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Type of companies we can set up in Nevada

Nevada Corporation (Inc.)

This is the most popular choice. Incorporation process is the same for C-Corporation or S-Corporations. Once the corporation is set up we can file for S-status with IRS if you wish to have S-Corporation. Order Nevada Corporation

Nevada Limited-Liability Company (LLC)

LLC is the second most popular choice. Great for real estate investors or people who like simplicity of management. LLC is less strict about annual meetings and minutes. LLC is pass through entity where all income is distributed between owners. Order Nevada LLC

Nevada Close Corporation

Some lawyers recommend Close corporation, because it is easier for management. Close Corporation is a variation of regular corporation, where directors are not required. Shareholders can take role of directors and manage the corporation. Order Nevada Close Corporation

Nevada Non-Profit Corporation

Nevada Non-Profit corporation. Order Nevada Non-Profit Corporation

Nevada Limited Partnership (LP)

The limited partnership provides some of the benefits of both a corporation and a general partnership by being a pass-through organization but allowing certain participants who are investors but are not active in the day-to-day operations of the business to achieve limited liability by becoming limited partners. Order Nevada Limited Partnership

Nevada Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

LLP is one of the newest entities in Nevada. LLP can offer limited shield protection comparing to LLC. Do not set up LLP unless you know what you are doing. Order Nevada Limited Liability Partnership

Nevada Business Trust

Business Trust is one of the newest entities in Nevada. Do not set up Business Trust unless you know what you are doing. We recommend regular corporations and LLCs for small business owners. Other entities might have important role in asset protection or estate planning. We recommend consulting lawyer for more complicated structures. Order Nevada Business Trust