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The success of any Nevada business depends on several factors but one of the prime catalysts is a strong marketing strategy. Marketing is basically a structured process and its objective is to target and engage new and existing customers of a start-up or small business to generate sales. A strong marketing strategy can help not only in improving the commercial focus of a business but also become an influential driver of business growth.

How marketing plays a role in growing your Nevada business?

A small business in Nevada or a start-up needs to target both short-term gains and long-term growth and the best way to do so is by implementing a sound marketing strategy. It is important to understand first what marketing really is and what roles it will play towards the growth of your business enterprise.

Sound marketing strategies and practices play the role of being the sales enabler for your Nevada business. In fact, what marketing really does is gather field or market intelligence from potential and existing customers along with information pertaining to competition. It also transforms it all into a deliverable services or products that focus on enabling the overall growth of the start-up or new business in Nevada.

Marketing plays a key role for small business in Nevada in the following ways:

  • Creates a brand: One of the most important roles of marketing is to create a brand! Your Nevada business and its product or services are an essential part of the process of branding. It creates high visibility for your company by telling customers what to expect from products and services offered by you. It also highlights how your products or services are different from that of your competitors.
  • Clear decision making: A small business in Nevada has to start by setting goals and creating strategic marketing plans so that it can achieve growth in local, national or international markets. A strategic marketing plan enables businesses to make clear decisions by considering various opportunities and threats that a start-up may face from their external environment.
  • Strengthens Growth Strategies: An important aspect of marketing is the formulation of Nevada business growth strategies. These strategies focus primarily on a product – market matrix that presents opportunities, threats, resource requirements, returns and risks.
  • Customer Connect: Marketing is essential towards driving growth for start-ups and an integral part is creating a “strong bond or connection with the prospective customer”. Marketing provides a Nevada business with a path defining the different ways through which it can identify what the customer needs and how the company can fulfill it.
  • Creates strong digital presence: In the age of the internet; marketing helps in strengthening the digital presence of a small business in Nevada.

Top 10 marketing strategies you can try for your Nevada Business

As an entrepreneur, you are probably wondering how to create a marketing strategy perfect for your start-up business in Nevada. It is never an easy path when it comes to starting a business and growing it. It all starts with an idea but how do you bring the idea to life? You will have to ensure there is enough visibility of your products or services. This can be quite a cumbersome process and hence, we have listed some of the top marketing strategies that will provide the much needed boost to your start-up business in Nevada.

1. Name Branding

A business is known by the name. A name defines the business logo and they should be such that higher retention value gets created, like it is at Apple, Nike, or Linux. The name and logo of these companies define the brand. A start-up business in Nevada needs to ensure their name and logo are in sync and provide an insight into the type of business it is. Some of the options for developing a name are:

  • Use the founder’s name like HP (Hewlett-Packard)
  • You can describe what the business does like Delta Airlines, FedEx
  • You can describe an experience or image like Disney, Sprint
  • You can describe the type of product like Jaguar, Land Rover
  • You can use a non-traditional or innovative word like Nike, Amazon
  • You can create your own word like Google

2. Official Website

This is a must have for every small business especially in the digital age. A website is the face of the company and at the same time it acts as the branding vehicle. If you are an e-commerce company like Amazon, a shopping cart and product listing within the website can lead to high sales. A website can be brief with the basic informative pages related to the start-up Nevada business or it can be an in-depth website with articles and blog posts linked to products and services. There are several tools that you can use to create your website and these includes:

  • WordPress
  • Constant Contact
  • SiteBuilder
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • Wix

3. Run A/B Testing

A/B testing is a fairly new concept that you can try out for your start-up business in Nevada. It refers to two variations of a single website design or content or copy, which is tried with random customers. Here is an example to understand this well: you can design two different landing pages of the same website and upload them. The pages will be randomly served to different visitors to the site. The type, demography, age and other related information of the visitors to each of the landing page will be tracked to check which page performs better. This is how A/B testing will help you determine if changes or additions are required to bring about the necessary improvement in conversions.

4. Digital Marketing Strategy

An important part of the overall marketing strategy of any Nevada business is defining a digital marketing strategy and tools to be used. A sound digital marketing strategy can help start-ups to thrive in the competitive landscape. Some of the tactics that will definitely keep your business one step ahead include:

  • Optimize your website or blogs for mobile platform
  • Increase your organic engagement rate on social media platforms
  • Create and share engaging webinars with strong marketing and informative content on start-up Nevada business
  • Work out ways to connect and interact with your target audience in real-time
  • Create a targeted email list for sharing products, services, and discounts

5. Create Visibility on social media

Social media is the most powerful platform for small businesses and start-ups. It may come across as highly intimidating at first but the first step will help a small business in Nevada to gain the required momentum. It is a platform appropriate for implementing both branding and marketing strategies. As start-ups can create visibility and target their prospective customers by making posts on future products or services as well as post existing product photographs. Some of the top social media platforms including Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and SocialDrift among others.

6. Start Blogging

One of the most effective ways of engaging your audience is by starting a blog. It is considered to be a content marketing tool that a small business in Nevada can use to amplify their message directly to the customer. A blog will let you provide information pertaining to your company, history, ideas, introduction to and salient benefits of product or services, how the customer would benefit, business events, summer sales, pictorials, and much more. The more informative your blog is; the higher will be the customer engagement. You can choose to start with a free blog or you can book a domain name and start a blog with the business name. You can also use specific blog marketing tools to maximize impact like Buffer and Tweriod.

7. Content Marketing

One of the top marketing strategies for businesses in Nevada is content marketing. Content is and will always be the king and it is needed to build trust. When a prospective customer reads the content on social media sites or your blog, they should be able to make the decision of buying the product or service. Call to action is an integral part of content marketing for small businesses in Nevada. In order to make content marketing, a success you need to focus on 3 key areas and they are:

  • Content production: This is the first and most creative aspect of content marketing. If you have identified your target base and the market then you need to create content that is search engine friendly (SEO), informative, and engaging.
  • Content Syndication: Once content has been created, it needs to undergo syndication. It has significant SEO benefits for a small business in Nevada like generation of backlinks and enhancement of domain authority (DA). Some of the content syndication platforms include Inbound, Medium, and Slideshare.
  • Content Sharing: The final step is to enable the content created by you to be shared by the customers. The shareability factor of any content depends on how engaging and useful it is to the prospective customer.

8. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is considered as one of the most effective ways of attracting prospective customers and generating revenue, especially for a small business in Nevada. SEM as it is commonly known will help your business grow in a highly demanding and competitive marketplace. Some of the important elements that every small business should work with include:

  • Paid search marketing
  • Logical keyword grouping for higher click-through rates
  • AdWords and Bing Ads accounts for start-up Nevada business
  • Search Engine Marketing Ad Auction
  • Maintaining high Google AdWords’ Quality Score
  • Use high-end web analytic tools

9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process by which a start-up business in Nevada can increase the quality as well as quantity of website traffic. This in-turn helps in increasing overall brand visibility leading to higher footfalls and revenue generation. If you implement SEO as a part of your marketing strategy, then it will work through several vehicles like image search, academic search, specific product related search, video search, and news search among others. It is a proven method that helps generate a good return on investment. Some of the tools you can use include:

  • Google Search Console for a start-up Nevada business
  • Keyword research tools like SEMrush
  • Email marketing and project management tools like BuzzStream
  • Link building tools like Linkody
  • Tools for analyzing website performance like HubSpot’s Website Grader

10. Affiliate Marketing

The final element in your marketing strategy should definitely be affiliate marketing as it is still one of the most effective tools for generating sales. A small business in Nevada can incorporate an affiliate program through which business rewards can be given to one or more affiliates for each new customer they bring in using their own marketing or sales strategies.