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Nevada Mail Forwarding $99 per year

Virtual address and mail forwarding in Las Vegas, Nevada

All mail that we receive on your behalf is entered into our system and scanned daily. We will immediately notify you by email once this process has been completed. You have the ability to select which articles of mail should be scanned. For example, you have the option to choose to have all incoming mail scanned automatically. Or, you may choose to only have selected letters entered into the system (e.g. you may want to verify who the sender is before the article of mail is scanned into the system). We offer several flexible and low-cost plans for our re-mailing and scanning services.

We offer several flexible and low cost plans for our re-mailing and scanning services.

New Clients Mail Forwarding

New Clients

Initial pricing starts at $99 per year

For more information about Mail Forwarding for New Clients visit our page New Clients: Forms & Pricing.


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Existing Clients Renewals Mail Forwarding

Existing Clients Renewals

You may renew your service or pay for outstanding postage.

Use this option for the renewal of your service, or to pay for posting and handling fee deposits.


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Virtual Office and License Hanging System

Nevada Virtual Office and License Hanging System

from $45 per month

These services are aimed towards those who need a larger presence for their company in Nevada . Another service we also offer is License Hanging.

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If you need more information about our Mail Forwarding plans, how our mail forwarding and virtual mailbox works, and the Scanning options that are available to you, please visit our page which contains more detailed information.

We now have an app for Mail Forwarding

You will have full access to your mail forwarding account in this app. Request for scans, get notification of new mail, etc…

You can select certain mail and mark it with special instructions on what protocols you would like us to follow regarding your mail. For example, you may desire to have your mail digitally scanned and emailed to you, or you may prefer to have your mail rerouted to an alternate address, etc.). You can also designate which pieces of mail may be automatically deleted (such as spam). You can also add postage threw the app as well.