IncParadise is a reliable commercial registered agent California and we provide our clients or businesses with a variety of services that are targeted at helping them form and run their business in the state. Some of the top services include:

  • Fast & Affordable Service – IncParadise, one of the top commercial registered agents in California provides businesses fast and affordable services that include filing of orders the same day through a state of the art system and process. Registered agent services in California are available at just $89 for one year.
  • Total Compliance – IncParadise is one of the reliable registered agents in the state as it is in compliance with the state regulations pursuant to California Financial Code section 14101.6 and California Corporations Code section 202 , 1502 , 2105 , or 2117. According to the California Code, we:
    • Maintain a California business license
    • Have a principal residence or principal place of business in California
    • We are registered in the state and hence can provide the Secretary of the State with any business related information upon request
  • Protecting Your Privacy – IncParadise as your California registered agent will act as the primary point of contact regarding any communication between the business entity and California Secretary of State. Thus, we are in a better position to protect your privacy and will ensure your company avoids any embarrassing situations like delivery of legal notice by the Sheriff or state government official.
  • Expert customer service – If you have any questions pertaining to registered agent services in California then you can contact us on (888) 284-3821.

Can I change my current Registered Agent in California to IncParadise?

If your existing agent is not registered in California or if you are thinking of changing your existing registered agent California to IncParadise then the process is simple. There is an order process and here’s how you can proceed:

Order online

  • We as your chosen registered agent will prepare the paperwork for “Registered Agent Change”, sign it and deliver to you.
  • It will then be signed by you
  • Once signed, the paperwork has to be mailed to the Secretary of State, Business Entities Filings Unit.
  • The fee for filing for the change of registered agent California for an LLC as well as Business Corporation is $30.00. Submit the signed form along with the fee and you are ready to transact business in the state!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Registered Agent Service

Do all businesses require registered agent services in California?

According to California Financial Code section 14101.6 and California Corporations Code section 202, 1502, 2105, or 2117, a domestic or foreign stock corporation, a domestic or foreign (nonprofit) Corporation, domestic or foreign Limited Liability Company, domestic or foreign Limited Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership, and Unincorporated Associations registered with the state of California are required to be represented by a California registered agent.

What is a Registered Agent, and why do I need one?

The objective of a registered agent California is multi-fold but the most important objective is to ensure a business entity of company is able to maintain a good standing and continuous presence in the state.

In the state of California, a registered agent by law is required to keep a copy of the Articles of Incorporation (providing for shares), Articles of Incorporation (providing for shares and containing a statement of conversion), Articles of Incorporation (not providing for shares), Statement and Designation by Foreign Corporation, Articles of Organization, a copy of the corporate bylaws, the stock ledger of the company, and a statement that provides the name and address of the actual custodian of the stock ledger.

What is included in registered agent services in California?

A registered agent California provides a variety of services that include:

  • Provide a highly secure online account to access business related notifications or for renewal of registered agent services
  • Acceptance of service of process that involves receiving all legal notifications
  • Share notification regarding due dates for renewals and submission for each business entity.
  • Easy access to an online account from where business entities can order additional services including mail forwarding services
  • Free upload as well as storage of business entity information like state filings, company minutes, or incorporation documents,
  • Ensuring avoidance of late fee or penalty using state-of-the-art technology for tracking due dates for all your businesses.
  • Access to account allowing you to easily order renewals or additional services

Can a company use its Registered Agent’s address as its own business address?

If a California registered agent doesn’t permit a business entity to use their address, a company will not be able to use such an address as their own. The said registered agent has to permit the use of their address for which proper paperwork has to be filed with the U.S. Postal Service.

We provide our clients with the opportunity to avail of our mail-forwarding service, which starts at $99 per year. You can start the mail forwarding service today by applying for it online.

What do I need to do if I do my own filings for business registration or incorporation and only need Registered Agent Information?

If you plan to file business registration or incorporation documents then you can simply email or fax us the document. We will fill out all information pertaining to California registered agent, sign it, and send them back for filing.

How can I change my Registered Agent?

You can change your existing registered agent by filling out the Change of Registered Agent form for the state of California and submit it with the Secretary of State, Business Entities Filings Unit. If you are signing up for our registered agent services in California then our in-house expert will help you to streamline the process.

Change of Agent

How long does it take to change a Registered Agent in the Secretary of State records?

It can take as long as 2 weeks to process registered agent change although there is a 24-hour expedited service available too. Since we have direct access to the Secretary of State, Business Entities Filings Unit’s online filing system – bizfile California, we can process most orders within 24 hours.

As my registered agent, can IncParadise file annual reports or annual lists?

Yes. In the state of California, all domestic and foreign Limited Liability Companies, domestic and foreign corporations, Limited Partnerships, and Limited Liability partnerships registered or incorporated in the state are required to file a statement of information or annual report. As your registered agent California, we can file the statement of information, if you order it, and on time so that you don’t end up paying a penalty or fine for late submission.


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