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Nevada Company Name Search

At the same time, it is vital to remember that how you name your business is important. If you use alphabets like “Ace” then you will have access to an extensive database of names. For example: Nevada Corporation & LLC name search for “ace” will reveal names like “A-CENT TECHNOLOGIES, INC.”, “ACE & ACE HOLDING CO., LLC.”, “ACE 31, LLC”, “ACE ADVERTISING ASSOCIATES”, and many more.

Tip: The more alphabets or numbers you add in your Nevada Corporation & LLC name search, the higher the accuracy of the results like the name “5Aces” brings up “0” results. In other words, the name is available and we can reserve it for you.

Through this process we will be able to find out if the name of your choice is available or has been taken.

We will not only help you identify a name for your LLC or company but also ensure it is reserved immediately.

Apart from choosing a business name, we will also provide you with LLC formation or incorporation date, file number, and help you in filling the required forms.

Note: The Nevada LLC or Corporation name needs to be mentioned in the formation or incorporation documents.

Changing Nevada Corporation or LLC name

Yes, we can help you change Nevada Corporation or LLC name if and when there is a need.

Why would you want to change your business name? Here are some reasons why businesses change their names.

  • Sometimes, the chosen name of your business is no longer aligned to the mission
  • Your business has diversified into other areas and you need a different name to cover all
  • You are simply not satisfied with the existing name
  • You have acquired another business and require a name that connects both

There are many more reasons for name change but you don’t have to worry about it as we are there to not only conduct Nevada Corporation & LLC name search but also prepare the amendment documents.

If you have decided on changing the business name then we will have to start with Nevada Corporation & LLC name search. We will fill the Amended Modified Name Resolution (PURSUANT TO NRS 80.025) form and send it across to you for approval and filing.

Once you provide us with the approval and applicable fee, we will go ahead and file the Nevada Corporation & LLC name change document with the Secretary of State.

Our services include:

  • Checking names in Nevada for both LLC and Corporation
  • Preparing Certificate of Amendment for name change with applicable fee
  • Expediting name change filing process within 24 hour, 2 hour or 1 hour for an extra fee
  • Providing the approved Certificate of Amendment for name change

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