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Insert the Nevada Company Name you wish to register or reserve and you will receive a message immediately whether the intended name is free to use or not.

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The first step is finding and finalizing a name for the business. It is important to check if the name is already in use. If not, you can confirm the business name. It’s essential to do a business name check for the name you’ve selected and reserve it with Secretary of State. This step must be completed before filing your articles or certificate of Incorporation. You can find detailed information on checking business names here.

Nevada Company Name

There is a huge list of words that cannot be used for your Nevada company name.

Corporations in Nevada are not required to use name endings such as “Incorporated” or “Inc.”

A name appearing to be that of a natural person and containing a given name or initials must not be used as a corporate name, except with an additional word such as “Incorporated,” “Limited,” “Inc.,” “Ltd.,” “Company,” “Co.,” “Corporation,” “Corp.” or other word identifying it as not being the name of a natural person.

The name must not be the same as or deceptively similar to the name of any corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company, foreign corporation, foreign limited partnership or foreign limited liability company.

It must also not be the same as or deceptively similar to a name reserved for use of any other proposed corporation unless written consent of the person or other entity the name is reserved for is filed with the Articles of Incorporation.

There are a number of words for which usage requires approval by the applicable state department or agency, such as (but not limited to) “Accountant,” “Bank,” “Brokerage,” ‘Financial” and “Realtor.”