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Small business usage of the internet

Date: 11/20/2006 | Category: Business | Author: developers

Ask most small business owners and they would probably confirm the findings of a new JupiterResearch report which found that 78% of small businesses currently use the Internet on a regular basis.  Furthermore, by 2011, 82% of small businesses will have Internet access and 88% will utilize broadband connections.

The influence of small business owners over the Internet was found in their purchasing power.  In 2005 alone, small businesses reportedly spent over $43 billion  in business purchases online. Online influenced off-line spending is projected to be even considerably higher.

For purposes of the Jupiter Research report, online small businesses were defined as companies with less than 100 employees and where the decision makers accessed the Internet on a regular basis. Ninety percent of online small businesses have less than five employees and they account for half of all small business online spending.

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