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Notarization service in Las Vegas, Nevada

Notarization in Nevada and everywhere else is so important that every day, innumerable transactions take place that need a notary public available for the transaction to take place. If you too are searching for a good notary service in Nevada, then IncParadise is here to help you. Just come by our Las Vegas office to get your job done today!

What Do You Need to Know About Notarization?

Notarization in Nevada is also known as “notarial acts“. There are three parts that need to be taken care of by the notary public: vetting, certifying, and record-keeping. To put it in simple words, this is a process that officials use to prevent any fraud cases and to assure that the parties involved in the transaction that the document being signed is legitimate.

What is Notarization?

Notarization is an official fraud-deterrent process, which assures the parties involved in a transaction that the document is authentic. This allows them to trust the document and process worry-free. As mentioned above, there are three parts to the process. The process to notarize documents in Nevada is handled by a person called the notary public. Its three-part process includes:

  • Vetting
  • Certifying
  • Record-keeping

In short, the notary service in Nevada is all about assuring the parties that the document is authentic. It also states that the signers were not intimidated into signing the documents, and the person will follow the terms of the document. This assurance is made by a duly appointed and impartial notary public.

What does it mean to have a document notarized?

Simply put, notarized documents are documents that have been certified by a notary public, which verifies the document’s authenticity. To get a document notarized means to get it authenticated. All important documents are notarized. The main value of the notarization in Las Vegas lies in the Notary’s impartial screening of the signer’s identity, awareness, and willingness. And this is the thing that detects and deters document fraud. It helps protect the citizens’ rights and assets from any forgers, exploiters, and identity thieves.

Every day, thousands of documents are notarized. And this helps prevent countless coerced, forged, and incompetent signings that would have otherwise overwhelmed our system. Thanks to the service online notarization in Nevada, the process has been going smoothly even during the pandemic. This is what keeps the network of trust, which allows civil society to function smoothly.

Why is Notarization important?

The notary service in Las Vegas and everywhere else is essential to verify that the person signing the document is real and not intimidated into signing the document. Its sole purpose is to prevent any kind of fraud or identity theft. The notarization letter given by the notary public helps protect the rights of the citizens who otherwise can be exploited. It also helps in avoiding a lot of proceedings. This saves the time of both the person and the court.

Notary Public

To notarize documents in Nevada, you need a notary public. This person vets for the document’s authenticity and verifies the identity of the people signing the document. Appointed by the state, a notary has to be a person who lives within the state in which they are authenticating the documents.

What is a Notary Public?

A notary public is an official who the state government has appointed to serve the public as an impartial witness to the signing of important documents to avoid any fraudulent acts. These official acts are also known as notarial acts or notarization. Notaries are the public officials who have to follow the written rules without the exercise of significant personal discretion.

What does Notary do?

The notary’s duty is simple – screen the signers to verify their true identity, their awareness of the contents of the document or transaction, and their willingness to sign without intimidation or coercion. Some of the notaries have to put the signer under oath as per some notarizations. It is the oath declaring that the information in the document is correct and true under the penalty of perjury.

The foundation of the notary public trust is impartiality. This means that the notary is duty-bound not to act in situations where they have a personal interest. That is when the public can trust that the screening done by the notary is not corrupted by self-interest. Along with this, impartiality means that the notary can never refuse to serve a person due to sexual orientation, state as a non-customer, politics, religion, nationality, or race.

Being an official representative of the state, the notary public certifies the proper execution of several life-changing documents of the citizens. These documents can be about real estate, establishing a prenuptial agreement, granting powers of attorney, etc. Anything that needs a legal hand in it, a notary has to notarize.

Notarization in Nevada

Regardless of if it is a will, power of attorney, mortgage signing or any important document, notarization in Nevada is something everyone depends on to ensure that the agreements are legally sound. This certifying process that is done officially, offers the participants with assurance that the terms of the document are genuine, authentic, and mutually agreed upon.

What does a Nevada Notary do?

When notarization in Nevada takes place, all the parties come before a notary public to acknowledge the terms of the document, have their identities verified, and confirm that they voluntarily agree to the terms in the document. As soon as this is done, the notary will complete the process by adding a stamp and signature to authenticate the process. This completes the process, and the document becomes genuine for the court of law.

There are three kinds of notarial acts, including:

  • Acknowledgments – These are the documents that deal with controlling or conveying ownership of assets. They include property deeds, DMV documents, power of attorney, trust, and wills. In Nevada, the Delivery Outside of California is also notarized to save the buyer from paying California taxes on the sale of a vehicle if it is delivered in another state.
  • Copy Certificates – This is to authenticate the copy of an original document and assure that it is an exact and true copy of the original. The documents include college degrees, passports, and so on. Note that you cannot get a certified copy of your divorce decree, marriage certificate, death certificate, or birth certificate in Nevada. These documents can be obtained from the county they were recorded in originally, and the notary can notarize the documents to request a copy from the county.
  • Jurats – A Jurat is done with the evidentiary documents that are used in the civil and criminal justice system. As per this process, the signer has to be there in person for the notarization, sign the document and then recite the oath stating that the statements in the document are true. In case the person who takes the oath is not truthful, they will be subjected to prosecution for perjury.

What does a Nevada Notary can’t do?

It is vital to know the things that the notary can do and cannot do while they offer the notary service in Nevada so that you stay protected. These things include:

  • Issuing ID cards
  • Notarizing a document without the signer present (even though some states are permitting virtual signing, Nevada has not yet permitted it.)
  • Performing acts related to the practice of law
  • Offering advice, or drafting, selecting, and preparing the document for the transaction
  • Certifying copies of documents that are recordable in public records
  • Signing a notarial certificate in a name other than their own
  • Overcharging for the notarization in Nevada. The state has a maximum amount that can be charged by the notary public.

How do I notarize a document in Nevada?

When you are about to get a document made that will be used as proof somewhere or legally somewhere, then you will need to contact a notary public to be situated during the document signing. These are some points that you need to take care of for such transactions:

  • Find out if you will need a witness during the signing. To know about this, call your notary before time in case you are not sure.
  • Get a valid and unexpired government-issued photo ID that will have all your details including the birth date, name, ID number, and issuing authority. Some examples of legitimate IDs include state IR cards, passports, driver’s license, or military ID. Tell the other party to get their IDs too.
  • Do not sign any document before the notary comes in. The documents have to be signed in front of the notary public else it cannot be notarized.
  • Incomplete or false documents will not be notarized.
  • Ensure that the other party is okay with the deal so as to not create an issue else the document will not be notarized.

Kindly note that a notary can refuse to validate a signature if they feel there are potential problems with the signer. On the other hand, when they find it authentic, they notarize the document by completing the notarial wording after signing and stamping the document to notarize it.

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Types of documents require notarization

Many kinds of documents are there that need notarization. These include:

  • Wills, trusts, and estate documents
  • Verification forms
  • Certifications
  • Business documents
  • Acknowledgments
  • Affidavits
  • DMV documents
  • Jurats
  • Gaming applications
  • Employment waivers
  • Construction documents/permits
  • Custody agreements
  • Adoption papers
  • Advance healthcare directives
  • Certified copies
  • Statements
  • Vehicle title transfers
  • Petition to establish custody & visitation
  • Minor passport applications
  • Letters of instruction
  • Travel affidavits
  • Thrift savings/proof of life documents
  • Stipulation for judgment
  • Resident witness
  • Request for birth certificate
  • Nursing home and hospital forms
  • Mortgage signing
  • Mining claims
  • Medical documents / directives
  • Loan document signings

And a lot more. There are many additional documents that the notary has to authorize to complete them. There are forms like the I-9 forms, and so on. It is always a better idea to contact the notary service in Nevada ahead of time to find out if your document needs to be notarized.

What should you look for when you choose a notary service in Nevada?

Even though all the notary publics take their responsibility very seriously, there can be mistakes. These mistakes can then result in legal issues for all the parties involved in the transaction or signing. The dark side to this also exists: some practitioners abuse their power to scam consumers and offer notary service in Las Vegas after their appointments have been expelled, revoked, or suspended.

So, the best way to protect yourself is to check all the credentials of the notary public you are getting involved with. To begin with, the notary has to be certified by the State of Nevada. You will be able to see their notary certificate at their office or upon request. Also, it is a good idea to look for notaries that are a part of the National Notary Association. This gives you the added benefit of being sure that the notary is up to date with all the standards, laws, and rules to minimize any risks.

Another tip is to get a notary service in Nevada that is close to you so that you do not have to travel far, especially during this pandemic. As soon as you have looked for the notary service in Las Vegas, give them a call. They should be easily accessible by phone. And if you have any questions, they should happily be able to answer them. If you do not get the right service or answers, then it is time to look for a different notary service.

Additionally, it is a great idea to know all about the rules in your state. For example, online notarization in Nevada is not permitted in Nevada since they do not meet the state’s law of personal appearance. This means that if you find anyone who says they can offer you the online notarization service, you know they are not genuine. The individuals need to be present in person along with the notary public for the document signing.

IncParadise helps to notarize your document in our Las Vegas office

Need help in getting some documents notarized? IncParadise is here to help you with the notary service in Nevada. All you need to do is contact us – IncParadise to fix up an appointment time and date. Choose a day that suits you best as you will need to come and visit our Las Vegas office for the process. On the day of the signing, the clients have to bring in their documents to the Las Vegas office at the scheduled time and appear in front of the notary public.

Before the signing can take place, the client needs to provide a valid ID and pay the fees. Once everything is verified, the documents are signed and notarized with the stamp. The pricing for this is – $5 per first Signature/Page and $2.50 per Additional Signature/Pages.

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