Nevada Registered Agent / Resident Agent

Pricing $89.00 per year, special for pre-pay $40 per year

Don’t get fooled by companies claiming the lowest price and increasing it later. Our pricing is very simple. We charge $89 per year. We also have few specials. Whenever you decide to pre-pay additional years you get them for $40/year.

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Why you need a Registered Agent?

Nevada State laws require business entities to maintain a Resident Agent physically located in Nevada. Nevada Resident Agent must be available during regular business hours. We are locally based in Las Vegas in our own building and will be happy to serve as your registered agent. We have served thousands of companies since 2001!

If you need Registered agent in other State than Nevada click here.
We offer Registered Agent service in all 50 States.

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1. Registered Agent for New Companies

This order form is for:

Foreign company qualifying to do business in Nevada needs Nevada Registered Agent. We can handle the whole foreign qualification process for you.
Do-It-Yourself incorporation who need Registered Agent in Nevada. If you decide to file the paperwork yourself and just need Registered Agent. If you prefer us to take care of all paperwork and filing, please order online: Corporation or LLC.

Nevada Registered Agent price is $89 per year. If you pre-pay, we will give you additional years for only $40. Two years of service will cost you $129, three years $169. This is also pricing for our current clients.

Order process: We will prepare paperwork for the Registered Agent Acceptance (Resident Agent acceptance form). You will attach this form to your Articles and file with the Secretary of State. You don’t need a Resident Agent Signature on the Articles if you have attached the acceptance form.

Registered Agent for New Companies and Foreign Qualifications Online Order Form

2. Change of Registered Agent

This order form is for:

Companies changing their current Nevada Registered Agent and switching to us.

Nevada Registered Agent regular price is $89 per year. We have a special for the first year the cost is only $40; following years are $89. If you pre-pay additional years, you will get them for the lower $40 rate. This is the special rate for change of existing Nevada Resident Agent to us.

Order process:

  1. Order online
  2. We will prepare and sign paperwork for the Registered Agent Change.
  3. You will sign and mail the form to the Secretary of State. We will email you you the exact instructions and address.
  4. There is a one-time fee of $60.00 payable directly to the Secretary of State for filing the change of Agent. You just have to include check with the signed form.

Alternative processing: Some clients prefer to sign the prepared form and mail it back to us. We can do that if you choose $60 filing fee item on the order form. There is a $5 processing fee if we are mailing the form to the Secretary of State.

Change of Registered Agent Online Order form

3. Renewal for Existing Clients

Renew your Registered Agent service here. Existing clients only.

Renewal of Registered Agent Online Order form