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Why we are dropping BBB membership

Date: 10/30/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Better Business Bureau is a great service. I like them and I use them frequently when hiring contractors or ordering on Internet. Our company became member of BBB in June 2003 and we signed up for membership and also for BBB Online program. We wanted display BBB logo on our website and BBB Online membership is required for that.

Why we are dropping BBB membership:
1. BBB system is broken. Anyone can file company against any company. It doesn’t even have to be filed by customer. Someone might decide to file company against your company and it will stay forever on your record. It happened to me when I refused to pay accountant who did really terrible job for me. I was customer and the company who filed report was vendor. Isn’t that strange? What if all companies will start filing complains against their customers? This would be total mess. As I understand BBB concept it should be for protection of customers! Not vendors.

2. Company doesn’t have to be member of BBB to have BBB record. There is no difference if a company is member. There is still public record of all complains so why bother and pay several hundreds each year for membership? If you want to check our record just go to BBB website and type our company name. It will be there.

3. We cannot say on our website that we are members of BBB. Our membership came for renewal and our website was audited. We were told that we cannot use “We are member of BBB” on our website? Why? It doesn’t make any sense to me. We are paying dues. We are members, but we cannot show it on our website. Too bad, because we are Internet company and most of our business comes from our website. Local BBB told us that we can use the same verbiage on our business cards or Yellow pages. I honestly don’t understand what is the difference? Why Yellow pages or business cards are OK? We don’t advertise in Yellow pages and we are not planning to do that.

4. Complicated and unclear rules how the logo can be displayed. I really grew tired of changing our website and how to logo can be displayed. We had to change the size of the logo to make sure it is exactly what is approved, but now BBB requires that we remove logo from our Contact page, about page, etc. Why? I thought it is much better to have the logo and direct link for our record or filing complain displayed on many and visible places. Why we should be limited just to certain pages? I don’t understand that. The value of paying for the expensive membership was in having the logo displayed on many places so our customers can see that we are members. We also cannot say we are members. I don’t know if that is misinformation of inexperienced BBB employee (which is possible), but I really need to focus more on running my business then fighting about issues which don’t make any sense.

My goal is to have excellent customers service and provide great service to our clients. If there is an issue which cannot be successfully solved by our office manager I want customers contact me directly. Check our contact page for

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