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Taking a well earned vacation

Date: 11/01/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

A recent survey by found that more than 574 well-earned vacation days won’t be spent sitting on the beach in the Caribbean or even puttering around the house.  In fact, they will probably be spent in the office.  This is rather a shame considering that thirty-six percent of those surveyed reported feeling better about their job and believed they were more productive after returning from a much-needed vacation.

Why do so many people elect not to go on vacation?  There are several reasons but the top three appear to be the hassle of having to schedule a vacation in advance (14%), being too busy at work to get away (11%) and getting money back for unused vacation days (10%).

As the year draws to a close, employers should encourage their employees to takes some time off and relax.  Let them know that you encourage it and that taking time off in no way reflects on how you will perceive them as anything but a hardworking employee who has earned some much deserved time off. With more than 38% of Americans working more than 40 hours a week, they have definitely earned their time off.

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