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Corporate Office Program for Cheqly clients

As businesses across the world are making a paradigm shift towards creating a strong presence online, several changes are taking place. Some startups are moving away from the mortar & brick offices to home-based locations and even remote operations. Some entrepreneurs are looking for programs or plans that provide usage of conference rooms, street business addresses, or even full-service offices. IncParadise, a well-renowned incorporation service provider in the USA offers a unique corporate office program that brings forth such an option to entrepreneurs, startups, and especially Cheqly clients. This type of enterprise office program has been tailored for the new age entrepreneurs so that their initial and operational investment is minimal.

What is the IncParadise Corporate Office Program?

When you think of forming a new business or are planning to establish a startup, one of the first areas to focus on is the business address. If you rent or buy an office in the commercial district then it can severely impact your operational budget. If you operate from home then it will create an unprofessional image amongst clients and vendors. So what is the option? A corporate office program offered by IncParadise is one of the best modern day-solutions.

If you are wondering what kind of business solution this is, then let’s delve a little deeper. This type of solution is also known as an enterprise office program and its primary objective is to ensure that a business or entrepreneur can fulfill certain business requirements like having an office space and address without actually investing in a private office in a commercial district or city center. This office program is currently available in the state of Nevada and will help startups and small business owners save money by minimizing the initial costs of making their companies operational in this state.

Services Offered through the Corporate Office Program

The services of the enterprise office program by IncParadise are several, although they can be divided into three main categories. Let us look at the various service categories:

  • Office Address – When you form a new business, one of the primary requirements is an office address. This address is provided to the state when filing formation documents like the Articles of Organization if you are planning to form a limited liability company. This address will also be required for getting an EIN, obtaining business licenses, and other state documentation. The corporate office program by IncParadise will provide you with an office address.
  • Mail forwarding services – One of the key requirements of every business, small or big is the mail forwarding service also known as post redirection service. Whether you are operating your business from another state or another country, a mail forwarding address will help you receive important business mail at an address that is separate from your existing official address or home address. The modern-day office programs for businesses offer this service to all forms and sizes of companies.
  • Shared Space – One of the highlights of the enterprise office program is making available the right workspace. Every business requires a place from where an entrepreneur or a business owner operates or even meets up with their clients. As a part of the program, you can take advantage of a shared space with just the right work environment like comfortable chairs, friendly staff, super-fast internet, and an accessible parking lot.

Benefits of our Corporate Office Program

The enterprise office program offered by IncParadise has several benefits for small business owners and clients of Cheqly. As a company or individual, the requirements of services can vary. Each service of these corporate office programs have their own short-term and long-term benefits. Let’s look at some of the top benefits.

  • Signed office lease – A flexible office space is essential to modern-day entrepreneurs, and this program makes it easily accessible. You can use this office space as a workplace, meeting space, and even for mail forwarding. You will get a signed lease stating that the office space belongs to you, which can be used as a proof while submitting official business and state documents.
  • An actual street business address in Las Vegas, NV – This address is not a PO Box, it is an actual street address in a prime location in Nevada that makes operating a company incredibly convenient. The physical address provided as a part of the enterprise office program will help small-to-medium companies to receive documents from the state. This address can also be used as the physical address when submitting business formation documents. This Nevada address will create a professional, legitimate, and credible image of your company.
  • Mail forwarding service included – This is one of the most popular services and is a part of the IncParadise Business office program. It can be quite beneficial for Cheqly clients, especially those working from a remote location. This address will allow you to receive paper statements, federal notices, tax notices, journals, checks, and bills among others. You can even opt for this address if you are traveling frequently.
  • Cost savings – Every new business wants to minimize its new business formation and operational budgets. Although the formation of a business has some fixed costs, you can save money on certain key areas like office space, employees, and the receiving and sorting of mail among others thanks to our enterprise office program. The money that you save in terms of overheads or running costs of a regular office can be used in other areas of the company like marketing.
  • Increased productivity – A flexible work-life balance is crucial to the success of small businesses and startups. This is made possible through the co-working office Space that we provide. This helps in increasing productivity as your employees can work from home or in the relaxed environment of our co-working space.
  • Access to professional resources – As a part of the corporate office program, you will have access to several types of professional resources. One such important resource is the corporate services offered by IncParadise like applying for an EIN Tax ID number and different types of company formation documents like a certificate of good standing and apostille. You will also have access to networking opportunities in the state or even Nevada professional development programs.
  • Availability of board/conference rooms and workspace – IncParadise does not only offer shared spaces also known as co-working spaces but also provides a secure work environment. You can leverage the full-service office as a part of the enterprise office program. The service provides office staff working a minimum of 40 hours per week. You will also be able to use the conference room where you can hold conferences like stockholders meetings, client presentations, and even Board of Directors’ meetings. The shared space has been designed to facilitate formal as well as informal meetings.

How to apply for the IncParadise Corporate Office Program?

The IncParadise Corporate Office Program is a unique program that aims to provide top-notch business services to entrepreneurs. The application process is quite simple too. All you have to do is:

  • Place your order, and we will guide you through the process
  • Sign a lease agreement with us which will give you the option to use our address.
  • Choose the mail forwarding option to this address

Once the lease is signed, you will be ready to use this address or office facilities including conference, and board rooms to carry out your business operations. You can download a preview of the Lease Agreement as well.

The Pricing

Our Corporate Office Program is priced at a special package deal of $1,080 per year. This is an annual contract and payments must be made for the full year. Come to think of it, you will have the opportunity to use a fully furnished workspace environment at a monthly cost of $90 only.

Experience hassle-free office management with our Corporate Office Program

Forming and managing a business is a challenging task, but when you opt for our corporate office program, some of the tasks become easier. It’s like owning the most flexible office space that caters to all your basic business requirements, from receiving mail to providing resources and other business assistance without actually owning a brick & mortar traditional office. One of the biggest benefits of this enterprise office program is that you can leverage all amenities of a full-time physical office without the high rental cost. You can also work from home or anywhere in the world and use the physical address for satisfying all mail forwarding requirements.

As a part of this IncParadise business office program, you will enjoy a high level of administrative support and assistance, thus making it a hassle-free corporate office experience. You will be able to save in several important and functional areas of your business like office equipment while simultaneously creating a strong corporate identity. IncParadise also provides incorporation or new business formation services as well as a wide range of additional services that will help you maintain compliance in any state in the USA, including Nevada.

Take advantage of our cost-effective corporate office program today!