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Incorporate in Nevada

There are several Corporations, LLCs, and businesses that are incorporated or set up across the 50 states but most businesses prefer to incorporate in their home state. There are also businesses that are incorporated in a state different from their home state e.g., an individual or business from New York preferring company incorporation in Nevada. This is simply because Nevada provides business friendly regulations and environment.

Why Choose Nevada for Incorporation?

Home state incorporation is always the first choice but today the scenario is different. An increasing number of businesses are forming incorporation in Nevada. The major incentive for Nevada state incorporation is favorable tax treatment. Gaming and tourism are the top two businesses in the state followed by advanced manufacturing, renewable energy, mining and Aerospace. When you incorporate in Nevada, you can be rest assured that there will be no corporate taxes.

Some of the advantages that the state of Nevada offers businesses include:


The biggest advantage that a corporation can enjoy in the state of Nevada is exemption from a variety of taxes. Some of these include:

  • No Corporate taxes
  • Corporate shares are not taxable
  • No Franchise tax
  • Personal income tax is not there

Non Resident

Directors, shareholders, and officers of a Nevada corporation or members of Nevada LLC are not required to be residents of the state.

Personal Liability Protection

The Nevada Legislature passed a law in 1987, which permits corporations to place certain provisions in their articles of Nevada incorporation. These enable personal liability protection for Directors and officers of Corporations from stockholders of Nevada Corporations.

Corporate Veil

Once you set up company in Nevada, it is almost impossible to pierce the corporate veil.

Nevada Corporation Code

This code allows indemnification of directors, officers, stockholders, and employees of a corporation for any action that they take or have taken on behalf of the Nevada Corporation and that they have reasons to believe the action taken was legal.

Information sharing

Nevada does not have any information sharing agreement with the IRS.

Bearer shares

It is the only state that allows issuing of bearer shares.

Company incorporation in Nevada can be quite easy and quick if you submit your documents online. The services of for forming a corporation will pave the way for you to start your new business in this state. We not only provide top quality service but our efficiency with company formation in the state of Nevada is amongst the highest. Over the years, we have established a meaningful relationship with Nevada Secretary of State and this facilitates delivery of incorporation services.

We offer LLC, Nevada C Corporation, and Nevada S Corporation packages so that you can choose the one that suits your interest. Incorporation in Nevada specialists at will take care of the entire process right from finding a business name, filing your articles of incorporation (NRS Chapter 78) paperwork, and providing other related services as your registered agent in the state of Nevada.

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Procedure for company incorporation in Nevada

In order to set up company in Nevada you will have to follow a process, which is:

Business Name

The first step is finding and finalizing a name for the business. It is important to check if the name is already in use. If not, you can confirm the business name.

You can check whether the chosen name exists or not right at our website by clicking here.

Articles of incorporation

Once the name has been reserved, we at will ensure your Articles of Incorporation (PURSUANT TO NRS CHAPTER 78) is duly filled. As required in the document, you will need to provide the newly chosen business name, name and address of the registered agent, name & address of board or directors/trustee, and incorporator etc. We can file the company incorporation in Nevada documents through the standard process or we can do it online or through expedited process.

Federal Tax ID

You will require a Federal Tax ID if you are planning to hire employees. It is also mandatory for opening a bank account in the name of the Nevada Corporation but don’t worry because we can help you get a Federal Tax ID so that all you need to do is simply focus on your business!

Certificate of incorporation/formation

Once the company incorporation in Nevada process is complete, you will receive the “Nevada certificate of incorporation”. This certificate is a proof that your business exists. This proof is often required when opening a bank account or when applying for a loan.

Nevada Incorporation Agent

A Nevada registered agent like is required to ensure your business meets all the necessary requirements. We can also receive any and all legal and business related paperwork on your behalf.

Costs and Fees associated with Nevada Incorporation

What would be the fees to set up a company in Nevada? Check Fees here!

The standard fees associated with company incorporation in Nevada are higher than what we charge? Wondering how we are charging less? We have facilitated the incorporation of more than 10,000 businesses and it is never about the fees – it is all about ensuring you get the best service always!

There are several considerations that you will need to make when forming a Nevada Corporation and the state offers several advantages and benefits for future growth of your business. Nevada is one of the best places in the USA for forming a business.

We at can help you to incorporate your business in the state of Nevada by filing your paperwork online. This will ensure your corporation is formed in the fastest possible time, which normally varies from 48-72 hours. Our endeavor will always be towards providing you a service that will become the foundation stone for a long standing relationship.

Are you looking to start your business in Nevada? Let our incorporation specialists help you!

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