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Additional services in Nevada

So, now that you have incorporated your business in Nevada, is there any other thing that you might need? Inc Paradise offers many other additional services so that our clients can have all their needs fulfilled in one stop. After you have had your company registered and then incorporated in Nevada or Delaware, there are many other things that you might come across.

A few of the other services are mail forwarding services, virtual office and address services, bank account opening services, etc. But in case you have merged your company with another company or have a foreign corporation and want to end it, Inc Paradise can assist you with the applicable articles needed. Shared below are the marginal additional services that can be availed at genuinely low rates from Inc Paradise:

Corporation in Nevada

Under the Chapter 78 of the Nevada Revised Statutes of Nevada that is a part of the United States, a Nevada corporation is incorporated as per the owner’s (s’) desire. For running or conducting business, it is significant to incorporate your company first to avoid legal penalties. And just like Delaware, Nevada is a state that is known for offering a corporate haven.

In case you want to merge your company, terminate a merging process or withdraw your foreign Nevada corporation, here are some additional services that Inc Paradise offers which might help you.

Articles of Merger or Exchange

A merger or the Articles of Merger is an agreement that states the union of two existing Nevada corporations into one new company. On the other hand, the Articles of Merger or Exchange is for the exchange of stocks between a company.

The mergers or exchange are usually for expanding the reach of the corporation, gain market share or for expanding the new divisions. These actions are usually pursued for creating value and for pleasing the shareholders.

An exchange, merger or conversion is completed:

When the Articles of merger, conversion or exchange is filed with the Secretary of State of Nevada;
On a later date and time that has been directed in the Articles, where the date cannot be more than 90 days after the application has been filed and submitted; or In case the Articles denote an effective later date but there isn’t any effective time, it would be effective at 12:01 a.m. as per the Pacific Time Zone on the date specified.

In case you want to have your company merged or exchange stocks, Inc Paradise can assist you in submitting the application and obtaining the Articles of Merger or Exchange for the relative matter. Contact today to get a quote and know more details!

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Termination Pursuant to NRS 92A

In case the filed articles of merger, exchange or conversion would be completed in a much later effective date and time or effective date, the appointing entities or entity can file for the articles of termination. But this has to be before the effective time, stating:

  • Name of both the appointing corporations and for the conversion;
  • Name of the resulting corporation; and
  • That the merger, exchange, or conversion has been terminated pursuant to the scheme of the exchange, conversion or merger.

In short, all the details have to be filled, and the signatures have to be made as per the terms in the NRS 92A.230. If you want to terminate your plan for merging your company, let us know at Inc Paradise before the effective date, allowing us to apply for the termination on time. Contact for more details!

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Withdrawal of Foreign Corporation

If you have finished your business in Nevada or there isn’t any business scope for your company anymore, it is better to dissolve the foreign Nevada corporation you have. This is because not dissolving it would require you to file the annual returns to keep it running. And in case you do not comply with the yearly laws, you would be penalized.

For canceling or withdrawing your foreign corporation in Nevada, you need to give the Secretary of State the finished Foreign Withdrawal, and Customer Order Instructions application form along with the filing fee of $100. The application has to be given by visiting and handing it in person, by mail or by fax.

You can also hire Inc Paradise to complete the form as per your requirements and file it with the Secretary of State of Nevada for you. The withdrawal process takes about a week, though you can request for the expedited service of one-day ($125 extra fee), two-hour ($500 extra fee), and one-hour ($1000 extra fee) along with the appropriate fees.

Inc Paradise would get the confirmation copy and then share it with you as soon as it has been sent. You can cross-check and verify the document from the main website. Contact us to get more details or obtain a quote!

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LLC in Nevada

An LLC in Nevada is formed by filing and submitting the Organization Limited-Liability Company with the Nevada Secretary of State. It has a few tax-features that different in the Corporation as compared to the LLC Nevada, but most of the things are the same like the Articles of Merger or Exchange, and the Termination Pursuant to NRS 92A.

Here are the services that Inc Paradise offers for the LLC in Nevada:


In case you want to merge your company with another one and you both have made a scheme regarding it, Inc Paradise can assist you in filing and obtaining the Articles of Merger or Exchange. The process is just the same as the one mentioned above for the Nevada corporation. Connect to know more details!

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Termination Pursuant to NRS 92A

If you have filed for the Articles of Merger, Conversion or Exchange and have decided against the idea, Inc Paradise can assist you in filing for the termination pursuant to NRS 92A.230 for terminating the plan.

But you need to notify us before the effective date for the Articles of Merger, Conversion or Exchange. If the date is crossed, it cannot be terminated then. Contact Inc Paradise to get more details and for a quote!

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Limited Partnership

For services below, please contact us at

  • Reinstatement
  • Certificate of Amendment
  • Cancellation of Domestic Limited Partnership
  • Cancellation of Foreign Limited Partnership
  • Articles of Conversion
  • Articles of Domestication
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Annual or Amended List of General Partners
  • Apostille
  • Resignation of General Partner

Non-Profit Corporation

For services below, please contact us at

  • Articles of Incorporation pursuant to NRS 81.410 (Nonprofit Cooperative Corp without stock)
  • Articles of Incorporation pursuant to NRS 82.006 (Nonprofit Corporation)
  • Reinstatement
  • Certificate of Amendment
  • Merger
  • Dissolution of Corporation
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Initial List of Officers and Directors
  • Annual or Amended List of Officers and Directors
  • Apostille
  • Change of Registered Agent by Represented Entity
  • Resignation of Director or Officer


Other than those services mentioned above, there are many other services that Inc Paradise offers including the mail-forwarding services and the virtual office address services. To avail any such service or to get more details on any service, feel free to contact us today!