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Patent Facts

Date: 11/30/2005 | Category: Business | Author: developers

There’s lots of ways to start a business. A popular one would be to patent an invention. A patent is a grant by the government to the inventor that gives them the exclusive right to make, use, offer for sale and sell throughout the United States. The very nature of a patent excludes others from profiting on a person’s individual idea or design. But how does one patent an invention? First and foremost, the invention has to be new and it cannot be obvious to the ordinary person. Unfortunately, despite how brilliant something may sound or seem, a person cannot patent a method of handling business, the simple idea or printed matter. (Copyright laws cover printed matter like books and so forth.)

The types of patents that a person can apply for are utility, design and plant. Utility patents protect technological invocations such as machines, articles of manufacture, processes and compositions. This patent lasts for about 20 years. The design patent protects the ornamental design of the useful product. This type of patent doesn’t involve what the item does or how it is built, only in how it looks. This type of patent lasts for about 14 years. Plant patents are for anyone who can invent or discover any distinct or new variety of plant life.

Sounds simple? This just scratches the surface on the patent process. This information brought to you by, helping you incorporate in all fifty states.

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