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Affiliate Program: Would you enjoy helping entrepreneurs start their own business?

The essence of entrepreneurship is the ability to identify an opportunity and the willingness to pursue it. People have great ideas and start businesses every day. One of the most important first steps in starting a business is to incorporate. We will provide you with the training, tools and opportunities to make a residual income for referring new clients to us.

Help people to set up Corporations and LLCs in all 50 States.

You will earn commission from all orders and services through our IncParadise network in all 50 States.

You will be able to offer many different services starting with Corporations and LLCs and many additional services related to incorporation, like corporate kits,business licensing, certificates of good standing, annual meetings of shareholders and directors, etc.. You will also have access to the state-of-the-art system we have carefully built over the last 5 years. You bring clients and we will do all the work!

Secret to long term profitability = Residual Income

We will show you how to build great residual income. The more clients you bring, the more residual income you will build. More clients = more stable income year after year.

How much money can you make

We have grown our incorporation business from zero to over one hundred thousand dollars in sales per month. It took us approximately three years, but now we have several thousand companies where we serve as registered agent and over one thousand clients for our Las Vegas mail forwarding operation. That translates into a huge referral base and also substantial on-going residual income, just from our business in Nevada. Our goal is to establish a network of hard working and motivated individuals around the U.S. to grow the incorporation business nationwide. This is a great opportunity to build a profitable business using our proven system, software and know-how. Our system is based on efficiency, low cost to customers and great service.

About us, Inc. company was established by John Vanhara in April 1999. started as a software company during the popularity of the com boom. In 2011 John decided to use his experience in the corporation business and transformed into a corporation service company. His goal was to focus on one jurisdiction and make the entire process as efficient as possible. The company has grown over the years and expanded its services in over 50 states. Besides the geographic expansion, also broadened its portfolio and now offers additional services such as mail forwarding along with mail scanning.

In 2017 was acquired by a Hong Kong based corporation services provider, Startupr Hong Kong Limited.

Startupr is owned and run by Tomas Milar – a seasoned expert in company formation, corporate governance, and administration.

John will be staying with as an advisor for company incorporation and business development in all the states.

We offer very aggressive and competitive pricing packages. We work hard to get most orders processed in less than 24 hours. We set up thousands of companies in Nevada.

Many potential clients ask us questions like: “How can you guys afford to be so cheap and stay in business?” “Will you stay in business?”

We are consistently in the top 5 in filing new incorporations per month in Nevada. We basically do a better job than other companies, so we can afford to offer reasonably priced services. Our state-of-the-art, efficient software, used to manage our operations, assists our clients in keeping them informed of their annual requirements. And, we have accomplished all this without using telemarketers or other ineffective advertising methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to become an affiliate?

  • It is FREE. Becoming an affiliate doesn’t cost anything.
  • You will earn a 10% affiliate commission from gross profit of all services offered on (in all 50 states) just for referring new clients. The commision is paid from all repeated orders (residual income).
  • You can also receive additional income from us. We need registered agent in each state so we may be using you as a preferred agent for our processed orders.
  • Passive income source – place links on your website and we take care of all work. Any link pointing to www. will work. It doesn’t have to have any affiliate ID. Your website is registered in our database and we credit visits from your site to your affiliate account.

Can you tell me about some of the functions of INCCONTACT?

INCCONTACT is our proprietary contact management software. It is a very sophisticated software allowing perfect management and order processing. It also allows clients to see services theyve ordered, sends notifications about renewals, shows them what mail they received, etc See more information here.

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