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Dollar for Dollar

Date: 12/22/2005 | Category: Business | Author: developers

I talked about blogging for business yesterday, but it’s a pretty broad subject with a versatile range of uses and benefits. Blogs are probably among the most inexpensive forms of marketing for small business because they require little to no overhead. A business owner doesn’t even require a high-speed connection in order to post their blogs on a daily, semi-weekly or even semi-monthly basis.

For business owners that sell information or deal in news, a blog is a way to increase their product visibility. For example, there is a very popular website call The owners provide constant updates about upcoming DVD releases, information and much more. They recently launched a blog as a way to get to know their visitor base better. Their interactions on the website include providing more information as well as assessing fan desires.

The end result? More web hits. More word of mouth info spread. Greater customer base.

The investment? A little bit of time to write up the posts and answer them. That’s it.

It may not be a million dollar marketing campaign, but dollar for dollar they will see a greater return on their investment than through other venues.

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