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Why not Delaware?

Date: 11/04/2005 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Want to incorporate in Delaware? Over half of the Fortune 500 companies are. So what makes the state of Delaware so attractive?

1. Cheap
2. Residency Not Required
3. Out-of-State Businesses Don’t Have to pay State Corporate Tax
4. One Person can hold all the Key Positions as Sole Director
5. Delaware Courts do not use a Jury System for Corporate Cases

The costs associated with incorporating in Delaware are among the cheapest in the country. There are other states that are lowering their incorporation fees in order to encourage more companies to file their incorporations with them. Coupled with their inexpensive fees, Delaware also doesn’t have residency requirements. In other words, no agent must be maintained in Delaware for the company to be incorporated there.

One of the largest benefits to incorporating in Delaware is the fact that the state rules do not require more than one individual to be named as an officer of the corporation. The majority of states require different individuals to be named to different positions. For small companies or sole proprietorships, Delaware offers one of the best deals.

Finally, for large and small corporations alike, the state of Delaware uses an entirely separate court system for their companies. No court cases involving corporate law will be decided by jury in the state of Delaware, instead it will be presided over by judges familiar with corporate laws.

Considering incorporating in Delaware? These are just some of the best reasons to do it. Check out IncParadise for more help. Or Call at 888-284-3821