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Workforce Trends for 2006

Date: 01/05/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

A recent article in Small Business Trends, prepared by the Herman Group, highlighted what they believe to be Workforce Trends for 2006. Increasingly skilled knowledge workers, globalization, flexible or nontraditional work arrangements, and the use of technology are themes that are expected to standout in 2006.

Competition for Qualified Workers will Intensify
The assumption is that as the economy grows more new jobs will be created. Employers will step up their efforts to recruit the most qualified, best educated, and experienced workers they can find. Unfortunately, because of a limited supply of such workers, employers will be forced to settle for less than qualified employees who may contribute to an inability to meet customer expectations and/or maintain current market position.

Telecommuting Continues to Grow
Workers desiring more work/life balance will step up efforts to persuade their employers to consider telecommuting options. Long distance and international telecommuting is expected to increase with the growth of globalization.

Additional Investment in Older Workers
Companies in need of workers who demonstrate wisdom, experience, and reliability will continue to emphasize the need to hire and/or retain older workers. Senior workers looking for additional income, and wishing to remain active, will work into their eighties and nineties.

Increased Investments in Corporate Training
The need for better trained skilled workers and managers will drive many corporations to increase their spending on corporate training programs.