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Tips to Choose a Perfect Domain Name For Your Business Website

In the world of digitization, a perfect domain name has become the identity of any business entity. The more research we do for the website and logo design of our business entity, the more effective marketing strategy we can make. But, the whole process gets completed with the choice of an eye-catchy and effective business domain name. Buying a perfect domain name helps to sell your business more efficiently.

You merely do an injustice to a business entity if you put all your efforts in planning and building a business but fails to choose a perfect domain name for it. So, how to choose an ideal domain name for your business website?

We’ve mentioned below the best tips to choose a business domain name which will later become the leader for your business selling strategy. Let us learn!

1. Choosing a perfect domain extension: Go with “.com”

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has maintained the list of all top-level domains extensions. They are ranked and categorized as open TLD’s, intended for the government entities and institutional organizations.

So, if you tend to become a profitable business entity, it is always a smart move to choose an open TLD, i.e., better to go with a “.com” domain extension. Also, one of the most excellent tips for choosing a business domain name is choosing out a perfect extension. One can build a successful brand by eventually purchasing the “.com” even if your website has become successful with the other domain name.

2. Scoop up other domain extensions, too

The best option of choosing a business domain name extension is “.com,” but as per the successful business strategy, one must buy the other TLD’s as well. As an example, every smart business entrepreneur picks up different variations of top-level extensions like “.biz,”.net”, “.edu”, “.org” and so on based on the type of the industry.

The reason behind this is the consideration of the visitors who may type in the wrong domain extension. By applying the redirection, the visitors will reach the intended business website even if they type wrong.

As an example, if the business entity has a domain name XYZ with a “.com” extension. If the visitor, type in incorrect extension, let say , the visitor will be redirected to the

With the rise in the growth rate of business, it becomes possible that the opponents tend to buy the remaining available extensions of your domain name as their business strategy. So, it is an excellent way of securing your growth rate of success.

3. Keep it short

Choosing a business domain name could be easy but getting one of your choices is nowadays very challenging. As every business entity has become digital, they all are in the race of buying a unique domain name to sell their product as the USP(unique selling point).

The entrepreneurs want their customers to grab their website’s identity as early as possible, so they while choosing the business domain name , they tend to keep it as short and as easy to learn as possible. It helps the customer to memorize the brand.

Domain names describe the product or the services of the business entity so sometimes choosing a business domain name with more than two words could be an only option they have. So, in that case, it is better to select the combination of eye-catching words. This type of approach helps the business entities to generate more leads.

But, it is better to find a unique, simple and short domain name. It will attract the majority of the customers, and they find it even much more accessible to promote further.

4. Avoid “cutesy” names and abbreviations

If you are choosing a business domain name, regardless of your business type a formal and a professional domain name should be preferred. Selecting a pretentiously artistic domain name like 2U and 4U makes the business entities identity as text-speak.

While choosing a business domain name, no matter what is your business type one must avoid using this domain name shorteners. It becomes harder for the visitors or the target market to memorize these unprofessional domain names causing the business to lose some possible leads.

5. Don’t make it awkward

One of the best tips for choosing a business domain name is to avoid hyphenating the domain name. Also, one must not even include the spaces.When we add hyphens and spaces, the domain names become awkward and harder to memorize. As an example, one can consider the several already existing business domain names.

IT Scrap – “,” considering this URL as the real-life example one can have the idea of representing the product of the business entity. Choosing a hyphenated domain name for your business may have specific recall issues for the people. And, they are even harder to advertise by word of mouth. Most importantly its resale value is also very less if we compare it to a non-hyphenated business domain name.

6. Make it brandable

A business domain name is more than just a name. Because it is the identity of the product, which the business entity will be selling. Just by looking at the business domain name the target market can get the rough idea of what the business entity tends to represent.

Choosing a business domain is also like doing the branding of your business. So, avoiding a fancy name, one must use that kind of domain name which seems to be more of like a brand than just a name.

The catchy domain names will itself explain your business type to the customers. As an example, let us say a business entity is selling every kind of books at a large scale. They can choose the domain name like “” Just by looking at the domain name one can identify that it is related to selling the books.

Adopting such a domain name is eventually viable for generating the target leads. Similarly, if the domain name for the same business would have been “,” then target market could have no idea about what the company is selling. Due to an inappropriate name, it is not that assessable as it becomes confusing for the customers or target market to figure out what the business does.

Also, while choosing a business a brandable business domain name, trademark check should be done. There may be many domains name available for your business, so, do not confuse it with the one you want to pick.

7. Choose a domain that’s easy to remember

A brandable business domain names are generally short and more accessible. Choosing a business domain name is the greatest challenge because one has to make a unique choice. A business domain name must have catchiness, creative imagination, and distinctiveness.

Branded business domains are the ones already created and registered as a name, and you need to pick an apt one out for you.Also, customers may find your website URL on newsletters, search queries, flyers, and several other such websites. Hence, always stick to address you require. These branded domain names are smarter, more accessible, and an eye catcher.

8. Stay clear of copyright issues

Due to the proliferation of the business domain names, the business entity should make sure that while choosing a business domain name, the business entity has done all the pre-checks carefully.

The most important one is the copyrights issue. One must not step into the others business trademarks mistakenly. So, finding and registering a perfect business domain name takes the proper valuation. Check out the availability on every possible platform to avoid a situation where one can choose someone else’s trademark.

Besides, check for the present environment that the existing business domain name does have a positive or a negative connotation on the people minds?. Or it is even possible the chosen domain name words can have the double meanings too, so it creates the brand confusion to the visitor about the business.

An essential aspect of a successful business is the brand consistency. So, do not hesitate to do every possible pre-check. After all, it is going to be an identity of a company.

9. Unlock the power of keywords

When it comes to online marketing, choosing a business domain name for your business website is one of the fundamental keys to the business success. So, one should also do the brainstorming for finding a reliable keyword that best suits in with your business identity.

To make it simpler, let us take exemplify it. Suppose that you sell printed t-shirts. You created one website for you. Then you wrote the business description for your site after doing the keyword research from the SEO point of view. Now the same implies the choice of a domain name. And you selected it to be “”

As mentioned above, you must replace your domain name with a keyword you think that people may use specifically related to your business. When the visitor types in the respective keyword, he eventually gets the directions to your business website.

Let’s continue with the example now. Based on your business type the visitor will enter the keyword print t-shirts. Now here you will get an advantage of getting more leads since your domain name (“”) comprises the similar information.
So, it is a smart move to take advantage by choosing your domain name using an optimum keyword research strategy for digitizing your business.

10. Protect your privacy

Authenticity is essential for the establishment of a company. So, while choosing a business domain name, one must be aware of the internet rules too. The information you provide to register your business domain name (including real name, permanent address, phone number, and an email address) should be authentic.

But this personal detail can be extracted out of the WHOIS database. So it is important to have privacy protection done.It will also prevent your registered domain name of being hijacked.

The registrar manages all the issues related to the domain registration and delegation. The registrar protects the personal information from the public or WHOIS database and it is called as the WHOIS protection or the domain privacy.

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