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Washington Small Businesses Set Legislative Goals

Date: 01/19/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

The nonpartisan Washington Policy Center announced that the state’s small businesses are united on three key legislative goals. They are:

• Legalizing the use of cheaper, “bare bonesâ€? health insurance plans that only cover the basics for employees of small businesses.

• Give restaurants a tip credit when calculating the minimum wage.

• Repeal the state’s estate tax, which lawmakers redesigned and re-enacted a year ago to help raise money for college enrollments and K-12 improvements.

Several state representatives from both parties were on hand to listen to the announcement. They are in agreement that more can be done to assist small businesses within the state and have pledged to look into the recommendations.

Business-climate recommendations made by the Washington Policy Center in 2003 led to several pieces of legislations favorable to small businesses. Leaders of the group have similar hopes for this year’s recommendations.

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