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California Mail Forwarding

The expansion in the number of new startups has cultivated many new business ideas and innovation. In the coming years, small businesses may well eclipse over 30 million companies in the US. At the center of this innovation and technological advancement is none other than Silicon Valley and the surrounding bay area in California.

These new, tech savvy entrepreneurs run their businesses from their computer and not an office, and are constantly collaborating with others around the world to come up with the next big thing. This businesses friendly environment and the innovations by these entrepreneurs are changing the way we see running a business.

With this new business model in mind, new entrepreneurs often choose a virtual office address and business mail forwarding to support their company. This is crucial for serving as a strong base for a business location, either located in the Bay Area or elsewhere, and promotes a professional image for clients. All the information of important business documents and government mail is accessible at your fingertips, and ready to be sent anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. It also provides a credible location for your business on your website or business cards, and saves you time and money.

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    What is Mail Forwarding?

    Before we can move to the places where you can open your business and operate your business with the help of a Mail Forwarding Service, let us understand what Mail Forwarding is all about. With the help of a Mail Forwarding Service, all your mail is sent to a physical location in the city where your company has been registered. This address would be the address of the agency from where you are availing the services.

    As soon as the mail gets to the agency, they are then forwarded to you via mail or email, depending on the option that you choose when placing the order for the Mail Forwarding Service with that agency for your Startups in Silicon Valley or any other place that you choose. This is a permanent mail solution and many businesses have taken up this service from Inc Paradise to reduce their stress and save time for the things that are more important.

    Depending on your choice of service, your mail is opened and scanned before it is sent to you on the same day it was received, or it is re-packed and then forwarded to you on the same day. However, when the package is sent by mail, the time it reaches you depends entirely on the postal system.

    Moreover, since we are a reputable agency, we have an office and a physical address, and it can be used for getting your mail in time and safely in the right hands. Companies like Inc Paradise offering these services behave as a middleman between the customers and your business startups in San Francisco and many other cities. Using this service means that you would also get a physical address for your business where all the mails go to safely.

    With us, your mail is secure, and as per your request your mail would be opened and forwarded to you. The best part about this service is the filter option that you can add to it. This helps you avoid the junk emails that might get to you without the filter, and instead only the important mails are forwarded to you.

    But why exactly do you need a Mail Forwarding Service when you have all that you got? Reading the benefits below might change your mind regarding this.

    Benefits of the Mail Forwarding Service

    Simply starting a business in San José or any other city isn’t all that simple and this service would help you a lot more than you think. The advantages of the service has been shared below:

    • No Change of Address: Yes, you read that right! With the Mail Forwarding Service, you would not need to keep changing your address till you get a permanent office. Instead, you would need to change the address just once when you add your permanent office address in place of our address.
      It’s not smart to have a mailbox that would move with you every time you change offices until you get a permanent one. This would confuse customers and drive them away. The virtual mailbox would give you a permanent address till you get an office space for your startups in San Francisco.
      Also, the packages would be forwarded to you regardless of your location, nationally or internationally. And what is much better than to have all the work like these done for you easily while you need to pay just a dime for it.
    • Faster Customer Response Times: With the digitization of physical mail, starting a business in San Francisco (or any other city) and handling the mail has become easier than ever. It allows you to access it from your phone or your laptop at any time.
      And due to this, you would be able to manage all the partner and customer mails that are important immediately as they come in. The outcome would mean faster customer response times that leads to a much better customer service. And the more customers, the more sales, which would eventually lead the business to have a much higher reputation.
    • A Paperless Environment: Feeling guilty for the time where you did not recycle or shred the papers in your office? Worried that you might not be able to get all the equipment for this in your new office?
      With only one click now, all the paper mail would be handled in an environment-friendly way for your startups in Silicon Valley. If all the mail that comes to you are kept in piles and thrown around the office, something vital might get lost. And if that something important is a contract or a legal document, it is bound to get you into a lot of trouble.
      An environment that is messy is bound to cause misplacements and delays that would have a harmful effect on your business. With all the mails sent electronically between you and your clients, problems like these would be gone. Hence, an environment that is paper free would give you a much higher productivity and a clutter-free workspace.
    • Protect your Home Privacy: If you have mails sent to your home, you would also have customers or partners always visiting on unexpected occasions. Starting a business in Silicon Valley doesn’t mean giving up your privacy or filling it with the clutter of your work.
      With the Mail Forwarding Service, you would be able to keep your home’s privacy. Moreover, you can easily enjoy bigger business leads if your corporate office address shows that you are in the capital of the city.
    • Maintain a Professional Appearance: There are many startups in San José that are home-based ones, and these type of businesses are building a reputation that is very unprofessional for them.
      Starting a business in San José is not an easy thing, as customers tend to seek the services of companies that have a physical office rather than a home-based business, regardless of the price range. And instead of renting an office or even a virtual office, you can play smart by arranging a virtual mailbox for your startup in Silicon Valley, or any other city.
    • More Time, Fewer Expenses: Imagine if you are not able to check your mail as soon as it comes in. This may lead you to pay a lot of penalties and create troubles for you. Other than this, if you have a mailroom, the equipment needed would be costly and would also take up a lot of space.
      A digital mailbox would give you an instant mail service. Your mail would be scanned and forwarded to you, and after that, it can be archived, recycled or even shredded as per your request. In the end, you would have a much better cash flow, more space and more time for starting your business in San Francisco and running it smoothly.
    • Mail Security: If you get mail and leave it unattended for some time, you might miss out on some information that is important. Using the mail forwarding service for your startups in San Jose would allow you to get the mail immediately in digital form. Moreover, the service is protected and secured with advanced encryption and passwords for your safety, where you would not have to worry about information leaks as well.

    With all the benefits that you read above, you might have understood that you have got nothing to lose. Instead, you gain a lot of without having to spend much during your initial days of your startups in San Francisco. Not sure how this system works yet? Well, the next section would give you a clear idea regarding it.

    Virtual Address & Mail Forwarding – How does it work?

    When you choose Inc Paradise to offer the Mail Forwarding services to you, you basically choose their official address as your registered company’s address where all the emails go to. And for any mail that Inc Paradise receives on your behalf is recorded in your account on a daily basis, and can be scanned at your request before it is entered into the system.

    As soon as the process is complete, you would be notified about the mail via your email. And that is just not it, you also have the liberty of choice when it comes to selecting the mail that you want us to scan and the ones that you do not want us to even open. So, if you had any slight thought that you might lose all your company’s secrets and the privacy completely, that is just not true.

    Let us explain this better, and say that you want all the mails sent immediately to you via your email. You have two options to select from:

    • Where all the mails that come in should be scanned automatically, and sent to you.
    • Or, you can select to have just some specific letters scanned and entered into the system. This is incase you want to verify the identity of the sender before the mail is added to the system.

    And furthermore, the plans for the scanning and re-mailing services are highly affordable. You can choose from multiple low-cost and flexible plans as per your desires and budget. But before we get into this, you need a company in a great location like Silicon Valley, San Jose or San Francisco.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a startup tech business in the middle of the huge MNCs that are soaring the skies at the moment? Yes, right! And Bay Area is the best place for it, don’t you think?

    Just so that you know why Bay Area is all you need to think about for your next startup, here are a few main points regarding the main cities here – San Jose, San Francisco and the Silicon Valley has been shared below. It would give you a much broader idea before you select that one right place for your tech startup:

    San José – The Great Place for Business

    Due to the innovative spirit of the people of San José, it is a highly diverse area and has been nicknamed the capital of Silicon Valley. Being a metropolitan area that is rapidly expanding, starting a business in San José is the best choice you can make. The city is characterized by its large tech campuses and suburban neighborhoods, which can also be measured by the rise in the number of business districts.

    Thanks to the tech headquarters in Silicon Valley like Apple in Cupertino and Google in Mountain View, which are present in the vicinity of San José, starting a business in San José means being a part of a massive tech hub.

    And this is not all that San Jose has to offer to you. It preserves its character with the idiosyncratic attractions that include a larger-than-life-size Monopoly board that was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records, a 120-acre flea market filled with ponies, and the pre-eminent maze-like Winchester Mystery House with 160 rooms.

    With the Sierra Nevada and the vineyards along with the ocean in close proximity, San Jose is a place that would be admired by any person who is an outdoorsy type. The city is also resting in the foothills of the Diablo Range and Santa Cruz Mountains, where the city enjoys 300 sunny days in a year.

    Why Consider San José?

    Startups in San José are bound to succeed since the merits outweigh the demerits of this big city. As compared to the other major cities, it has the lowest crime rate and the Metropolitan Area of San José has a robust economic standing in both technology and manufacturing.

    The best thing about this city is that one out of every five workers in the area of Santa Clara County is employed in the manufacturing industry. On the other hand, in the technology industry of San Jose, there are about 64,300 high technology companies that have over 248,000 people employed there.

    If we look at how rich people are in San Jose, or how rich you can become someday, this is a place where the residents have the money to spend. In short, San Jose is an incredible place where a person can easily live, work and have a home here. Moreover, it is the perfect place for starting a business.

    #Pro Tip: You need to be the one who can fail miserably and is not scared to dust themselves off and try again until you are successful. And this is that thing that would make you truly fearless regardless of the city that you starting in. Though San Jose doesn’t give you a tough time where you would need to try again and again, you need to be fearless at every moment of your life.

    Things that make San Jose the best:

    Business Tax in San José

    Just like any other city in the world, paying business tax is an obligation that has to be adhered to. It is vital for any person who is conducting any sort of business in the city to pay the business tax before they can start the operation of it, regardless of whether the office of the business is physically located in the city or not.

    Moreover, the tax amount is dependent on the number of employees, owners and the type of business. Despite this, the tax rate is highly friendly for not only the business men of San Jose but also for the residents; making it the right choice for a town to settle in.

    Obtaining a Business Tax Certificate

    As soon as you pay for the business tax in San Jose, the Business Tax Certificate, which is also known as the Business License for your Startups in San José, would be issued. This certificate does the work of displaying that you have paid the taxes and it has to be displayed conspicuously in the main office of the business.

    Obtaining Space for Your Business

    It does matter if you are building, renovating, buying or leasing a property in San Jose, the city has many support and help systems that help anyone in a fix, making your stay wonderful and smooth.

    Sustainably San Jose

    Talking about a green world and sustainability, startups in San José would be a part of a massive following to make the world a better place and have a sustainable environment. A lot of sustainable and “green” practices are undergone daily by many programs, for both small and large companies in San Jose. To name a few programs that are a part of the green agenda:

    • Recycling Market Development Zone offers low-interest state loans along with technical, marketing and location assistance to those who use recycled feedstock.
    • Special Tenant Improvement Program (STI) works to stimulate people to use the vacant buildings for their businesses.

    Seen all the points above? Isn’t this just something that you need and something that would allow you to grow fearlessly? Compared to any other city in the world or even in America, this is the place your startup would shine like a star. Although, if this is not where you see your next big thing, then the next city might be the one you are looking for.

    Though the service would begin after 3 months, in case you want to set up a business in the future in any of the cities mentioned above, you can fill out the related details below along with your email address. Inc Paradise would contact you when the services begin and let you know the details about this.

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    We are working to open the office soon. If you are interested in our mail forwarding services, please subscribe below. We will notify you once the services are ready.

      Yearly plans will start at $89 per year once our office opens. Sign up if you’re interested in our mail forwarding services!

      San Francisco – The Perfect Place for Business

      Another excellent place for starting a business is San Francisco, which is one of the most intelligent, enterprising and innovative cities in the world. The city is a blend of a creative, dynamic environment and great geographical beauty that allures the world’s sharpest minds.

      If we talk about the population in San Francisco, about 70% of the population that is above the age of 18, have studied beyond a high school education and about 50% of them can speak another language other than English. This results in cultural diversity that continues to offer an open-minded and forward-thinking atmosphere. This is the one of the reasons why the city is famous.

      And that is not all. This city has been ranked continuously for some years as the “Best City in the US.” And as per the business world, this ranking has always been true for anyone who came to establish startups in San Francisco. Entrepreneurs are drawn from all over the world here since the city is the home to a few highly esteemed businesses.

      San Francisco is the Innovation Capital of the world since it homes 200+ cleantech companies, 120+ biotech companies, 1900+ technology companies, six fortune 500 companies, and a great history of established corporations in the professional and business service sectors.

      #Pro Tip: To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to understand how to take money and make it work for you.

      Why Choose San Francisco?

      Well, out of all the million points that scream greatness about this city, here are some of the top points that can prove the city is worth it for starting a business in San Francisco:

      Faster Progress

      If you decide to build up a startup in San Francisco, it has the potential to grow. But in San Francisco, people do not treat a startup like a startup is treated in many other cities. Running a business that has the power to make a different is what matters here.

      Conducting business from a location that is filled with mature minds that understand that there is no difference between a huge company and a startup, is the best thing anyone would want. And San Francisco has it!

      With people who think like this around you, it becomes easier for you to grow. The main aim here is to work beside someone who has the same level of commitment towards success as you do.

      Furthermore, with this kind of environment, work ethics, and resources, you would be able to have a productive learning experience here.

      More Credibility

      Imagine saying that “My company is in Utah,” and then say that “We are starting a business in San Francisco.” Doesn’t the latter sound better? Well, it is due to the general perception that everyone, including you, have in their minds. And whether you like it or not, this thing makes a lot of difference when you are trying to influence the sales of the product or service you might be offering.

      When pursuing potential customers and VCs, having your new startups in San Francisco can make a lot of a difference between a returned call or not. With all this said, do not make this the main point towards starting a business in San Francisco. It is just an added bonus that would give you a push ahead to become a huge success.

      #Pro Tip: This point is not really something that would work on its own. But it is huge leverage, and you need to know how to use the leverage to make yourself mega successful. You can read the “The Art of The Deal” by Donald Trump as he is an excellent example of an entrepreneur who time and time again used leverage to acquire crucial pieces of real estate or strike very lucrative business deals. Love him or hate him, his book is worth a read!

      Access to Capital

      A company that is funded well normally has a bigger advantage as compared to the business that didn’t receive funding. Having financed startups in San Francisco means no need to sacrifice on marketing, product development, or hiring.

      Yes, you would be able to find the investors outside San Francisco, but would they want to invest in your tech idea? Most probably not. Well, this city can give you VCs all ready to listen to your idea and fund your business. And it is well-known that cash flow has to be maintained for growing the company faster, and starting a business in San Francisco where funding is available easily can be of great help to you.

      Renowned Tech Community

      The sector of technology might be sweeping not only the nation but the world as well, and there is no better place to network with the best like in San Francisco. All the networking events, educational talks, and meetups take place 24/7 in the city. Pick nearly any time of any day and you will be able to go to any nearby event by selecting one taking place.

      Where opportunities are open like those mentioned above, building startups in San Francisco becomes easier. Furthermore, everyone loves a person who is hardworking, ambitious and has a great idea. The tech community here is the area to create partnerships, seek advice, and share ideas for your startups in San Francisco.

      Large Talent Pool

      Simply put, hiring the best in the world comes true in San Francisco. With some of the best schools and universities nearby, the city is a haven for both fresh and experienced web designers, tech professionals, and product-driven engineers.

      Additionally, if you want to attract out-of-state and international professionals, this is much easier as compared to many other cities in the country. Due to the famous culture of the city, everyone would gladly take the chance to work here. In short, you would have the best opportunity to build the best team and eventually grow.

      With all the right leverage that you get here, what more can you ask for? You just need to be smart enough, and determined to have it all, and your startups in San Francisco can bring wonders into your life. Not satisfied? Want another place that might be what you really need? Check out the one mentioned below.

      Though the service would begin after 3 months, in case you want to set up a business in the future in any of the cities mentioned above, you can fill out the related details below along with your email address. Inc Paradise would contact you when the services begin and let you know the details about this.

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        Silicon Valley – The Right Place for Business

        Silicon Valley is a place you might already know, and many of you might have also dreamed to have a business here or at least work in a company here one day. Starting a business in Silicon Valley means establishing a presence in the technological hub with headquarters of companies like HP, Google, Apple and many other major tech giants.

        Moreover, these enormous industry giants operate from the place they are located with constant business success. Starting a business in Silicon Valley is easy since the city attracts a lot of new startups, where many international tech-startups also want to have one of their branches in Silicon Valley some day.

        #Pro Tip: The entrepreneurs who focus their complete energy on how they can create wealth that would help others and solve their problems are the ones that have the right attitude needed to obtain the true happiness. These are the entrepreneurs that can be seen in a positive light by their partners and peers and are the actual embodiment of the word “success.” So, you need to be someone like this and even have friends like these to get the best out of what you are about to make.

        Why Choose Silicon Valley?

        Other than the greatness of Silicon Valley that has been mentioned above, here are some primary things why it would be a great idea to have your own startup in Silicon Valley:

        Destination Location

        The same kind of industries and markets typically open up in the same place or close to one another. For example, two stationary shops are in proximity with one another in a city; malls have various brand apparel shops lined up sequentially, and dedicated marketplaces exist for groceries. Why do businesses do this? Well, since the public prefers to have choices and variety. Public here is applied to the businesspeople, entrepreneurs, workers, and consumers.

        Moreover, it is easy for a person to build infrastructure that promotes similar industries. And starting a business in Silicon Valley that is a destination on its own with a gigantic ambiance, a flourishing marketplace, talented resource pool, and an established business infrastructure, offers you a bright headstart as compared to any other locations.

        The environment in Silicon Valley is all about risk-taking, collaboration, and innovation. You can find all the essential motivation framework needed for startups in Silicon Valley. By networking and learning new things, you would be able to grow into a giant in Silicon Valley.

        Local Opportunities and Insights

        What are the benefits of HTML5? Do you still need to use or move ahead to AJAX? Having the answers and information of things when required can make your company much better. There is a free flow of crucial information at all times in Silicon Valley via regular events, workshops, product fairs and seminars regarding the development of the technology, next-generation technologies, and path-breaking advancements in technology.

        Attending such sessions becomes easier when the events are at a walking distance from your office, instead of traveling very far for learning about it, which becomes difficult for you and your business as well. Other than that, going faraway costs more money and takes a lot of your time, which can be used somewhere else if you had the startups in Silicon Valley instead.

        Legal Support

        Just like the other points, this is something that everyone cross-checks before selecting a location for starting a business. A state’s local laws play a vital role in helping a business grow and supporting them. Even though a tech company does not have a lot of tangible physical products to produce, these companies are based more on ideas, services, or applications that are a part of the intellectual property.

        When you get to Silicon Valley, everything has appropriate and efficient laws, regulations and policies for the business interests, ownership, and trade secrets to be adequately safeguarded. Moreover, these things are critical for those businesses that are in the technology field and mostly the ones whose companies are starting small.

        Joint Industry Strength

        When industries in the same vicinity come together and request for a specific benefit, they are normally granted. Silicon Valley has already worked towards some requests like joining hands for a charitable cause, sharing common service providers for the interests of the employees, like transport or food, requesting a committed transport facility from a suburb nearby and increasing the cap on foreign employee visas. With more numbers asking for the same thing, it eventually happens.

        Easy Financing Opportunities

        From all the information about Silicon Valley, it is understood that this location is a high-cost one. This means that starting a business in Silicon Valley would need much money. However, do not worry, since Silicon Valley is an established epicenter of plentiful capital funding for the ideas that are worth the investment.

        If you have some ideas for tech startups in Silicon Valley, you will find it very easy to attract many local venture capitalists, legal counselors, partners, and talent pools who are ready to be a part of your idea and create the best company out of it. Angel investors who have knowledge about the whole industry are easy to convince for obtaining the funds for your startups in Silicon Valley. But it still needs a great and unique idea that would work.

        In the end, if you want the best out of your business idea, positioning yourself between the experts in the industry can make your dreams come true. Above all, it is not always the business location that would guarantee the success; it is also the person’s idea, money, efforts and the number of hands helping that counts too.

        Though the service would begin after 3 months, in case you want to set up a business in the future in any of the cities mentioned above, you can fill out the related details below along with your email address. Inc Paradise would contact you when the services begin and let you know the details about this.

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        We are working to open the office soon. If you are interested in our mail forwarding services, please subscribe below. We will notify you once the services are ready.

          Yearly plans will start at $89 per year once our office opens. Sign up if you’re interested in our mail forwarding services!


          If you have decided that you want your company set up in any of these places, you would first need to register your business. Inc Paradise can offer you every service from registration of your business to the management. And in case you do know where to start after your business plan is ready, just contact Inc Paradise to have all the nuts and bolts in place.

          Moreover, we understand that it is not possible to have all the resources to get a permanent office at first, which is why we offer the Mail Forwarding Services (also known as the virtual mailbox) as well.

          Known for our services in Nevada, Wyoming we are preparing for the services where we would be offering optimal Mail Forwarding Services at $99 per year along with other incorporation services in San Jose, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley.

          Though the service would begin after 3 months, in case you want to set up a business in the future in any of the cities mentioned above, you can fill out the related details below along with your email address. Inc Paradise would contact you when the services begin and let you know the details about this.

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          We are working to open the office soon. If you are interested in our mail forwarding services, please subscribe below. We will notify you once the services are ready.

            Yearly plans will start at $89 per year once our office opens. Sign up if you’re interested in our mail forwarding services!