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Nevada Limited Liability Company Formation

What is a Nevada LLC?

The type of business you want to do in Nevada can vary. From being a simple partnership firm to forming a Nevada company or Nevada limited liability company (LLC). Some of the questions that as an LLC formation agent we often encounter are: “What is an LLC and why should LLCs be formed in Nevada?” A limited liability company is fundamentally a business organization or more commonly a private limited company. The business structure of LLC combines the benefits of different types of businesses. For example, the benefits of pass-through taxation of sole proprietorship is combined with the benefit of limited liability of a C corporation or S Corporation. It is important to understand that LLCs are not corporations.

Salient benefits of forming a Nevada LLC

Why should you form a Nevada LLC? How is it beneficial for you or your LLC? There are several benefits that LLC can enjoy in the state of Nevada and these include:

  • In Nevada LLC profits are not taxed
  • In Nevada LLC ownership or corporate shares is not taxed
  • You don’t have to be a Nevada resident to form an LLC
  • Nevada LLCs can issue stock for services, capital, real estate, and personal property among others
  • The office of Nevada secretary of state provides excellent online support and customer service

Why Start LLC in Nevada?

Nevada is considered by many businesses as one of the most favorable states for forming LLC. There are several reasons why the state witnesses an increase in the number of new businesses or LLC each year. Some of the reasons are:

Pass-through taxation

One of the biggest benefits of Nevada LLCs is that they are not required to pay any taxes from a business perspective. If a business incurs loss or gains incomes then it is “passed-through” to the owners. It is then reported as the owner’s income tax.

Limited liability protection

LLC stands for limited liability protection and this is provided to the members of Nevada LLC. Members who form a Nevada LLC are not responsible for any liabilities of the LLC or any business debts. One of the interesting aspects of limited liability protection is that creditors will not be able to pursue any personal asset of the members to clear business debt. Personal asset will include property, bank accounts etc.

No Taxes

When you form a Nevada LLC, you will be exempt from state level taxes that include:

  • Corporate income tax
  • Personal income tax
  • Estate or gift tax
  • Franchise tax on income
  • Unitary tax
  • Admissions tax

High level of Privacy

When you start LLC in Nevada, you will be able to enjoy the high levels of privacy. You will not be required to file list of members or owners of Nevada LLC with Nevada Secretary of State. An investor in your LLC will remain anonymous.

Information Sharing

Nevada Secretary of State has no “Information Sharing Agreement” with the IRS.

Company incorporation in Nevada can be quite easy and quick if you submit your documents online. Nevada Limited Liability company formation can be quite a difficult task if you are unaware of the requirements specific to this state. The services of range from helping you understand how LLC works in Nevada to how it can be formed. We will not only help you file the documents required to start LLC in Nevada but also ensure your business is in compliance with the laws laid out by Nevada Secretary of State.

We offer LLC, Nevada C Corporation, and Nevada S Corporation packages so that you can choose the one that suits your interest. If you have any questions regarding LLC formation in Nevada then our specialists will be there to take you through the entire process.

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Procedure for LLC Formation in Nevada

In order to form a Nevada LLC you will have to follow a process, which is:

LLC or entity Name

The first step is to identify the name of your LLC. You need to find whether the name identified is already in use or not. You can conduct a name search right here!

If it is not in use then you can reserve it for your LLC.

Articles of Organization

Once you have reserved an LLC name, the next step would be to fill the Articles of Organization Limited-Liability Company (PURSUANT TO NRS CHAPTER 86). This form is different from that of the C Corporation form. As required in the document, you will need to provide the newly chosen LLC name, name and address of the registered agent, name & address of manager or managing members, and organizer etc. The form also contains Registered Agent Acceptance (PURSUANT TO NRS 77.310) page that needs to be filled by us. It is also known as Certificate of Acceptance of Appointment by Registered Agent.

We offer a bouquet of services that will help you in forming a Nevada company. In fact, you don’t have to even move a finger because we at will do it for you!

Nevada Incorporation Agent

It is important to appoint a Nevada LLC registered agent like Our job is to ensure all the necessary requirements are met so that you can start LLC in Nevada at the earliest. We can also receive any and all legal and business related paperwork on your behalf.

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