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Search by Corporation Name

Enter a corporation’s name (partial words are acceptable):

All words entered must be in the corporation’s name.

New window will appear.

Corporation Name
The first two letters of the corporation name must be entered. Additional letters or words may help to pinpoint the name. A search resulting in a long list of entities may be narrowed by adding more of the name.

Spaces count
Please be aware that ABC is not the same as A B C.

Punctuation counts
Searching for A.B.C. Unlimited, Inc. by typing [ABC] will not work. At the very minimum, you must type [a.] to find it. Other good examples are [a. unlim] & [inc unlimited a.] Take note that the [a.] must be present in every search that works.

To find corporations that begin with unusual characters, you must include those characters as part of your search. For instance, there is a corporation called $$ CASH NOW, INC. $$ You can find it by entering [$$ cash] or [$$ now] or [cash $$ now], but you will not find it if you just type [cash now]. In other words, you must enter the first two characters of a corporation’s name, even if they aren’t letters.

Single initials will be matched in the database only if the single letter appears as a single letter in the corporation’s name. You can’t find all corporations that begin with the letter M, like MOANA CORP, by just typing [M]. Type [MO] instead. Conversely, if you are looking for M & A ENTERPRISES, typing [M] alone will do.

Be aware that using very short searches may match more companies than you are prepared to sift through.

When checking for name availability, do not include a corporate ending in the search. For example, if you want the name Jones Enterprises Inc., drop the ending and search under Jones Enterprises or Jones E.

Rules for using company names

Corporate endings in and after the main body of the entity name are ignored.
Using a different ending will not make the company name different!
Co., Company, Corp, Corporation, Inc., Incorp., Incorporated, Limited, Ltd., L.L.C., L.L.P., Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Limited Liability Partnership, Professional Corp., Prof. Corp.. L.C.
All spaces, punctuation marks,capitalization, distinctive lettering or other distinguishing marks are ignored.

Marks include, but are not limited to:
~ ` ! @ # $ % ^ & * {} | \ = ; ‘ “” <> , . ? /

The following examples are NOT distinguishable:
ABC, Inc. A.B.C., Inc.
Motor-Mouth Motor Mouth
Frustrated, Inc. Frustrated, Inc.
Marketing Ahead marketing ahead
Jones & Jones Jones and Jones, Inc. Nevada Com, Inc.
A-plus A+
Wallace and Co. Wallace & Co.
Intellico Intelli, Co.
Phonetic similarities are ignored. Name is based strictly on spelling.

The following examples ARE distinguishable:
Jones Tires Joan’s Tires
Write, Inc. Right, Inc.
Capital Cleaners Capitol Cleaners
Cool Cuts Kool Kuts
Great Picks Great Pix
The addition of s, es, ing, al, ed, er, etc. constitutes a change in spelling, which makes name distinguishable.

Definite and indefinite articles (the, a, an) are ignored.

The following examples ARE NOT distinguishable:
The Action Co. Action Co.
A Clear View, Inc. Clearview, Inc.
The addition of prepositions (e.g. of, in, with, for, etc.) make a name distinguishable.

The following examples ARE distinguishable:
Express Nevada Co Express of Nevada Co.
Kids for Tomorrow Kids of Tomorrow
Jobs in Nevada Jobs for Nevada
Root word similarities, including foreign words that are spelled similarly or have the same meaning are ignored.

The following examples ARE distinguishable:
Rich, Inc. Richey, Inc.
C-Corp. Cee Cee, Inc.
Sam’s Town Sammy’s Town
Circuit Products Circuit Production
Window Wash Window Washing
Evangelical Church Evangelico Church
Association of Women Association de Mujeres
Abbreviations are considered distinguishable.

The following examples ARE distinguishable:
Computer Technology Computer Tech
International Investors Int’l Investors
AAA Communications AAA Comm
ABC Job Service ABC Job Svc.
American Systems Amer. Systems
Numerals are distinguishable from the words representing the numbers.

The following examples ARE distinguishable:
Eight-Ball, Inc. 8 Ball, Inc.
Nineteenth Hole 19th Hole
4th and Vine Fourth and Vine
1 and Only One and Only


A name that is considered a duplicate of an existing name pursuant to this guideline WILL NOT be filed unless the applicant has obtained notarized consent from the entity currently on file with that name. The duplicate name MAY be used if the existing entity has been revoked, merge/dissolved or removed by statute.