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Asset Liability Considerations for the Small Business Owner

Date: 11/01/2005 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Contrary to the simplistic advice that some incorporation promoters will give you, determining the right form of organization for your business can be tricky. First and foremost for any small-business or individual owner are the liability considerations. When people sue you, are they going to be able to go after your personal assets? Assets like your house, your car or electronics?

Incorporation will protect your personal assets from business liability if you are working with more than one person. If you’re just working for yourself, however, liability is not guaranteed.
Debt can happen to the most lucrative of businesses. Expenses and costs are associated with everything from freelancing and service to developing and delivering product. People make mistakes and if a partner is performs in a negligent manner and a lawsuit ensues, incorporation may very well protect your personal assets from being involved in the lawsuit.

Consider incorporating as an asset liability shield. For the sole individual who works only for themselves and not with anyone else, the liability protection may itself be negligible, however as a company or business grows, that incorporation can prove invaluable. To seek help on starting your incorporation today, visit or at 888-284-3821