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EDGAR Filing Services

As per the SEC, which stands for Securities and Exchange Commission, every person is obligated to file the periodic reports, registration statements and other forms electronically via the EDGAR filing system. If you are not sure what the EDGAR filings are about and why is it important for you, this article would help you understand all about it.

You would find out the details on how to get the EDGAR access codes which would enable you to file electronically. Moreover, you would also be able to understand what is the purpose of each of the codes in the EDGAR filings. But before we can talk about the EDGAR access codes, let us understand what EDGAR is all about in details.

What is EDGAR?

EDGAR stands for Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval. It is an electronic filing system which was developed by the SEC for increasing the accessibility and efficiency of the corporate filings in the USA. The EDGAR filing system is utilized by each and every publicly traded corporation when they need to submit the important documents to the SEC.

If you own a business, you know that it is important to share the corporate documents immediately when needed or prepared. This is because these documents are time sensitive. With the development of the EDGAR filings, it has become easy to share the documents on time. In short, the time gap in which the corporate documents are now available online has reduced.

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Explaining it Further

The corporate documents that are filed via EDGAR filings include the details on the holdings of the institutional investors, the quarterly and annual statements, and various other forms. These EDGAR filings are important since they have all the vital details that are utilized by the analysts and investors. And it is not important for all the public companies to file; those companies that fall under specific “thresholds” are exempt from the EDGAR filings.

Defining EDGAR Access Codes

When you open the website for the EDGAR filings, the passcode is the very first code that you come across and have to create. This would help you generate all the other new access codes. The Passphrase that you have is confidential and should be shared with caution.

To create a Passphrase, you would have to be creative. It has to have at least 8 characters. And since it is case sensitive, you can use both the cases for making it strong. Moreover, it should also have at least one special character (*, @, #, or $) and at least one number. For instance, you can keep the Passphrase for the EDGAR filings as vX7$y!4v

It is important to know that the Passphrase would never expire. But the Passphrase of the EDGAR filings can be modified or changed in case there is some security concern. Moreover, you would have to reset your password after every 12 months with your Passphrase due to security reasons. The Passphrase would also be used to reset the Password, PMAC and CCC in case the security gets compromised.

Further you would also have a Form ID, and it would be used for requesting the following four SEC filer access codes:


CIK stands for the Central Index Key, and is equal to the account number. This is used to identify the filer for the EDGAR filings. Moreover, it is important that you use the right CIK for the filing so that it can be correctly associated with the EDGAR filer.

Further, ensure that you verify the CIK on the system through which you are submitting. The CIK is made up of ten numeric digits, and starts with leading zeros. For instance, a CIK number can be: 0003459789.

As a matter of fact, the CIK would be made available for the public to see and it cannot be modified or altered. Nonetheless, when two corporations merge and become one or when a company changes the name of the company, the CIK of the previous company or the new company can be associated with the new name. The EDGAR filings profile can be updated easily in the EDGAR database.

CCC – The CIK Confirmation Code

This is another confidential code and is the same as the PIN (Personal Identification Number). As a matter of fact, the CCC is made of eight characters and is case sensitive just like the Passphrase. Moreover, it should have at least one special character (*, @, #, or $) and one number, for instance: ysmagr4$

Furthermore, the CCC would never expire and this code enables an agent like Inc Paradise to complete the EDGAR filings for you on your behalf. You would have to share the current CCC and the CIK with Inc Paradise so that they can send the filing to the SEC. Nonetheless, if you ever change the EDGAR filings agent, it is advised to change the CCC to prevent any accidental filings.

It is very easy to reset the CCC. You can reset it by following the method as described in the Passphrase section. When you change the CCC, ensure you note it down. Also, remember to always give the latest CCC to Inc Paradise when you want the EDGAR filings done without any interruption.


You would need a password that would be used with the CIK for logging in the EDGAR filing website. This would be the place where all your company’s filing information and contact information is stored. It should be kept in mind that these details are confidential and should be shared with caution.

Moreover, the Password has to be of at least 8 characters and is case sensitive. It should also have at least one special character (*, @, #, or $), and at least one number, for instance: uk@kpv7e

After 12 months from the generation, the password would then expire and you would have to create a new one. In this case, you would need the current password and the CIK for logging into the website. After that, you would also need the PMAC that would allow you to reset the new password easily.


PMAC stands for Password Modification Access Code. This code is utilized for changing the password that allows the filer to login the EDGAR website for the EDGAR filings. The PMAC has to be made up of 8 characters and is case sensitive. Moreover, it has to have at least one special character (*, @, #, or $) and one number, for instance: ad2!xq!*

Furthermore, the PMAC does not expire every, but it can be altered or modified when a security issue comes up. For this, you would need the passphrase so that you can change the PMAC.

Filing your Form ID

IncParadise can assist you in submitting your Form ID for just $99. The first step includes an office from your company who needs to complete and then notarize the Form ID. In case this cannot be done, you would have to provide us with your company’s TIN, fiscal year date, contact information, full name and a notary acknowledgement. In short, you would have to have all the documents verified from the Notary public for the filing to be completed and successful.

Once we get the documents, our representatives at IncParadise would then complete the EDGAR filings and sent the Form ID to the SEC. It normally take about 1 to 2 business days for the SEC to revert back for the Form IDs. But if you want the filing to be done faster than normal, it can be rushed with an additional cost. In this case, you can have it processed in the same day.

How can Inc Paradise help you?

Now that you are clear about what EDGAR filings is about, you can easily have the profile created to electronically file your public corporation’s forms. In case you want to understand the EDGAR filings in details or are not yet clear with the concept, contact the representatives at Inc Paradise to learn about it.

For those who want to have the filings done by a representative like IncParadise, we can assist you with it. Contact IncParadise to have your EDGAR filings done!

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