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Focusing on Growth and Customer Service

Date: 10/20/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

The American Express Small Business Monitor, a semi-annual survey of business owners, found that healthcare, tax relief and energy policy are the top issues among small business owners as they head into mid-term elections.

Healthcare and tax relief are cited by nearly one in five small business owners (19%) as the issues that will impact their votes in November, followed closely by energy policy (15%).  However, despite their economic concerns, business growth and customer service remain the focus of small business owners cross the U.S. who say they are increasingly feeling the effects of the economy.

According to the survey, those expecting their businesses to grow despite the current economic climate declined to 43% from 49% a year ago, and fewer expect this year’s revenues to exceed last year’s (44% down from 51%). Hiring plans dipped slightly to 34% from 37%. The percentage of small business owners planning to make capital investments in the next six months is also down (56% from 63% last year).

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