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Road Blocks to Productivity

Date: 11/16/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Everyone benefits from productivity — employers and employees alike. Unfortunately and sometimes unknowingly, employers can create road blocks which limit the productivity of their employees. First and foremost is a lack of training made available to both new and long term employees. Training should not stop after a general orientation for a new employee. It should an ongoing investment which will reinforce and advance skills and positive attitudes. The payoff of better performance and employee job satisfaction are well worth the investment.

Secondly,there is a tendency to overwork existing staff. Filling in once in a while for an absent co-worker or combining the job responsibilities of an employee who has left with another is not uncommon or unexpected. However, proceed with caution. Everyone has their limits and breaking point. Overworking an employee can lead to burn out, job dissatisfaction, and eventually, an employee who turns in their resignation.

Finally, conflicting personal and company goals. Employees are more likely to stick around and be productive when they feel their financial and professional goals are in alignment with the company’s. Do your employees feel that the pay check they receive compensate (monetarily or otherwise) them adequately for the time they commit to their job.

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