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Individualized Marketing

Date: 01/27/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Marketing in a small business isn’t about attracting the attention of a mass demographic. In fact, very few small businesses are going to cater to a large generic 22-45 year old age group spread. Marketing in a small business is about targeting one person at a time. It’s about luring one new client in the door. It’s about attracting one more customer into picking out an item or a service.  The marketing is intense, it is focused and it is deliberate.
There a large number of small businesses that are applauded for their brilliant customer service and focused marketing. Marketing should feel like it’s directed individually, but unlike massive company campaigns that target the masses and only feel individualized, the small business would focus on their individual clients. Whether pitching directly for a job, providing individual resources to show a company what the business can do or working diligently in a local area to drum up the business.
Make the marketing mean something and the bottom line will show the results.

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