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Category: Banking

Chase website having trouble again

Date: 12/10/2009 | Category: Banking | Author: developers

I don’t know if it is my bad luck, but I have troubles again on Chase website. Suddenly all credit cards for my employees don’t have spending limit assigned. I know for sure that I set up different spending limits.  They just disappeared. When trying to set it up it gives me: UNABLE TO COMPLETE TRANSACTION [photopress:Chase_Online___Set_Spending_Limit_1260486359871.png,full,pp_image] It doesn’t matter…

Wells Fargo has a huge security flaw

Date: 11/05/2008 | Category: Banking | Author: developers

Wells Fargo bank has a huge security flaw in their online banking system. Unfortunately the flaw is by design. There is nothing customer can do to prevent unauthorized payments to be posted to his account. There is a service called Wells Fargo Customer to Customer transfer. I never heard about this payment option until some scammers started using it. Basically…

Wells Fargo security features sucks

Date: 10/31/2008 | Category: Banking | Author: developers

I don’t know why they call it security feature, because I think it is a security bug. When Wells Fargo thinks something is not right about your account they will disable your online access. So as an owner of account you cannot see what is really happening. You have no way to find out if there are any suspicious transactions….

Easy way ho to get U.S. Visa card

Date: 01/21/2008 | Category: Banking | Author: developers

Easy way how to get U.S. VISA card. Check • Send money 24/7 online or byphone • Pick up money anytime from one million ATMs worldwide • Transfer money instantly!    You can re-charge the VISA card anytime you want. You can use millions of ATMs to get your money. I think this is pretty good idea how to…

Another happy customer…

Date: 12/08/2007 | Category: Banking, Testimonials | Author: developers

Dear IncParadise team If you need any additional information for the below order, please let me know… I guess that you need our passport copies for the EIN number.. pls advise! by the way, I have contact the banker from Citibank that you have recommended, it was an increible nice communication, the best introducing services for banking that I have…

SBA loan rate 6.4% rate or 7.85%. Do your homework!

Date: 11/17/2007 | Category: Banking | Author: developers

I always believed that there is not much negotiating with big banks. You ask the bank for a loan and get a good deal assuming your credit is perfect, your profit is great, you make a lot of money and have enough money for downpayment. In my recent experience I first got a letter of commitment Wells Fargo for 7.85%…