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What Potential Investors Look for in a Business

Date: 12/27/2005 | Category: Business | Author: developers

When an investor reviews your business plan, they are looking for more than just the basics, i.e. type of business, location, structure, and operations. They are looking for very specific information as it relates to:

The Management Team: Investors will review your background and business experience in relations to the industry of your business. How much business experience you and your management team have to offer is a major factor for many investors.

The Marketplace and Your Product/Service: Investors want you to prove that not only is your product/service unique, but that there is enough market potential for that product/service to make it worth their while.

A Sales and Marketing Plan: You will need to demonstrate that you have done your homework in regards to product/service-user demographics and your target market. Pricing and sales strategies have to be clearly defined, supported, and in line with industry norms.

Concrete Financial Projections: Investors expect to see a return on their investment that is supported by realistic financial projections.

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