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Cooperatively Speaking of Incorporations

Date: 11/11/2005 | Category: Business | Author: developers

In Missouri, the laws regarding incorporation revised how small consumer goods based business could incorporate. What is a cooperative, but incorporation? It’s a specific legal entity separate from the individual parts. Previously in the state of Missouri, incorporation for small consumer businesses was murky. The statutes were drafted specifically to support agricultural cooperatives rather than small consumer businesses.

Specifically, Chapter 357 of Missouri statutes authorized the incorporation “for the purpose of conducting any agricultural or mercantile business.â€? That statute was revised in 1985 to state ‘for the purpose of producing or furnishing goods, services, or housing on the cooperative plan.

‘The statutory revisions allow small Missouri consumer businesses the opportunity to form their own cooperatives through incorporation or to incorporate smaller cooperatives into a larger entity. For more information on incorporating, check out or call at 888-284-3821.