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February is Designated Small Business Month in Indiana

Date: 01/30/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development has designated February, 2006 as Small Business Month and will contact at least 1,000 small businesses throughout the month promoting its training grants and other services it offers to Indiana companies with less than 100 employees.

“Small businesses in Indiana are becoming more and more important to our economic future,â€? said Ron Stiver, Commissioner of the Department of Workforce Development. “More than 315,000 Hoosiers work for employers with one to nine employees, and the median employer size in the state is five employees. Clearly, we will not be able to succeed toward our goals of growing income and jobs unless we support the growth of entrepreneurship and small business. Seventy percent of the new jobs in the United States come from small businesses.â€?

The department’s business consultants will make a special blitz throughout Indiana during February, calling on small businesses and making them more acquainted with the Training Acceleration Grant program and network of WorkOne Centers which can provide job matching, recruiting, training and transition support services for employers of all sizes. Department officials will call on at least 100 small companies in each of the state’s eleven economic growth regions.

Department officials will also provide small businesses with information on the Work Opportunity Training Credit, a federal tax credit program that provides incentives to companies who hire individuals who have difficulty in securing and retaining employment.

The Department is also promoting its new WorkEthic program, a pilot program which measures work readiness among high school students by identifying skills needed for success. This program emphasizes skills identified as important factors in hiring and retaining successful employees within a company.

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