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Company Minutes

Meetings of directors, shareholders, managers, members, issuing bylaws, adopting operating agreement, electing shareholders or members

When you start a new corporation you must hold an organizational meeting of the directors and shareholders. Each year around the anniversary date of your incorporation you must have an annual meeting of the directors and shareholders. The written document from that meeting is called Minutes. It must be held in the corporate records.

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Corporation Organizational Meeting$25.00Waiver of notice for shareholder and director meetings. Minutes from Director meeting. Electing officers of the corporation (President, Treasurer and Secretary). Issuing shares and determining ownership. Minutes from Shareholder meeting. Electing Board of directors. Adopting bylaws.
LLC Organizational Meeting$20.00LLC operating agreement. Establishing operating procedures for a Limited-Liability Company. Vesting management in the members or in designated manager.
Corporation Annual Meeting$20.00Waiver of notice for shareholders and directors meetings. Minutes from Directors meeting. Electing officers of the corporation (President, Treasurer and Secretary). Minutes from Shareholder meeting.
  • This is a full service using template documents. You will tell us when the meeting is held, who will be elected, etc. We also offer self service on your client account.
  • We will prepare the documents.
  • We will email them to you, signature ready, in PDF files.
  • We will also upload the forms in your account with us (
  • You will have a copy available online in case you lose the originals.

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