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It’s time to file forms 940, 941 and prepare W-2 for employees

Date: 01/12/2006 | Category: QuickBooks | Author: developers

How do you like doing paperwork? If you rather spent time building your business we have great proposition for you. We will file all forms you have to file at no cost. Just subscribe to our small business payroll program. The cost is only at $39.99 per month (up to 10 employees)! If you have more employees than the cost goes down per each additional employee. You will be notified about all actions necessary, when to file what paperwork or pay taxes. We can even do everything for you or set up your payroll that all forms will be filed electronically with IRS. This is a great service. If interested visit our website for more information.

If you need Corporation in state of West Virginia for your new small business, Contact at 888-284-3821.