Mail Forwarding for Expats

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Mail forwarding for expats is a special service that has been created to ensure US expats are able to receive their mail even when they are living overseas. A mail forwarding service takes care of everything from receiving to sorting and managing mail including personal, business, or professional mail.

An Introduction to Expat Mail Forwarding

If you have a business in the US and are moving abroad for an extended period or if you are an American expat with a business address in any state, what happens to your mail? You would keep receiving mail at your business address and this may include important business letters or personal mail like insurance documents. There is also a high probability that the mail or documents could be lost or stolen in your absence. There is only one way to ensure you receive your important mail and that is by opting for a mail forwarding service for US expats.

What is Expat Mail Forwarding?

Mail forwarding for expats is a service that has been created solely for the purpose of helping expatriates in getting all their important mails from the US. As a part of the mail forwarding service for US expats, you will be provided with a mailing address, which are usually street addresses and not a P.O Boxes. This address can be used for receiving mail, sorting, managing, and scanning of any and all mail for the expats. The salient aspect is that mail scanning ensures that there is always a digital record of scanned documents that expats can access any time. This also translates into the fact that your mail will never be lost.

Why need an Expat Mail Forwarding?

An expatriate or expat is a person who is residing or is planning to reside in any country other than their own country. There are many entrepreneurs and business owners that have businesses in the U.S and are either travelling abroad or residing abroad. What happens to their important business or personal mail? This is where mail forwarding service for US expats plays a key role.

The need for mail forwarding for expats arises out of the fact that either you are traveling or residing abroad. Normally, if you move from one country to another then your mail address would have moved too. In such a scenario, you will have to either inform everyone of the new address or simply opt for a mail forwarding service that caters to expats. This service would allow you to access all your mails or get your mail at the new address.

When you choose a mail forwarding service for US expats, you will be able to:

  • Provide a local street address to everyone in the U.S and all mails by default will be delivered to this address
  • The mails received at this address will be sorted, scanned, and uploaded on a cloud network or emailed to you
  • You can access all your mails or you can even provide preferences on what types of mails should be forwarded to you.
  • You will not have to worry about any unwanted junk mails as they will be disposed of securely.
  • Most importantly, mail forwarding for expats ensures a hassle free service especially where Federal customs is concerned. Normally, Federal customs require forms to be filled for forwarding mail overseas. In your case, the mails are being received locally and scanned and sent to your account thus avoiding unnecessary waiting time and hassle of international mail shipping with custom declaration.

Expat Mail Forwarding Services

Experts from the industry believe that choosing a reputable mail forwarding service for US expats will help in minimizing the risk of losing important mails. Simultaneously, it pays to know the benefit that expats can derive by opting for mail forwarding services. The benefits vary from one service to another although most reputable mail forwarders like IncParadise provide the following services.

Virtual Mailing Address Service for Expats

A Gallup poll or report in 2019 revealed that the American Diaspora or American citizens living abroad temporarily or permanently including expats and digital nomads is estimated at 9 million. Most of these American citizens receive their mail from the US either through the US Postal Mail service or by using a virtual mailbox service. The Virtual Mailbox Service is a service dedicated towards ensuring mail forwarding for expats. How does this work?

  • A virtual mailbox service provides expats with a physical address in a prominent location. This address can be used for directing all your business or personal mail.
  • A service provider like IncParadise will provide you with a business address and this address will be used for the purpose of mail forwarding for expats.
  • Every time, a mail is received; a scan of the envelope will be sent to your cloud account or email registered with the provider.
  • Once you receive the scan, you can decide whether the mail needs to be discarded as junk or it should be opened, scanned and its content forwarded to you.

One of the salient benefits of this type of mail forwarding service for US expats is that it will help you to maintain anonymity of your location.

International Business Mail Forwarding Service

The international business mail forwarding service is targeted at expats operating business in the US while residing abroad permanently and entrepreneurs residing abroad on a temporary basis. Either ways, as an expat or an entrepreneur, you will need to be in communication with your clients, vendors, partners etc. You may also be required to act upon certain documents or reply to letters especially those concerning important client or business deals. This is where the international mail forwarding for expats provides the following benefits:

  • A Real Street Address: Yes, you will get a real street address and not a P.O Box. This means that you can not only receive mail on the address but also share it for business purposes.
  • Privacy: Since, the street address provided is not your official address, your location of business or residence will remain anonymous. This is quite helpful for avoiding embarrassing situations, legal notices, and junk mails.
  • Mail Scanning: This international mail forwarding for expats service ensures that all your important mails are scanned on a daily basis.
  • Special Instructions: You can also provide special instructions regarding specific mails like what type of mail should be digitally scanned and emailed and what should be discarded.
  • Quick access: You will be able to read your U.S mail from anywhere in the world on the same day that it is received with the mail forwarding service for US expats. At IncParadise, we have developed a mail forwarding app that will help you see notifications of incoming mail in real time. Our mail forwarding app has an intuitive interface and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. This ensures businesses can enjoy all the features and derive maximum benefits.
  • Secure Storage: As a part of the international business mail forwarding service, all your important documents will be scanned and stored on a secure account, so that you can access it anytime you need.

Enjoy convenient and secure mail forwarding service for Expats

Digital Mail Forwarding Service

Digital mail forwarding service is a type of mail forwarding service for US expats that offers you access to online mail as well as document management. There are other benefits like a highly secured cloud storage account. There are several reasons for its popularity among expats and entrepreneurs and they are:

  • Mail Access: Digital mail forwarding for expats is like a virtual mailbox that allows you to access and manage your mail using any device like a Smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • Personal Box: The virtual mailbox is an integral part of the digital mail forwarding service as it provides you with a commercial address and a personal box number.
  • User-friendly interface: The mails can be accessed with ease through a secure and extremely user friendly interface. A reputable digital service provider like IncParadise will provide you with a mail forwarding app with mail sent or received notifications.
  • All couriers accepted: One of the benefits of a reputable digital mail forwarding service for US expats is that mail through all couriers are accepted like USPS, FedEx, UPS etc.

The role of a digital mail forwarding service is to transform all your snail mail into a well managed and secure digital solution.

A Virtual Office in Nevada

If you have a business in the US and are planning to move abroad permanently or temporarily, your existing business activity should not be hampered. One of the ways to ensure that the business is not affected is by opting for a virtual office with an option of mail forwarding for expats. A virtual office will provide you with some of the key services required to run a business without your having to actually rent a brick-and-mortar office space. Some of the salient aspects of a virtual office are:

  • Professional Image: A virtual office will provide you with an actual street address, which you can use for all purposes of your business including mail forwarding for expats. You can share this address with your clients and you can also use it for opening a bank account. This address will help in building your credibility and professional image.
  • Never Lose your mail: A virtual office will be able to fulfill all requirements related to mail forwarding service for US expats. You don’t have to worry about business mail getting stolen or misplaced. All your important mails will arrive at the virtual office address, and they will be scanned and sent to you.

Your Virtual Office in Nevada will help you to stay connected with your business!

Mail Forwarding for Law Firms

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In this age of the internet and online communication, a virtual office for lawyers is a smart decision. In fact, a virtual office is not much different from the traditional standard office albeit the former is cost effective as compared to the latter.

An Introduction to Virtual Office for Law Firms

It is a known fact that a lawyer’s business is dependent on timely handling of a variety of documents pertaining to their cases. There is a lot of time that gets consumed in the handling and sorting of mail. The priority for a lawyer is to focus completely on their case, however, administrative tasks like sorting of mail can defeat the purpose. This is where a virtual law office plays an important role.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office for lawyers is quite similar to a normal office except for the fact that you will be required to only pay for whatever services you use. The greatest benefit that a start-up law firm can derive from a virtual office is access to a physical address for the firm. Depending on the type of virtual office, it may also provide office space to work, mail forwarding services including mail sorting, and other administrative services.

Two of the most popular virtual law office services that start-up law firms opt for is office address and mail forwarding. A virtual office also enables a lawyer to work on their case from just about anywhere in the country because all their important documents and mail will be received in one place – at the virtual office’s address.

How Law Firms can use Virtual Offices?

Virtual offices for lawyers are popular among solo attorneys although smaller or start-up law firms can also benefit from this arrangement. An attorney or start-up law firm can use this type of office to serve almost all purposes including:

  • Law firms can provide the business address of the virtual office for any correspondence
  • Law firms don’t have to handle the tedious administrative task of managing and sorting all their important mail and documents as they will be done by the providers of the virtual office.
  • Having a virtual office means there will not be any long commuting as they can work from home or anywhere else, thus a law firm can spend more time on the legal components of their cases

Pros and Cons of Virtual Office for Law Firms

When you choose a virtual law office there are several benefits compared to the traditional brick-and-mortar office but there may be disadvantages as well. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons for law firms.


  • A virtual office legal company will be able to cut their overhead costs and thus a law firm can increase their overall profit.
    Law firms will be able to maintain some of the best talent including attorneys and support staff without needing office space.
  • The cost of renting a brick-and-mortar office vis-à-vis a virtual office will be much higher and can cross the threshold of a startup law firm budget
  • A virtual office for lawyers can be opened in any state without the concern of losing their existing clients. At the same time, not having a physical office means you can also choose your clientele from anywhere in the country. The virtual office concept integrates cost effective services ranging from mail forwarding to getting a business phone.
  • A virtual office provides a high degree of flexibility to a law firm and provides the much needed work-life balance including higher productivity, flexible scheduling, time for further studies or development of extra skills etc.
  • A virtual law office is environmentally friendly because they will be generating much less office waste. It will be a paperless environment.


  • A virtual office for lawyers will lack the feel of a traditional office including clients meeting rooms, boardroom meetings, work desks, etc
  • Flexibility to work in your own time may create more personal space in the work space thus disrupting work delivery deadlines.
  • Lawyers working out of a virtual office’s legal company will have to ensure that their tools and software’s are approved by the state bar.
  • You will not be able to meet your client at an office structure but at public places like cafes, restaurants, libraries etc.
  • Every lawyer has to ensure they have the right security measures especially if they are working out of a shared virtual law office

A virtual office in Nevada for all your legal requirements!

Creating a Virtual Office

A virtual law office is integral to your business because it will not only help in establishing your legal firm but also create a professional image. This type of office is also perfect for a remote legal team or a team of lawyers residing in different states. How do you create a virtual office? If you are wondering whether creating a virtual office for lawyers is extremely complex or not then the answer is that it will be easy if you consider certain aspects of the creation process. They are:

Establish Online Visibility for Law Firm

It is important to create a strong online footprint for your virtual office legal company. Internet marketing will play a strong role in creating online visibility. It is important to understand why it is important. Since you are working from a virtual work space, you need to have a strong online presence so that you reach and effectively communicate as well as retain your audience of potential clients. In order to create a strong visibility online and reach your targeted audience, the following techniques will be useful:

  • Law firm Website and blogs
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Online video
  • Visibility on social media
  • Publish in online legal directories

The above tools will be used together to create the perfect brand image and visibility required. For example: social media platforms can be used to build a following and gain credibility. Similarly, you will have to maintain a consistent online presence for your virtual law office and this can be done through publishing blog posts, creating and updating Google reviews, and listing in reputable professional directories focused on the legal community.

Use a Virtual Business Address and Mail Forwarding to increase Business Credibility

A virtual office legal company is not completely online; you will be provided with a physical business address that will ensure you have access to various business services and facilities. As an aspiring law firm, your business office address will enable you do the following:

  • You can share the address with prospective clients to receive documentation
  • You can use the address for mail forwarding purposes

A virtual law office business address with mail forwarding capability will provide your business with a professional image adding to its credibility.

Set up Office Management System

A strong office management system is one of the important requirements for a successful virtual office legal company. This system will be able to help organize your meetings, deadlines, calendar, tasks, billing, and time keeping, among others in a single place. We understand the need for practice management tools and hence, IncParadise offers such a system to cater to different administrative requirements of a law firm. For example: our mail forwarding service can accommodate multiple names on a single account.

Our virtual office services in Nevada have been created specifically for law firms!

IncParadise Virtual Office Service for Law Firms

The two most important components of a virtual office for lawyers are establishing a workspace with a business address and acquiring the right business services, tools and resources.

How IncParadise helps Law Firms with the Virtual Office

Any law firm can choose a virtual office but the success of this partnership depends on the services that a virtual law office provides. At IncParadise, we understand that all cases of a law firm are dependent on proper documentation. When a law firm has all their documents in a single place, it will be easy for them to create or work a case. This is exactly the reason our virtual office plan was created. It helps law firms to achieve the following:

  • Help you in forming a business like an LLC or a C Corporation
  • Setting up office management systems
  • Mail Forwarding services including a mail forwarding app and account
  • A physical business address for a virtual office legal company
  • Maintain a presence in a prominent location to help increase credibility
  • Access to different types of services and facilities required by law firms
  • Help in expanding into new territories

How IncParadise Virtual Office Service can save Your Money and Time

IncParadise is one of the most reputed providers of mail forwarding and virtual office for lawyers in the country. Our virtual office plans have been created so that lawyers can derive maximum benefits and generate a high return on income (ROI). Most of all, our services are targeted at ensuring you are able to save precious time and money. Let us look at an example to elaborate how ideal virtual law office is.

ABC is a start-up law firm with a limited budget. The partners Jack and Hudson need to own an office but don’t have the required budget to own a brick-and-mortar office or recruit paralegals and administrative staff. On top of that, they also have to travel frequently to meet prospective clients or to represent pro bono cases. What is the solution?

IncParadise solves this problem with a single and powerful solution – a virtual law office! ABC gets a business address where they can receive all their mails. The virtual office legal company ABC is able to reduce their proposed expenditure greatly and Jack or Hudson is able to derive higher productivity due to the time management system in place.

Set up a Virtual Office for your Law Firm in Nevada and Wyoming

Nevada and Wyoming are among the top states for forming any type of business including law firms. This is mainly because of the positive business environment these states offer. Now, IncParadise makes it easier for law firms to maintain a virtual law office in a prominent location in Nevada and Wyoming. This will help law firms gain credibility in the long run while servicing clients from across the country.


Mail Forwarding for Small business

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There are several stages that a small business has to go through to become a highly successful and profitable entity. One of the important and essential stages is opting for a business address for small business.

Introduction to Mail Forwarding for Small Business

A business address for a small business locally in any of the US states will not only help the business to get a foothold in the industry and potential markets but also ensure it receives all its mails. In order to receive all important mails pertaining to the business, you need a reputable mail forwarding service.

What Mail Forwarding is?

The importance of mail forwarding for small businesses lie in understanding what mail forwarding is. When you move from one state to another or even when you move to another country, you would not want all your business mails to be lost. The mail could be related to anything from IRS tax notices to insurance or health care information, bills, vendor checks, journals, other business licensing documents etc. A mail forwarding service initiates the receipt of all your mail and packages at a single address and then forwards it to your chosen address.

How does Mail Forwarding help Small Businesses?

If you are an owner of a start-up, it is natural that you would want to know how your small business can benefit from mail forwarding. There are several ways it can help your business and they are:

  • Mail forwarding services can provide you with a physical business address for your small business
  • You can receive all your important mail
  • Mail forwarding services also provide online secure addresses for receiving mails
  • It helps start-ups in keeping their business information private
  • A business address for small businesses help in creating and maintaining a professional appearance
  • It helps you save time
  • You don’t have to be physically present to receive mail
  • Incoming mails can be processed faster
  • You can access your important business mails even when traveling

Why most Small Businesses choose Mail Forwarding?

Depending on the type of business activity, a start-up or an entrepreneur may require specific expenses. If it is a traditional brick and mortar business then there will be expenditure towards renting out office space thus providing a business address for a small business. This is one of the primary reasons for the popularity of mail forwarding amongst small businesses. You will not require renting an office space to ensure all your mail is forwarded or received. Small businesses choose mail forwarding options for the following reasons:

  • It removes the fixed expense of having a physical address or office
  • Depending on the provider, all incoming business mail are scanned automatically
  • Mail forwarding for small businesses also provide options for re-mailing and scanning service
  • Mails can be forwarded based on a preferred receiver’s schedule
  • Mails can be forwarded based on a preferred receiver’s schedule
  • Important business mails can also be digitally uploaded to cloud based storage
  • It helps in cutting down clutter and paperwork
  • Mail delivery is secure and on time

When should you start Forwarding Mail?

Mail forwarding for a small business is a service that any start-up can opt for at any given point in time. It is also important to know that this service is most favored when an entrepreneur or business owner is making a long-term move or changing their address on a temporary basis. Most importantly, you should start forwarding mail in the following scenarios:

  • If you are making a long-term move to another state within the U.S or moving abroad
  • If your business requires you to travel a lot
  • When you are going for a holiday
  • If you operate your business out of multiple locations
  • If your business is home-based and you don’t want your personal/residential address to be listed on business documents
  • If your business is completely online and you don’t have a physical business address for small businesses.

What types of Mails can’t be forwarded?

Although mail forwarding for a small business is one of the best ways to receive your mail and packages safely and on time, there are certain things that cannot be forwarded. Some of the aspects to consider are:

  • Receiving mail on someone else’s behalf is not permitted unless extra documentation like power of attorney is provided.
  • Mails can be forwarded only to the specified business address for small business when you are away unless you provide documentation with instructions for forwarding to a different address.
  • If there is any mail with the “Return Service Requested” endorsement then it will not be forwarded.
  • Any hazardous, perishable, prohibited, or restricted items and packages cannot be forwarded. The list of hazardous or prohibited items may vary from one mail forwarding service to another but the standard includes explosives, different types of High Pressure Gas, combustibles, flammable liquids, toxic or infectious substances, oxidizing agents, corrosives, radioactive materials, and others including psycho pharmaceuticals and items that have been prohibited by the Washington Convention.

Benefits of Mail Forwarding for Small Business

Mail forwarding for a small business has several benefits and hence is quite favored amongst entrepreneurs and start-ups. Let’s look at the top five benefits for small businesses.

Top 5 Benefits of Mail Forwarding for Small Business

  • Save on Expenses: One of the important objectives of every start-up is to reduce capital expenditure. When you opt for a mail forwarding service then you will be saved from making any expenditure towards paying rent or bills that a physical business address for small business would require. Hence, having a mail forwarding address becomes a cost-effective option.
  • Highly Convenient: Mail forwarding provides a business address for a small business. This is convenient for start-ups as they don’t have to worry about losing their mails or parcels, which is quite a common problem for small businesses. Business mails can also be forwarded just about anywhere in the world.
  • Scalable: A start-up comes with its own pros and cons. A start-up can scale up or scale down in the future depending on their requirements. For example: A start-up selling gifts may go completely online 5 years from now and thus will have to scale down on their existing overheads and resources. A start-up selling games may see a spike in their sales and may have to scale up to meet the demand. Whether you are scaling up or down, mail forwarding for small business service ensures this change in business address doesn’t impact mail delivery.
  • Security: One of the reasons for the popularity of mail forwarding services is the multiple layers of security that startups can enjoy. If you are traveling on a holiday or for a meeting, you will not have to worry about your mail getting stolen as mailbox forwarding services like IncParadise offer start-ups digital or online access to mails. This will ensure delivery of mail anywhere including receiving scanned copies of mail, documents, and packages over a highly secure digital platform. This also reduces the cost of renting a physical business address for small business.
  • Privacy: Most home based businesses don’t like to disclose their address to competitors, investors, or customers. If your startup is a home-based business, then opting for a mail forwarding service will provide the necessary privacy and security.

Enjoy the benefits of using a top Mail Forwarding Service!

Find the best Mail Forwarding for your Small Business

What mail forwarding services should you choose? Choosing the right mail forwarding for small businesses can be a confusing process especially if you are not unaware of your specific requirements. This is where a top and reputable mail forwarding service provider like IncParadise can help you with all your requirements. IncParadise has been servicing over a thousand clients from varied industries and meeting their mail forwarding requirements across the nation.

Importance of finding the best mail forwarding service

It is important to find the best mail forwarding service for your start-up because business mails can be a deciding factor when it comes to sales, customer service, or even tax filing. When you opt for a reliable mail forwarding service like IncParadise, you can be rest assured that:

How does Mail Forwarding help Small Businesses?

If you are an owner of a start-up, it is natural that you would want to know how your small business can benefit from mail forwarding. There are several ways it can help your business and they are:

  • Your mail will not be lost
  • They will be delivered on time
  • You will be able to receive your mail and packages from anywhere in the world
  • You will be able to enjoy expat services
  • You will enjoy full control of your mail
  • Your mails will be delivered even when you are traveling

Safety and secure delivery of mail is one of the most important factors for choosing the best mail forwarding for small business. The question is how do you choose the best service?

Factors to consider when finding the best Mail Forwarding service

In order to find the best mail forwarding service for your start-up, there are a few factors that you need to consider. The factors are:

  • Overall Cost: The first factor is the cost. What will be the monthly or annual cost of mail forwarding for your small business? You need to also identify if the cost is within your budget and if it caters to your specific requirements. At the same time, consider the fact that faster turnaround and reliability will not be cheap.
  • Reputation: One of the most important aspects to consider is the reputation of the mail forwarding company. Reputation is built on reliability and customer reviews can be quite helpful.
  • Documents: What type of documents can be sent or received through mail forwarding for small business services? It is important to identify whether a company is transparent about the mail forwarding services it provides or not. Look for any hidden fees. Check the delivery rate of the company.
  • Address: You need to identify whether the chosen mail forwarding service is providing you with a business address for a small business. It is important to identify that the company is providing real street addresses and not a P.O box.
  • Forms: Is the mail forwarding company asking you to fill out too many forms? Compare with other mail forwarding services for form filling requirements. You may be required to fill Form 1583 and is known as “Application for Delivery of Mail through Agent”. It is mainly for client protection as a mail forwarding company is not allowed to legally release your mail without Form 1583.


Virtual Mailbox

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The world of business has been evolving rapidly since the beginning of the 21st century and now the internet has seemingly become one of the key platforms for conducting business. There is a major shift of businesses towards working from just about anywhere and the concept of brick and mortar offices are slowly giving way to virtual offices. In spite of this paradigm shift, one component of business is still important for all businesses and that is mail – business and personal. The modern day answer to mail delivery and receipt is the virtual mailbox.

An Introduction to Virtual Mailbox

In the digital age, businesses and entrepreneurs are searching for solutions that are in-sync with the various requirements connected to business growth by decreasing expenditure and increasing profitability. It is never easy but virtual mailbox forwarding takes care of specific expenses related to two important aspects of any business – having a physical address and ensuring all business related mail gets forwarded even when business owners are traveling.

What is a Virtual Mailbox?

In the simplest of terms, a virtual mailbox is a service through which businesses across the USA can get a proper physical mailing address. Virtual mailboxes are normally offered by top mail forwarding providers like IncParadise. A virtual mailing service provides you with a physical address, and this address can be used for mail forwarding among others. You can have all your mail directed to this address as it would be situated in a prominent location.

Why would I need a Virtual Mailbox?

A virtual mailbox is quite a popular option with the new age entrepreneurs and digital nomads. This is a mailbox service that works really well if you are:

  • A startup that wants to keep its expenditures low
  • A startup or entrepreneur looking for a physical address without investing in a brick and mortar office
  • An entrepreneur or business owner travelling more often or full-time as virtual mailbox forwarding will ensure you receive all your mail where-ever you are in the USA
  • An entrepreneur, business owner, or start-up searching for options to keep all their business related documents in a digitized format
  • Businesses trying to protect business related and sensitive information from any kind of theft including identity theft
  • If you are looking for privacy and most importantly, don’t want to share your personal address with clients

Advantages of Virtual Mailbox

A virtual mailbox is the modern day solution to mail forwarding. There are several benefits for start-ups and small businesses right from getting a physical street address for mail forwarding to mail sorting and security. There are times when mail may be lost due to unknown reasons or is lost because there was no one at your home or business addresses to receive it. This is not all, if your business receives highly sensitive information or documents then keeping the information secure is of utmost importance. So, let’s take a look at some top 5 benefits that you can derive.

Top 5 benefits of Virtual Mailbox

In order to reserve a P.O. Box for mail forwarding, there are certain steps to be followed. It is important to note that different carriers will have different forms or processes of registration for P.O. Box mail forwarding. The steps are:

Supports the Creation of a Professional Image

A virtual mailbox helps in creating a professional image for your business by providing you with an actual physical address at a prominent location. You can look at the following business address:

John Doe Enterprises
5348 Vegas Drive #5348,
Las Vegas, NV 89108

Receive Mail at a centralized location

One of the top benefits of opting for virtual mailbox forwarding services is that you will get an actual street address and this helps in the process of receiving mail from anywhere in the USA and the world. If you are traveling frequently or are planning to relocate to another state, what happens to your mail? It is a stressful process to keep updating your clients, vendors, partners, and the state departments of the change of address.

On the other hand, if you opt for a P.O. Box address then you will have to check your mail by being physically present at the post office. This is because post offices will discard your mail after a specific period of time if you don’t check your mail within that time period. There is also a maximum time period for holding mail. On the contrary, virtual mailbox forwarding services work differently. You can receive mail from anywhere in the world at a select location in the USA. Your mails will be sorted and even scanned on request and you will be notified of the same.

Maintain privacy and eliminate junk mail

When you opt for virtual mailbox forwarding, your personal address will not be reflected in any business mail or business documents. You will still be receiving mail but the resident address will remain private and anonymous. This helps businesses avoid any embarrassing client situations or even legal mail. Virtual mailboxes will also ensure you don’t have to deal with spam or junk mails. Any junk mail received at the address provided by mail forwarding services, will be eliminated by highly experienced staff. This filtering of junk mail will ensure you only receive important mails and don’t have to worry about opening each and every mail received.

Digitizing mail and documents

Postal services and delivery have existed for several decades and still exist but the times have changed and so has the need of businesses. What happens to your mail if you are a frequent traveler? What happens if you shred your mail after reading it only to realize at a later date that you needed the same mail? These are some questions that you may be confronted with. The solution is as simple as opting for a virtual mailbox service. This type of service provides you with the option to scan some or all your documents and mail as required or instructed by you. The scans can then be emailed to you or uploaded to your online storage system like Google Drive and Dropbox. Since your mail and documents are digitized, at any point in time, if you want to go back and check any mail or document, it will be accessible.

Receive all your sensitive business documents securely!

How to use IncParadise Virtual Mailbox and Forwarding

A virtual mailbox as offered by IncParadise will eliminate any problems that can be associated with receiving business mail. We have been providing top of the line mailbox forwarding services to start-ups, small businesses, and medium enterprises. We are considered as one of the most reputable providers especially in Nevada and Wyoming. You can use our services for achieving your business mail forwarding requirements including mail opening and scanning, mail forwarding, accessing mail using our in-house app for Android and iOS devices, and much more.

How it Works & Features

IncParadise virtual mailbox forwarding service has been created specifically to ensure you receive all your important mail and documents safely and on time. The service works as follows:

  • When you opt for our virtual mailbox, you will be provided with a physical street address for receiving all your business and personal mail
  • When a mail arrives, we will notify you through an email. If you use our app for Android and iOS devices then you will be able to receive notification on your device.
  • If you request scanning services then we will scan the mail or document and to a cloud based storage service such as Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • You will also be able to send requests for scanning of specific business documents received at our digital mail center. You can send this request using our virtual mailbox forwarding app.
  • According to your preferred schedule for receiving mail like daily or weekly, we will forward your mail. In case, you want to change the schedule of the virtual mailbox forwarding services, you can simply go online and change your mail receiving schedule/preferences.
  • A notification will also be sent to you every time your mail is forwarded.
  • The IncParadise mail forwarding App will allow you to place any specific mail received on hold
  • This App will allow you to change the address for receiving your mail

IncParadise Virtual Mailbox Address Nevada and Wyoming

If your business is based in Nevada and Wyoming or if you want all your mails to be forwarded to these states then IncParadise has the perfect virtual mailbox solution for you!

You will now be able to take advantage of the in-house virtual mailbox forwarding project catering to start-ups in Nevada and Wyoming. This is a service targeting frequent business travelers who are away from home most of the time but need to access their business mail wherever they are. IncParadise makes accessibility to your important mail easier and faster!

The salient highlights of the IncParadise virtual mailbox are:

  • Your business can benefit from a physical street address in Nevada and Wyoming that will help you to receive mail from anywhere in the country or the world
  • Since it is an actual street address and not a P.O. Box address; all carriers will deliver at this address.
  • The Nevada and Wyoming virtual mailbox address will accept parcels from public as well as private couriers including USPS.

Get a Business address with the IncParadise Virtual Mailbox in Nevada!

PO Box Mail Forwarding

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Once you have started a business, you may be required to relocate or temporarily move to another state for personal or business purposes. In such a scenario, it means that your mail would be dispatched to the existing address and this could be quite the risk because, important documents may get misplaced, lost, stolen or damaged. What are your options? You can choose from a variety of mail forwarding options including P.O. Box mail forwarding.

An Introduction to P.O. Box

A P.O. Box also known as the post office box has existed since 1653 in Europe and was first installed in the USA by the United States Post Office Department in the 1850s. Since then, PO Boxes have been used by people and businesses that want to maintain privacy and anonymity. Although, new age solutions like a virtual mailbox are becoming quite popular among businesses, P.O. Boxes are still being used by individuals to receive personal mail.

What is a P.O. Box?

A P.O, Box or post office box has been one of the most common forms of locked box used primarily for receiving mail. Market research reveals that businesses and expats have been relying on P.O. Box mail forwarding to receive their important business and personal mail. A post office box is favored by most people who travel a lot or are planning to relocate to another state or country on a temporary basis.

Pros and Cons of P.O. Box

A P.O. Box is a traditional form of receiving mail although it has become much more secure than what it was a century back. Businesses are known to opt for P.O. Box mail forwarding although it does have its fair share of pros and cons. If you are planning to set up a new business and are looking for a mail forwarding option then here are the advantages and disadvantages of P.O. Boxes.

The Pros of setting up P.O. Box mail forwarding include:

  • Business address: P.O. Box will automatically provide you with a physical or business address thus cutting out the cost of owning office space.
  • Unique Number/Address: A P.O. Box mail forwarding address or number is unique and no other individual or business will have the same number. You can receive all your business mail at the provided address/number without worrying about mail getting stolen or lost.
  • Accessibility: Since a P.O. Box is situated inside the premises of a Post office, it is highly accessible. In some regions or post offices, these boxes are accessible 24×7.
  • Storage: When you travel on short trips, your mail will be stored in the PO Box
  • Secure: Since a P.O. Box is situated within the premises of post offices, it is secure

Some of the disadvantages of setting up P.O. Box mail forwarding are:

  • Travel Time: Unlike a virtual mailbox, you will have to go to the post office to retrieve your mail. If the post office is not close enough then you may have to spend time traveling and this may disrupt your work routine.
  • Holding mail: One of the downsides of having a P.O. Box is that your mail will be held for a limited period of time. You will be required to send a “Hold Mail request” for it to be applicable. For example: if you were traveling for 20 days and somehow, the travel time extended to 45 days then you may not be able to retrieve your mail from the P.O. Box. The mail in all probability would be sent to the address it originated from.
  • Not serviced by all carriers: P.O. Box mail forwarding is not available with all carriers, for example, UPS will not send mail to a P.O. Box address.
  • Less Privacy: Some carriers like USPS require your resident address when applying for a P.O. Box. They may even share the address with those serving judicial processes or with other government agencies.
  • No Mail Alerts: You will not get any real time mail received alerts in a P.O. Box mail forwarding. You can only guess that you have received mail. Sometimes, you may have to travel all the way to the post office only to find that your expected mail has not arrived.

Reserve a P.O. Box

A P.O. Box or post office box is a type of personal mailbox that is located inside of a post office. You can access it for P.O. Box mail forwarding especially when traveling for a short period of time. If you are traveling for more than a month or relocating then you will be required to request for change of address or you can opt for virtual mailboxes like the ones offered by IncParadise. Some post office boxes can be accessed 24×7 while others can be accessed during a time duration specified by the local post office. So, what is the process for reserving P.O. Boxes?

Steps to reserve a P.O. Box

In order to reserve a P.O. Box for mail forwarding, there are certain steps to be followed. It is important to note that different carriers will have different forms or processes of registration for P.O. Box mail forwarding. The steps are:


The first step is to identify a carrier and the locations for their post office boxes.


Identify what sizes are offered for P.O. Box mail forwarding. Choosing a size is important if you are expecting to receive magazines or packages along with mail. Again, the size of boxes varies with different carriers and all sizes will not be available in all of the locations.


Once you have identified the size and location, you need to apply for a new account in order to reserve a P.O. Box. You will be required to furnish specific details like name on the account, payment period (like 6 months), auto renewal facility, and any additional services.


Once you have identified the size and location, you need to apply for a new account in order to reserve a P.O. Box. You will be required to furnish specific details like name on the account, payment period (like 6 months), auto renewal facility, and any additional services. If you are ordering a P.O. Box mail forwarding with the local post office then you will be required to fill and submit PS Form 1093 and Customer Agreement form.

NOTE: You will need to show two acceptable forms of identification (issued in the USA) like passport and driver’s license.


You will need to make the payment for the post office box on the basis of the period selected. You will be provided the keys for your P.O. Box upon validation.

Forwarding P.O. Box Mail

The foremost reason for forwarding P.O. Box mail is if the owner of the post office box is travelling. If you are someone who has a business and has to travel a lot then P.O. Box mail forwarding can be quite helpful. This will help you avoid any mail pile up at your residence or commercial address. Simultaneously, P.O. Boxes will reduce the risk of losing important mail considerably. If you are wondering what the different ways of forwarding P.O. Box mail is, then the following information will provide an insight.

USPS – Manually, Electronic Form Submission, Print Electronic Form

Forwarding your mail has to go through different processes depending on the carrier, unlike in a virtual mailbox where there is a single process. The United States Postal Service (USPS) authorizes mail forwarding through the following ways:

  • Manually: The manual option involves a visit to the local post office and requesting them for a Change of Address Form. You will have to provide your current as well as forwarding address along with the time duration for P.O. Box mail forwarding.
  • Form Submission Electronically: The second method is to order the change of address form online.
  • Print Form: You can also visit the USPS website, fill the form online and then print it. You will have to carry the printout to the nearest or local post office to initiate PO Box mail forwarding services.

Alternatively, you can choose the virtual mailbox option from IncParadise and begin the mail forwarding service without having to visit a post office.

Get a street address and start your mail forwarding service today!

Use a Professional Virtual Mailbox and Forwarding Service from IncParadise

A virtual mailbox service has several advantages over the traditional post office box forwarding service. At the same time, it is important to remember that timely delivery and security of mail is of utmost importance. We understand how much these matter to any business and hence, we have just the plan where you can benefit from a professional forwarding service.

Use Virtual Mailbox if you didn’t get a traditional P.O. Box

There are several businesses and entrepreneurs that are unable to get a traditional P.O. Box. In fact, there are many business owners who might find themselves waiting for a post office box as it is not available just when you need it. There is also the long process involved with filing and submitting forms and identification for making your P.O. Box mail forwarding service active. What is the option in such a scenario?

This is where a virtual mailbox service will provide you with necessary relief while ensuring you don’t have to wait at all for your mail forwarding services to begin.

IncParadise Virtual Mailbox and Mail Forwarding Service

The IncParadise virtual mailbox service is backed by reputation and today, we have thousands of happy and satisfied customers. We created a flexible mail forwarding service for businesses, entrepreneurs, and expats as we know how important time is. The virtual P.O. Box guarantees you a business address without your needing to invest in a brick and mortar office. Along with the virtual mailbox, our mail forwarding service provides a simple way to receive all your important mail even when you are traveling or have relocated to any other state or country.

Experience the various benefits of mail forwarding in Nevada

Digital Mail Service

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This is the age of digital nomads and smart entrepreneurs whose primary focus is the one ability to work from anywhere, anytime. There are entrepreneurs and business owners that need to travel a lot within the country and outside the US. There are individuals focusing on conducting their business “on-the-go”. Convenience, flexibility, and technology are key factors driving modern businesses and what makes this plan complete is a digital mail service.

An Introduction to Digital Mail Service

In the last decade or so, the volume of mail has grown exponentially and this is a continuous process fuelled by new business growth and a mobile workforce. An example: A medium-sized business establishment processes approximately 100,000 mail or documents in any given month making the corporate mailroom a vital aspect of such businesses. As a result, mail is sometimes lost or delivered to the wrong person. To add to this is large volumes of paper that needs to be discarded. A digital mail service makes the entire process of receiving, sorting, and discarding mail much easier.

What is a Digital Mail Service?

When you combine a hybrid mail service with that of a mail scanning service then you get a digitized mail service or a digital mailroom. The service incorporates a process through which it is able to convert all incoming mail into a digital form, which is then delivered to the recipient electronically. This type of mail digitization is also known as automation of incoming mail process and requires extensive use of document scanning as well as document capture technology.

The most important aspect of the mail scanning service is the process of document capture. The process involves scanning of paper documents or mail received at your virtual address. Once the mail or documents are scanned they can easily be archived over the internet and on cloud based storage, so that they can be retrieved whenever required.

The automation of all inbound and outbound business or personal mail is done at a digital mail center. Digital mail service is quite popular among startups and new businesses because it is not expensive and electronic mail can be managed with ease, which leads to business optimization.

How Digital Mail differs from Traditional or Snail Mail?

Traditional mail also known as postal service or snail mail has existed over a century and is still being used across the world. The question is why is digital mail popular? The answer lies in the difference and the purpose of a digital mail service.

  • Delivery: Digital mail works great for international mail delivery. Normally, an international mail has a longer delivery time as compared to local delivery by traditional post unless you are expediting it, which is quite expensive. On the contrary, digital mail is not expensive and you will receive the contents of your mail over the electronic medium. This is made possible by a mail scanning service that scans the mail envelope or the contents. So, the traditional mail is received locally and sent over to the recipient electronically.
  • Sorting: Traditional mail works through a process where a document is dispatched and upon arrival at the intended location, it is sorted at an in-house mail center of the company. It is then delivered to the respective recipient. This can be a time consuming process depending on the size of the organization. In a digital mail service process, the mail once received is immediately scanned and uploaded to your online account or emailed.
  • Delete/Discard: One of the major differences between digital mail and traditional mail is the use of paper. Once normal paper mail is read, it is shredded and sent to waste. On the other hand, a mail scanning service is used for scanning the content and then emailing it. This leads to less paper waste at your office or workplace.
  • Future use: Once you read mail, it is discarded. Now even if you wanted to retrieve the mail, it will not be possible because it has probably been shredded. On the contrary, a digital mail service ensures that mail can be stored in such a way that it can be retrieved on any later date.

Advantage of Digital Mail Service

A digital mail service is one of the foremost requirements of modern day entrepreneurs and start-up business because it helps in bringing down the cost of overheads. A digital mail center is considered to be cost efficient vis-à-vis a traditional mail center as it utilizes state of the art technology for document processing including scanning of mail or letters.

Top Benefits of Digital Mail Services

The digital industry is growing steadily with more and more technology being used to render specific services to organizations and customers across the globe. One of the avenues for use of advanced technology is the digital mail service. In a world, where entrepreneurs are searching for ways and methods to reduce the overall cost of doing business, the digital mail centers offer just the solution they need. In fact, digital mail services are becoming highly popular owing to several benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the top advantages.

  • Commercial Address: The biggest advantage of a reliable digital mail service like IncParadise is that you will get a business address where you can receive all your mails. This is one of the most cost effective ways of ensuring you have a business address without having to rent commercial space. There are several other salient benefits of having a business address and they are:
    • You can receive mail from a variety of mailing companies or carriers like UPS, USPS, Fedex etc.
    • A business address for digital mail service is secure as compared to a P.O. Box delivery and traditional postal delivery.
    • We understand that if you are working from home, you would not want to provide a home address and thus sacrifice privacy. Hence, a business address along with mail forwarding services offered by IncParadise will help you maintain privacy and anonymity.
    • A real commercial or business address will provide a professional outlook to your business
  • Highly Secure: This is one of the important reasons why existing businesses and start-ups are opting for a digital mail service. Your mail will be received directly at the business address thus eliminating the need for any middleman. This decreases the risk of any damage, loss, or theft. Each mail received at our mailing center will be tagged as well as stored securely.
  • Instant Notification: When a mail is received at our mailing center, a notification will be sent to you in real time. A mail scanning service will ensure the mail or documents are properly scanned. The next process will be to email it to you using a secure network. The IncParadise mail forwarding app provided to all our customers will also provide easy access to all your mail and notifications.
  • Same-Day Processing: At IncParadise, all your incoming mail will be processed the same day if received prior to a specified time. Our state of the art mail scanning service will ensure your mail is scanned as quickly as possible.

Use advantages of digital mail service with IncParadise!

Digital Mail Services for Businesses

Business mail can be from clients, customers, advertisers, vendors, and business partners. Each mail needs to be treated with utmost importance and this is why mail management is one of the toughest tasks that require timely completion. At the same time, mail received by a business needs to be logged and distributed to the right recipient. There is always the risk of mail getting tampered with, stolen, lost, or even damaged. These are some of the areas that a digital mail service improves upon and provides businesses and start-ups with a streamlined process to mail management.

How are businesses taking advantage of digital mail services?

Today, digital mail service is considered as the modern day solution to snail mail and businesses are taking advantage of this service to fulfill specific requirements. This is quite a popular service amongst start-ups as well as expats with businesses in the USA. Even digital nomads are finding this service cost effective and efficient. The different ways that businesses are using this service includes:

  • Getting a business address at a prominent location at a much lesser cost than owning an office is a great advantage for start-ups and small businesses. This is all made possible thanks to the digital mail service and it is helping start-ups, entrepreneurs, and travelers to operate their business from just about anywhere in the world without worrying about the need for a brick-and-mortar setup.
  • A digital mail center or virtual mailbox helps in reducing operating costs and as a result, businesses and entrepreneurs are using their capital for other purposes like branding etc.
  • A digital mail service has made mail management easier and this saves time for small businesses or start-ups. This is also helping businesses to focus more on increasing their productivity.
  • Modern day businesses that have chosen a mail forwarding or mail scanning service are considered to have a low carbon footprint owing to the fact that they own paperless offices. This is in creating a strong pro-environment brand value for such businesses.

IncParadise Mail Forwarding App: A Perfect Example for Digital Mail Service

The key focus area of a digital mail service is to ensure you receive your mail on time without having to go through the lengthy process of mail sorting. IncParadise, one of the top mail forwarders in the country believe that businesses and entrepreneurs should get notifications pertaining to their mail in real time. In order to facilitate a wide variety of digital mail services, we have introduced a Mail Forwarding App, which is an in-house innovation and one of a kind. Today, this app along with our mail forwarding services is benefiting more than a thousand businesses in the country.

Features of IncParadise Mail Forwarding App

Our Mail Forwarding App has been created keeping in mind the various mail requirements that modern day businesses have. This app takes digital mail service to the next level and some of the salient features are:

  • The IncParadise Mail Forwarding App has been developed for both Android and iOS devices so that you are able to check mail at your convenience without having to worry about missing your mail.
  • Every time a mail is received at our digital mail center, you will get an instant notification on your device
  • You will be able to utilize our mail scanning service for selecting certain mail and mark it with special instructions
  • You will be able to send requests for scanning of specific documents or letters received at our digital mail center
  • You will enjoy the flexibility to go online and change the preferences or schedule of mail received.
  • You can use this App as well as your online account to choose specific dates and frequency of when the mail is sent to you
  • The digital mail service App and our online system allows you to place all mail received on hold
  • Our mail forwarding online system and App allows you to change the address to which your mail is routed

Take Control of your mail using Our Mail Forwarding Service in Nevada!