California Corporate Office Program - Virtual Office

Corporate Office Service Program will provide a link between your corporation and the state of California

Actual street business address in California
Signed office lease (not just mail forwarding or post office box)
We will have a full service office, staffed a minimum of 40 hours per week
➥ Mail forwarding service included. We can hold or forward mail to any address. No handling fee
Ability to use conference room or working area

Known for our services in Nevada, Wyoming we are preparing for the services where we would be offering optimal Mail forwarding and Virtual Office Services with other incorporation services in San Jose, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley.

Though the service would begin after 3 months, in case you want to set up a business in the future in any of the cities mentioned above, you can fill out the related details below along with your email address. IncParadise would contact you when the services begin and let you know the details about this.

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We are working to open the office soon. If you are interested in our virtual office services, please subscribe below. We will notify you once the services are ready.

We now have an app for Mail Forwarding

You will have full access to your mail forwarding account in this app. Request for scans, get notification of new mail, etc…

You can select certain mail and mark it with special instructions on what protocols you would like us to follow regarding your mail. For example, you may desire to have your mail digitally scanned and emailed to you, or you may prefer to have your mail rerouted to an alternate address, etc.). You can also designate which pieces of mail may be automatically deleted (such as spam). You can also add postage threw the app as well.